Take Your Outdoor Shower To The Next Level With A Stunning Roof

Outdoor showers have become increasingly popular additions to backyards and patios over the last few years. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of bathing surrounded by nature – it’s a luxurious yet rustic experience. However, many standard outdoor shower enclosures can still leave something to be desired when it comes to privacy, weather protection, and aesthetic appeal.

That’s where adding a beautifully-designed roof over your outdoor shower comes in – it takes the outdoor bathing experience to a spectacular new level! Keep reading to discover some gorgeous and functional roof options that will seriously upgrade your outdoor oasis.

Types of Outdoor Shower Enclosure Roofs

If you’re looking to give your open-air shower an elevated look and enhanced practicality, installing a roof is a great upgrade. There are several roof design choices to consider which provide varying levels of coverage, weather protection, and style.

outdoor shower enclosure with roof

Slat Roofs

One roof option to consider for outdoor shower enclosures is a slat-style roof. This type of roof contains evenly-spaced horizontal slats made of wood, aluminum, or plastic which provide some shade and increased privacy while still allowing natural light to filter through.

Benefits of a slat roof include:

  • Good visibility upwards to enjoy natural light and views
  • Allows rainwater drainage while offering partial weather protection
  • Stylish, minimalist architectural design

Potential downsides are less privacy compared to a solid roof and less protection from sideways wind or rainfall. There are several durable and waterproof slat roof materials to choose from like cedar, redwood, aluminum, and polycarbonate panels.

Solid Roofs

For maximum coverage from the elements, a waterproof solid roof is the way to go. Solid roof options range from angled panels to flat or domed roofs. The complete overhead shelter ensures superior privacy and defense against rain, sun exposure, falling leaves or other outdoor debris. This flexibility makes an outdoor shower usable year-round.

Benefits of solid roof enclosures:

  • Total overhead protection from weather
  • Increased privacy for comfortable bathing
  • Greater design possibilities with customizable styles

Considerations are reduced natural sunlight, the need for lighting fixtures, and no views of the sky. Materials like metal, polycarbonate, acrylic sheets, or insulated roofing panels are durable, waterproof options.

Pergola Roofs

For a touch of garden elegance, pergola-style roofs create a feeling of an outdoor oasis. These open lattice wood or PVC structures have crisscrossed beams overhead that partially cover the showering area below. They provide dappled sunlight and increased privacy while allowing refreshing airflow.

Key perks of pergola shower enclosures:

  • Delicate, ornamental style
  • Unobstructed views upwards through the lattice
  • With plants intertwined, a living roof is created

Drawbacks can be less weather protection than solid panels. But custom side panels or curtains can be added for adjustable shelter and seclusion when bathing.

Key Benefits of an Outdoor Shower Enclosure Roof

Installing an overhead roof on your outdoor shower cubicle provides some major upgrades from both a practical and aesthetic standpoint. Let’s look closer at the top perks:


For those shy about bathing in the open, a roof supplies welcomed seclusion, preventing neighbors or passersby from catching sight of you showering while still allowing you to enjoy fresh air. Depending on the surrounding landscape, even taller roof structures may be desirable for increased peace of mind.

Protection from Weather

With unpredictable weather, an outdoor shower without overhead coverage can suddenly leave you unpleasantly drenched mid-rinse. A weatherproof roof provides reliable shelter from rain showers so you can wash at ease. Some insulated roofs even allow for comfortable winter showering. For sunnier climes, integrated shade keeps off intense UV exposure for cooler showers.

Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond practical safeguards, upgrading with a creatively-designed shower roof simply looks fantastic. Contemporary cube-shaped enclosures, rustic wood-slat canopies, transparent polycarbonate domes, or Mediterranean tile roofs instantly raise the visual interest of your space. An artistic focal point roof makes a big impact with minimal effort.

Roof TypeWeather ProtectionPrivacy Level
Slat RoofMediumMedium
Solid RoofHighHigh
Pergola RoofLowMedium

What to Consider When Choosing a Roof

Ready to upgrade your current open-air shower with some stylish overhead shelter? First, assess a few key factors to select your optimal custom roof design:

Outdoor Shower Location/Space

Evaluate the footprint dimensions you have available to work with to determine realistic size possibilities. For more restrictive spaces like apartment balconies, narrow cubicles and slat or pergola roofs can squeeze into tight spots. Home installations with ample square footage offer flexibility in the roof shape from rectangular to rounded.

Budget for Roof Enclosure

Create a budget upfront for your roofing project based on the complexity of the design and quality of construction. Custom roofs are an investment starting around $3,000+, but prefabricated kits offer more budget-friendly options. Labor, delivery, electrical, permits, and taxes impact final costs as well.

Skill Level for Installation

Factor in your current DIY prowess. If advanced carpentry and construction is not your forte, customized roof installations are best left to seasoned professionals. Alternatively, there are now pre-assembled, freestanding shower and roof combos needing only minimal tools and skills for home assembly.

Local Weather and Climate

Consider your year-round regional weather patterns when selecting roof coverage. In stormy coastal areas or regions with heavy snowfall, a durable, sloped solid roof prevents leaks and damage over time. Hot and arid zones benefit more from ample airflow and sunlight from open slat or lattice pergola enclosures.

Preferred Level of Privacy

Lastly, identify your desired level of seclusion while showering alfresco. If off-the-grid isolation is preferred, multi-level roofs with wraparound side screens limit visibility from all angles. Lower-profile roofs still allow satisfying privacy in most residential backyard settings.

Excellent Roof Add-Ons To Elevate Your Outdoor Shower

Customizing your outdoor shower enclosure roof provides opportunities to integrate unexpected bonuses. Upgrade basic roofs with these special touches for enhanced luxury and enjoyment:

  • Smart Technology Features: Install a voice assistant like Alexa or smart shower heads that allow customized control of temperature, spray settings, music, and lighting via smartphone app.
  • Speakers/Music System: Add wireless Bluetooth speakers seamlessly embedded overhead to set the vibe with your favorite playlists.
  • Rainwater Harvesting System: With an integrated drainage system and storage tank, conserve water by using rain runoff for your shower water supply.
  • Storage Compartments: Stash bath necessities like shampoo or razors organized and easily accessible in built-in cabinets or shelving.
  • Decorative/Colored LED Rope Lighting: For ambiance, install soft colored lighting that creates a relaxing spa atmosphere overhead.

With limitless possibilities, a customized roof really makes your outdoor shower the star of your backyard. Before you know it, your oasis will become the neighborhood haven that all your friends envy!

Elevating a basic outdoor shower to create a luxury retreat is easier than ever with the addition of a thoughtfully designed roof structure overhead. From solid panels, breezy slatted ceilings, or open pergolas, unique enclosures transform utilitarian spaces into inviting sanctuaries that protect from the elements in style.

By evaluating key considerations like space, budget, climate and preferred privacy levels, you can select a tailored roof option to take your open-air bathing experience to new stylish heights. With the right custom touches like integrated technology, lighting or storage, your personalized roofed oasis promises to be the ultimate place to relax, refresh and recharge for years to come.

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