Ten Simple Ideas to Style and Decorate Kitchen Cabinet Tops

Kitchen cabinets offer abundant storage space. However, the space above the cabinets often goes unused. This overlooked area presents a unique decorating opportunity to showcase your style. With a bit of creativity, you can transform this blank canvas into a functional and eye-catching design element.

Read on for ten simple and budget-friendly ideas to decorate those open cabinet tops and make your kitchen pop.

Display Your Favorite Dishware

Turn that unused cabinet top space into a pretty showcase for your favorite mugs, plates, or glassware. This is an easy way to add visual interest while taking advantage of the vertical real estate.

  • Aidity hooks allow you to neatly hang mugs or utensils.
  • Metal storage caddies neatly display loose items.
  • Open shelving creates a pretty vignette for your collections.

Be sure to style items cohesively and refrain from cluttering the space. Thoughtfully grouping three to five items together keeps the look curated.

Plants, Plants, Plants!

One of the easiest ways to decorate the top of your cabinets is with houseplants! Not only do plants add natural beauty to your kitchen, but they also improve air quality and humidity levels as you cook.

how to decorate the top of kitchen cabinets

Consider hanging trailing ivy in planters for a romantic vibe or adding tall bamboo next to your cabinets for an exotic feel. Mini succulents also look charming lined up in a row. Be sure to choose plants that can tolerate steam, heat, and medium light conditions. Proper drainage is also essential to prevent root rot. With the right plants, a little TLC will keep them thriving!

Vintage Bottles & Eclectic Collections

Next time you finish a bottle of wine or olive oil, save the container! Repurposing glassware creates an eclectic display. If you don’t drink wine, check thrift stores for unique bottles, vases, and jars.

Once you have a few statement pieces, create mini collections to exhibit together. This could include photos, trinket boxes, shells, or whatever small treasures capture your fancy. The key is keeping the scale petite so the vignettes don’t overwhelm the space. As you style your collections, repetition in textures, colors, or materials creates harmony.

Statement Lighting & Sconces

Function meets form with lighting installations above your cabinets. For laidback ambiance, dangling Edison bulbs or a string of cafe lights sets the mood. Or install adjustable sconces for task lighting while prepping meals. This illuminates your workspace in style.

The right lighting casts a beautiful glow upon your cabinet top displays. It also makes a stylish focal point, especially alluring in kitchens with high ceilings.

Baskets Galore

Incorporate baskets of all shapes, sizes, and materials for a textural statement. Opt for woven woods, natural fibers, white ceramics, or wire metalwork. Keep them cohesive by color for a collected gallery wall effect.

Once you have your basket “art installation”, put it to good use! Stash cooking oils, spices, linens, or clutter inside. The finishing touch? Tuck petite succulents or flowering plants within each vessel.

Meaningful Photos & Wall Art

Now is the chance to exhibit cherished memories and inspirational pieces above eye level. Mount a floating ledge or mini gallery wall to proudly display family photos. Or frame motivational phrases and artwork to reflect what matters most.

This space offers the perfect opportunity for self-expression. The visual impact makes a bold declaration through photographs, typography, or even children’s colorful masterpieces!

Utensil & Tool Storage Solutions

Free up precious drawer space with vertical storage options on top of cabinets. Install hanging racks or strips to neatly arrange cooking tools within arm’s reach. Keep spices and oils nearby as well for easy access while cooking.

Some storage ideas include:

  • Mounted pot racks
  • Magnetic knife holders
  • Macrame hangers for bulkier equipment like colanders

By housing frequently used tools and seasonings above the stove, you’ll save yourself from constantly rummaging through drawers mid-meal!

Style Your Cabinet Tops Effortlessly

If carefully curating a collected gallery feels overwhelming, keep your staging fuss-free. Opt for an effortless approach to styling your open cabinets. The key is embracing what you love while avoiding clutter.

Rotate current possessions seasonally for refreshed appeal. Group items in odd numbers for visual interest. Repetition in color, pattern, or texture builds cohesion. Most importantly, edit out what no longer serves you or brings joy. This mindset keeps the space easy to arrange and peaceful to enjoy.

Mix Textures & Materials

While maintaining a cohesive style, incorporate contrasting tactile elements. Introduce metal, ceramic, glassware, linens, and woodwork for dimensional intrigue. Consider mixing woven baskets with concrete statuettes and industrial metal edging. Blend modern and organic for a statement-making but balanced kitchen.

Playing with different textures prevents boredom while adding warmth and depth. The resulting aesthetic feels curated yet comfortably imperfect.

With a dash of creativity, you can transform the often unused space above kitchen cabinets with style and function. Follow these simple tips for stunning yet budget-friendly displays. Showcase cherished collections amongst beautiful greenery and ambient lighting. Or optimize organization with hanging storage and shelving.

However you choose to decorate, have fun and relish creating this personalized nook. It will elevate both the appearance and enjoyment of your kitchen!

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