The #1 Most Popular Color for Kitchen Cabinets in 2023

When it comes to kitchen design, the cabinetry plays an integral role in establishing the aesthetic, functionality, and overall vibe of the space. With so many options for cabinet colors–from neutrals to bold, bright hues–how do you choose a shade that’s both stylish and timeless? There’s one clear winner that reigns supreme in kitchen cabinet color trends.

White kitchen cabinets are hands down the most popular cabinet color in 2023. While white has always been a classic, go-to choice, it remains the frontrunner as the top color for kitchen cabinets this year. But why does white dominate the kitchen cabinet scene? And are there any trending color alternatives on the rise that may give white a run for its money?

what is the most popular kitchen cabinet color

Why Color Matters for Kitchen Cabinets

The color of your kitchen cabinets impacts the ambiance, functionality, and overall look of the space in several key ways:

  • Sets the tone and style – from modern to farmhouse
  • Affects the mood and feel of the kitchen
  • Influences resale value of the home
  • Provides an opportunity to make a bold statement or keep it subtle

How Color Affects the Mood and Feel of the Kitchen

Different cabinet colors have the power to completely transform the vibe in your kitchen. Lighter paint colors like white and light gray promote an airy, spacious feel. These neutral tones create a clean, bright kitchen environment.

Meanwhile, bold blue cabinetry brings an energizing, cheerful effect, while sage green evokes a natural, organic look. The tone of the wood stain also impacts the overall aesthetic – from warm traditional to sleek contemporary.

Complementing Your Existing Design

When selecting a cabinet color, it’s important to consider how it complements your existing kitchen design. Look at elements like:

  • Countertops
  • Backsplash
  • Flooring
  • Appliances
  • Wall color
  • Overall furnishings and decor style

You’ll want your cabinet color to coordinate well with these components to create a cohesive kitchen design. Contrasting cabinet and countertop colors can have a striking, eye-catching effect. Or go for a simplistic monochromatic look with matching cabinetry and countertops.

The Most Popular Cabinet Color is White

While trends come and go, white kitchen cabinets remain an iconic, sought-after staple. There are several reasons white dominates the kitchen cabinet scene.

Timeless Appeal of White Cabinets

A white kitchen evokes a light, airy, and spacious aesthetic. The color white reflects light, which helps make small kitchens appear larger. White cabinetry creates a bright, clean look that suits any design style – from modern to farmhouse. The versatility and enduring popularity of white cabinets makes it a foolproof choice that won’t go out of style.

Why White Dominates

Here are some of the key reasons white reigns supreme as the most popular kitchen cabinet color:

  • Versatile neutral that complements any color scheme
  • Brightens and opens up smaller kitchens
  • Clean, light look suits any style
  • Affordable option compared to stained woods
  • Easier to coordinate with wall colors and accents
  • Increases resale value – buyers prefer white kitchens

While white cabinetry has innate benefits, it also offers flexibility. You can easily change up the kitchen style by swapping out hardware or accent colors. Overall, white offers homeowners a fuss-free, classic, and timeless choice.

White Alternatives Gaining Popularity

While white kitchen cabinets are still the most sought-after, some colorful alternatives are rising in popularity and giving white a run for its money. Here are some of the most popular white cabinet alternatives.

Gray as a Modern Neutral

Gray is emerging as a popular alternative to white for a slightly different look. Soft gray cabinets provide a more modern, sophisticated feel compared to bright white. Gray also serves as a versatile neutral that complements most color schemes.

Gray stained wooden cabinets offer a muted, stylish look. For painted cabinets, popular gray shades include:

  • Benjamin Moore Gray Owl
  • Sherwin Williams Repose Gray
  • Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

These warmer grays pair beautifully with marble, quartz, or soapstone countertops.

Blue for Bold Style

Blue kitchen cabinets make a vibrant, colorful statement. Shades of blue add an uplifting, energetic ambiance. Blue cabinetry works in contemporary kitchens, as well as playful retro or nautical designs. Energize a neutral kitchen or complement existing blue accents.

Some popular blue cabinet shades include:

  • Sherwin Williams Naval
  • Benjamin Moore Hale Navy
  • Sherwin Williams Raindrops
  • Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal

Pair blue cabinets with warm wood floors and accents to offset the cooler tones.

Green for Organic Look

Green cabinetry brings the outdoors inside for an earthy, natural aesthetic. Shades like sage and olive complement the wood elements found in many kitchens. Vibrant mint green paint adds a refreshing pop of color.

Some trending green cabinet shades include:

  • Sherwin Williams Oceanside
  • Benjamin Moore Glen Green
  • Sherwin Williams Basil

Green cabinets pair well with materials like granite, wood, and stained concrete.

Tips for Choosing Your Cabinet Color

When deciding on kitchen cabinet colors, keep these tips in mind:

  • Overall aesthetic – Choose a color fitting for the mood you want to create. White and gray for clean and classic, blues for soothing, greens for earthy.
  • Modern vs classic styles – Grays and unconventional colors complement modern designs, while whites and natural woods keep it classic.
  • Small, dark kitchens – Bright whites, light grays, and blues will open up the space.
  • Accent colors strategically – Use bold cabinet colors like green as accents against neutral base cabinetry.
  • Test color swatches – Paint or stain samples on cabinets to visualize the tone in your space.
  • Consider lighting – Yellow overhead lighting affects how colors appear.

While following trends can be fun, ultimately choose cabinet shades that fit your personal style and kitchen design. The most popular color may not be what works best for your needs and preferences.

When it comes to the most popular kitchen cabinet color for 2023, white still reigns supreme for its timeless, versatile appeal. But neutral grays and bolder blues and greens are emerging as stylish alternatives. Choosing the right cabinet color requires considering factors like the overall aesthetic you want to achieve, as well as your space’s size and existing design.

While white may be the most sought-after look, the best cabinet color is the one that aligns with your individual style and kitchen vision. Use color strategically to design your ideal kitchen sanctuary.

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