The Best Sonos Soundbar That Will Make Your Living Room Shine

When looking to upgrade your living room audio, Sonos speakers stand out as top-tier options to consider. What makes Sonos the perfect choice for living rooms? Let’s explore some key benefits.

Seamless Whole-Home Audio Streaming

A Sonos system enables seamless streaming of music, TV shows, movies, podcasts, and more to any room in your home. Control it all easily from the Sonos app. Their proprietary wireless technology eliminates lag or sync issues that can disrupt your listening experience.

best sonos setup for living room

Crisp Dialogue and Powerful Bass

Dialogue clarity is crucial for TV and movie viewing, while impactful low end brings music and action films to life. Sonos living room speakers like the Beam, Arc, and Sub deliver both with aplomb.

Expansive Surround Sound Capabilities

For full cinematic audio, Sonos soundbars can be paired with rears and subs to create true surround sound. The effect is immersive and engaging.

Intuitive Controls and Smart Assistants

From touch controls to voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant integration, Sonos offers intuitive ways to manage your system.

The Sonos Arc: A Premium Soundbar for Living Rooms

If you want an all-in-one Sonos speaker tailor-made for living spaces, look no further than the Sonos Arc. This impressive soundbar packs thunderous audio performance into a sleek and subtle design.

Unparalleled Immersive Listening Experience

With support for Dolby Atmos and lossless TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus soundtracks, the Arc provides an unrivaled cinematic listening experience for your movies and shows. It uses eleven high-performance drivers with elliptical woofers to create an ultra wide, detailed soundstage.

Dolby Atmos Enabled

Dolby Atmos is an advanced surround technology that employs overhead channels for three-dimensional sound. It’s the pinnacle of immersion, making movies come alive.

Trueplay Room Tuning

The Arc’s Trueplay tuning technology analyzes room size, layout, and furnishings to optimize audio for your unique space using the Sonos app.

Stunning Design That Complements Any Decor

Measuring just 3.4 inches high, the Arc makes an understated style statement. Its clean look enables it to blend beautifully into your living room.

Alexa and Google Assistant Built-In

With onboard far-field microphones, the Sonos Arc works with leading smart assistants. Play music, check weather, control smart devices, and more using just your voice.

Transforming Your Living Space with the Sonos Beam

Alternatively, the compact yet capable Sonos Beam packs impressive living room performance into a smaller package with a more wallet-friendly price point.

Compact Yet Mighty Audio Performance

Despite its diminutive dimensions, the Beam delivers robust, room-filling sound. Four full-range woofers and one tweeter provide crisp treble with deep, punchy bass that easily outperforms traditional TV speakers.

Speech Enhancement for Crystal Clear TV Dialogue

Specialized algorithms optimize the Beam’s center channel to highlight dialogue in shows and movies. Voices come through with pristine clarity and definition.

Sleek Modern Aesthetic to Showcase Your Style

The Beam sports an elegant aesthetic with tapered ends, metallic grille, and subtle Sonos branding to class up your space in sophisticated style.

Music, Movies, Gaming, and More

In addition to leveling up your TV audio, the Beam provides access to streaming music services, podcasts, audiobooks, and multiplayer gaming audio when synced with your TV. It’s an entertainment workhorse.

Adding the Subwoofer for Earth-Shaking Bass

To truly complete your Sonos living room setup, add the Sub or Mini Sub subwoofer for seismic low frequencies that you can feel in your chest.

Seismic Lows that You Can Feel

With a force-cancelling design containing dual acoustic ports, the Sub unleashes mammoth bass extension down to 25Hz for physical, floor-rumbling impact.

Perfectly Balanced Audio with Precision Equalization

Sophisticated software and hardware seamlessly integrate the Sub with your Sonos soundbar, maintaining clarity across bass, midrange, and treble for cohesive listening.

Discreet Design to Tuck Away

Despite its mighty bass output, the Sub features a compact, understated enclosure measuring just 15.3 x 15.3 x 6.2 inches. Discreetly tuck it beside or beneath furniture.

Take Your System from Great to Spectacular

Adding a Sonos Sub kicks your living room audio into overdrive, adding thrilling dynamics for movies, music, and videogames.

Choosing the Best Sonos Speakers for Surround Sound

To complete your immersive Sonos surround system, let’s explore optimal rear speaker options.

Sonos One: A Compact Yet Powerful Rear Speaker Option

The Sonos One makes an excellent compact surround speaker choice. Despite its small size, it delivers surprisingly strong, detailed sound.

Integrated Far-Field Mics

Onboard far-field mics allow voice control of your Sonos system via Alexa or Google Assistant.

Room-Filling Sound with Custom-Tuned Driver

A specially-designed mid-woofer ensures faithful midrange plus tight, punchy bass, while a tweeter creates crisp treble.

Capable of Playing Separately or in Sync

Sonos’ flexibility shines through, as you can use two Ones as rears in your surround setup or separate them for multi-room audio.

Get the Most Out Of Your Sonos Home Theater

To achieve audio nirvana from your living room Sonos entertainment system, keep these pointers in mind:

Strategic Placement Guidelines

  • Place front speakers at ear level, either standing or mounted on the wall.
  • Position rear surrounds 2-3 feet above ear level angled down towards the listening area.
  • Put the Subwoofer along the front wall if possible to prevent buzzing and rattles.

Trueplay Tuning for Optimal Audio in Your Living Room

The Sonos Trueplay room tuning feature available in the Sonos app listens to audio output and makes auto adjustments for your specific room’s acoustics and speaker placement to provide the best possible performance.

Explore Sonos Entertainment Bundles & Upgrades

Sonos makes it easy to find special offers on speaker bundles for music or home theater purposes, allowing you to save money on your living room audio overhaul.

Key Takeaways: Finding the Best Sonos Living Room Setup

Consider Room Size, Audio Needs & Budget

When selecting Sonos living room speakers, factor in the physical dimensions of your space, the types of entertainment you’ll use the system for, and your budget cap. This will help zone in on your ideal options.

Soundbars, Subs, and Speakers Working in Harmony

A Sonos home theater system combines different speaker components like the Arc soundbar, Sub subwoofer, and surrounds to create unified, exceptional audio experiences.

however you use your living room–watching movies, listening to playlists, or gathering with friends–a thoughtfully designed Sonos speaker configuration elevates every experience with stunning high fidelity sound.

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