The Complete Guide to Choosing 120-Inch U-Shaped Sectionals

The 120-inch sectional sofas are a must-have for large living spaces. But between construction factors, custom add-ons, and incorporating massive dimensions into your decor, choosing one of these oversized sectionals is no small feat.

Our comprehensive guide explores everything you should consider when shopping for a 120-inch u-shaped sectional. Follow our tips to find the ideal giant sofa securing both style and functionality.

Things to Consider Before Buying a 120-Inch U-Shaped Sectional

Assessing Your Space

First, confirm you actually have room for a sectional spanning 10 entire feet. Take precise floorplan measurements to ensure adequate square footage. Standard 120-inch sectionals need roughly 15’x15′ space. Include walkways and accessory furnishings in calculations too.

Also assess layout compatibility. Open concept rooms with few interior walls best suit sectionals. Measure doorway widths as well to plan proper delivery routing.

Determining Seating Needs

Consider how many people need to fit on this sectional comfortably. Bench depths averaging 36″ seat at least two adults. You’ll also need section lengths combining to roughly 120″ for adequate total occupancy.

120 inch u shaped sectional

Compare different u-shaped configurations too – do you prefer two arms or three? One long side or two? Settle on your perfect sectional anatomy before buying.

Setting a Budget

Large sectionals cost more, often ranging $3,000-$5,000. But cheaper sofas may lack robust frames, quality cushions and durable upholstery wearing poorly over time. Set realistic expectations balancing quality and affordability before shopping.

Key Features of 120-Inch U-Shaped Sectionals

Size, Scale & Dimensions

By definition 120-inch sectionals measure precisely 120″ wide, letting them tuck perfectly into corners. But pay attention to depth too – options between 90″-120″ deep suit different room proportions.

Oversized scale also helps define seating areas. Anchor communal spaces with the commanding presence of an expansive yet cozy giant sectional.

U-Shaped Design

The u-shaped layout makes 120-inch sectionals ideal for open concept rooms lacking walls to anchor typical l-shaped sofas. Converts flexible space into defined lounge zones. Rear bench seating also offers indulgent comfort and support.

Modular components provide creativity configuring your perfect shape too. Customize arms, corners and chaise extensions to your lifestyle.

High-Quality Materials

Robust hardwood frames prevent sagging under abundant loads. Plush foam and pocketed spring systems give cushioning endurance despite heavy use. And soft, durable woven textiles resist staining despite life’s spills.

Prioritize top-notch materials and construction or your “bargain” giant sofa will show wear fast.

Customization Options

Look for U-shaped sectionals allowing customization so abundant seating also suits personal style. Many brands offer build-your-own tools selecting:

  • Number of sections
  • Arm configurations
  • Upholstery colors/patterns
  • Accent details like nailheads

Make your sectional distinctly yours with tailored details.

Tips for Incorporating Oversized 120-Inch Sectionals

Once purchased, use the following tips incorporating your giant sofa into existing decor:

Float in the Room

Avoid squeezing bulky sectionals against walls. Anchor them parallel to traffic flow instead. Floating sectionals also draw eyes towards picturesque views like fireplaces or windows.

Layer with Accents

Liven neutral sectionals with jewel-toned pillows and area rugs. Weave side chairs andottomans throughout for additional seating flexibility. Accent tables like round coffee tables also help soften massiveness.

Use Neutral Hues

Sticking with lighter sectional colors prevents them visually overwhelming rooms. Warm creams, taupes and lighter gray tones complement most color palettes. Save bold color for functional accents.

Add Ambient Lighting

Properly illuminate giant seating zones with soft ambient light fixtures. Stylish floor lamps behind sectionals cast cozy glows. Mount sconces above armrests for handy reading light.

Where to Buy Quality 120-Inch U-Shaped Sectionals

With precision measurements and customization capabilities, focus your 120-inch sectional search on retailers with diverse modular offerings like:


Joybird earns high marks for quality customizable furniture available online. Their Build Your Own Sectional tool lets you tailor configurations, fabrics and dimensions down to the inch.


For a balance of style and affordability, check out Burrow’s Nomad Leather Collection. Their modular designs adapt to wide ranges of layouts and living spaces.

Raymour & Flanigan

This East Coast brand offers expansive in-store and online inventories of large sectionals. Shop their Albany collection for luxe customizable leather sectionals.

Searching for a more traditional oversized sectional? Robb & Stucky’s generous offerings include this 116″ Gloucester sofa with classic rolled arms and meticulous tailoring.

Armed with knowledge about construction, customization, and design, finding the perfect 120-inch u-shaped sectional feels far less daunting. Define lounge areas in large open spaces with these multifunctional sofas. Just mind the measurements to ensure ample dimensions for family and friends to relax in outstanding comfort and style.

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