The Best Fabrics and Styles for Rustic Cabin Curtains

Nothing completes the look of a cozy cabin quite like a set of rustic curtains. When choosing window treatments for your cabin, it’s important to select fabrics and styles that enhance the natural, outdoorsy vibe. The right cabin curtains will provide privacy while letting in ambient natural light. They also lend warmth and character to your rustic space.

Read on for our top recommendations on designing beautiful, functional window treatments to take your cabin decor to the next level.

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Natural Fabrics That Complement Rustic Style

When selecting fabrics for rustic cabin curtains, natural materials are your best bet. Unrefined textiles like cotton, linen, and burlap perfectly complement the raw, organic look of a cozy cabin interior. Here are some of our favorite natural fabric choices:


From flannel to canvas, cotton is available in a wide array of rustic textures perfect for cabin curtains. Cotton fabrics lend a casual, approachable feel. Choose subdued plaids, buffalo check, or textured waffle weave cottons to suit the relaxed vibe of a cabin.


Made from natural fibers, linen has an ultra-casual, organic look. Unlined linen allows light through beautifully. Textured linen creates a cozy cabin atmosphere. For privacy, opt for heavyweight opaque linen.


Woven from jute or other natural fibers, burlap has an ultra-rustic vibe. Its rough-hewn texture epitomizes easygoing cabin style. Hang burlap curtains in earthy solids or nature-inspired prints.


Sturdy wool makes sumptuously thick, insulating curtains that retain heat in cool mountain cabins. Choose opaque wool curtains to block cold drafts and snow glare. Plaid wool ups the cozy factor.

The Benefits of Natural Fabrics

Choosing natural fabric curtains offers many advantages for rustic cabins including:

  • Casual, approachable aesthetic
  • Organic textures and feel
  • Breathability and natural light filtering
  • Durability and longevity
  • Insulating qualities to conserve heat
  • Simple care – many are machine washable

Classic Plaids & Checks

What’s more quintessentially rustic than a cozy plaid or check? These timeless patterns infuse country warmth into any cabin interior. Here are some of our favorite plaids and checks to adorn your windows:

Buffalo Check

Popularized by lumberjacks and pioneers, buffalo check blankets are a cabin staple. Bring the motif to your windows with breezy buffalo check curtains in classic red and black or muted green and tan.


From vibrant multicolor tartans to subtle tan plaids, this pattern spans a wide design spectrum. For cabins, stick to earthy plaid color combos like hunter green, navy, and maroon.


Gingham curtains evoke sunny cottage style. The graphic check pattern pairs perfectly with floral accents. Use gingham to add a touch of preppy charm to a rustic retreat.

Why Plaids & Checks Work

Here’s why classic plaids and checks make ideal rustic cabin curtains:

  • Timeless, traditional patterns
  • Rustic color combinations
  • Casual, unfussy look
  • Cozy warmth and texture
  • Layer beautifully with other prints

Cozy Textures & Weaves

Texture adds dimension and visual interest to rustic spaces. Here are some beautiful textured weaves that bring charming depth to cabin windows.

Waffle Weave

Waffle weave cotton mimics the look of honeycomb texture. Light filters softly through the woven fabric squares. Pair textured waffle curtains with a chunky knit blanket.


Subtle herringbone patterned curtains lend rustic cabins refined texture. Tonal neutral and earthy palettes keep the look easygoing.


From chunky knits to loose crochet, rustic woven textures create an inviting cabin look. Knit fabrics filter light beautifully. Try knit lace curtains for privacy without totally blocking outside views.

Why Choose Textured Fabrics

Some benefits of textured, woven curtain fabrics include:

  • Visual depth and dimension
  • Cozy warmth and flair
  • Filtered, ambient lighting
  • Crafted, organic appearance
  • Layer well with other materials

Warm, Earthy Color Palettes

When selecting fabrics for rustic cabin curtains, stick to warm earth tones and rich jewel tones that complement the surrounding nature. Here are some recommended color directions:

Earth Tones

Subdued earthy hues like mossy greens, chestnut browns, and misty grays melt right into a rustic landscape. They’re ultra-soothing and completely at home in a cabin interior.

Jewel Tones

Pops of crimson red, deep sapphire, and emerald green enliven rustic decor. Draw from surrounding nature, like the vibrant colors of autumn leaves or an alpine wildflower meadow.

Whether you opt for neutral earth tones or bold jewel tones, choose colors that harmonize with your view and reflect the natural beauty just outside your windows.

Why These Color Palettes Work

There are many reasons why earthy, organic color palettes are ideal for rustic cabins:

  • Reflect and enhance natural surroundings
  • Provide soothing ambience
  • Warm and welcoming
  • Versatile – coordinate with any decor
  • Classic, timeless appeal

Popular Styles for Rustic Cabin Windows

Now that we’ve covered fabric options, let’s explore the most popular curtain styles for achieving a rustic cabin aesthetic:

Simple Drapes

Long, elegant drapes lend rustic cabins a relaxed yet refined vibe. Choose puddled drapes, or drapes that stack onto the floor. Unlined, breezy linen drapes filter light beautifully and sway gently when windows are open.

Tier Curtains

Soft ruffled tiers evoke whimsical cottage charm. Fabric tiers gracefully filter incoming light. Hang tiers alone or combined with drapes. Multiple colors and patterns create dimension.

Swag Curtains

A swag mounted over the window provides a tailored, romantic focal point. Pair swags with drapes or standalone panels. Coordinate fabrics for a custom designer look.


Valances mount at the top of the window as a pretty focal accent. Choose tailored pleated valances or breezy ruffled styles. Coordinate valance fabrics with drapes for a polished look.

Sheer Curtains

Layer breezy sheers behind swags, drapes or valances to filter light and enhance privacy. Solid sheers work well, as do subtle nature prints. Hang sheers wall-to-wall to maximize views.

Blackout Curtains

For cabins used as vacation rentals, blackout curtains are essential for guest comfort. Hang them alone or layer them behind lighter curtains to block outside light completely.

Benefits of These Styles

These rustic curtain styles offer many advantages including:

  • Casual, cozy look
  • Soften hard wood walls and windows
  • Provide privacy and light control
  • Beautifully filter natural light
  • Can layer and coordinate fabrics
  • Warmth without heavy darkness

Design Tips for Rustic Window Treatments

Use these pro decorating tips to choose the perfect rustic cabin curtains to complete your cozy alpine retreat or woodland getaway:

  • Mix and match prints and textures to create depth
  • Incorporate natural wood, stone and textured fur accents
  • Stick to a earthy color scheme throughout
  • Add pops of color with wildlife motifs or landscapes
  • Layer sheers behind heavier drapes or valances
  • Include blackout layers for light and temperature control
  • Repeat fabrics used in bedding and furniture
  • Hang rod pockets or clip rings from natural branches
  • Crisscross burlap panels for an easy DIY look
  • Display proper layering and extend lengths to the floor

Rustic cabins simply aren’t complete without a set of beautiful, breezy curtains. Choose natural, textured fabrics in earthy hues and casual patterns. Drapes, swags, tiered and lace curtains all lend charm and privacy. Follow our tips to design the perfect rustic cabin curtains to complete your alpine oasis. Your cozy curtains will infuse warmth and style into your special retreat for years to come.

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