Swiger 87 Square Arm Sleeper Review – Everything You Need To Know

The Swiger 87 Square Arm Sleeper is a stylish, space-saving convertible sofa that serves double duty as both a sofa and bed. With its unique square arm design, durable metal and wood frame, and convenient pull-out mechanism, this sleeper sofa is ideal for smaller spaces that need an extra sleeping surface. In this review, we will cover everything potential buyers need to know about the features, pros and cons, and costs of the Swiger 87 model.

An Overview of the Swiger 87 Sleeper Sofa

The Swiger 87 is a convertible sofa bed with square arms and a frame constructed from metal and manufactured wood. It uses either a lift mechanism or pull-out mechanism to transform the sofa into a bed. When opened fully, the Swiger 87 can accommodate sleepers up to 87 inches in length. Available color and material options are not specified, but similar models come in neutral shades like black, brown, or gray upholstery.

Swiger is a furniture manufacturer known for its functional, affordable sofa beds and other living room pieces. The 87 model sits in their mid-range lineup – above basic pull-out sleepers but below high-end sectional sleeper sofas.

Key Features and Benefits

The Unique Square Arm Design

The Swiger 87’s defining feature is its square arms. Rather than rounded or rolled arms, this sofa has arms with a ninety-degree, geometric shape. This gives the sofa a very modern, streamlined look well-suited to contemporary decor. The square arms also maximize the sleeping capacity – when opened fully, the bed can extend edge-to-edge without curved arms taking up space.

Sturdy Metal and Wood Frame

Beneath the cushions, the Swiger 87 has a strong frame crafted from steel metal and manufactured wood. The metal provides durability to support sleepers night after night, while the wood brings stability as the sofa is converted back and forth. This robust frame prevents sagging and allows the pull-out mechanism to glide smoothly.

Lift or Pull-Out Conversion Mechanism

The Swiger 87 converts between sofa and sleeper positions using either a lift mechanism or pull-out mechanism. With the lift design, the front of the sofa lifts up as the back cushions flatten backwards into a bed. For pull-out types, a handle or strap is used to pull the bed frame out from the sofa frame. Both mechanisms allow quick and simple transitions between sofa and sleeper configurations.

swiger 87 square arm sleeper

Space Saving Functionality

As a convertible sofa, the Swiger 87 provides two functions – sofa and bed – in one furniture piece. This saves a tremendous amount of space compared to having a dedicated sofa and bed in a room. The quick conversion is ideal for small apartments, guest rooms, and other compact living spaces that need an occasional extra bed.

Pros and Cons of the Swiger 87


  • Stylish square arm design suits modern decorative schemes
  • Made with durable steel and wood to prevent sagging
  • Takes up less space than individual sofa and bed


  • Square arms may be less comfortable without rounded cushions
  • Mattress may not be thick enough for some sleepers
  • Metal construction makes it very heavy to move

Cost and Availability

The MSRP for the Swiger 87 sleeper sofa is unavailable. Based on similar convertible sofas, the retail price likely ranges from $500 – $1000. We found one retailer offering the Swiger 87 for 20% off, bringing the price down to $799. This model can be purchased through select online and brick-and-mortar furniture stores that carry the Swiger brand. It may also be available through third-party sellers on sites like Amazon and Walmart.

Comparable Sleeper Sofa Options

For those considering alternatives, there are a few other sleeper sofas with comparable square arms and metal frames:

  • Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon – Less expensive option at around $425.
  • Modern Sleep Cool Gel Memory Foam Sleeper – Similar design with added memory foam at $950.
  • West Elm Henry Sleeper Sofa – Higher end leather model starting around $1,800.

There are also many standard pull-out sleepers without square arms in the $200 to $800 range from brands like Zinus, Ashley Furniture, and IKEA.

The Swiger 87 Square Arm Sleeper is a great option for anyone wanting a stylish, convertible sofa bed for limited spaces. Its square arm silhouette looks current, while the durable frame ensures years of use as both a sofa and bed. The middle-of-the-road pricing is reasonable for a dual-function sleeper sofa with these construction features and design aesthetics.

Just be aware that the thin mattress and lack of cushioning on the arms may make it less comfortable for some. But for the target demographic of young professionals, apartment dwellers, and guest room owners, the Swiger 87 is a practical solution for seating and sleeping in compact rooms.

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