Stuff Your Room With These 12 Must-Have Items For An Insta-Worthy Space

Decorating your room can be tricky. You want a space that’s functional yet stylish. From wall decor to cozy touches, these picks will help you design a space that’s envy-inducing.

Wall Decor

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to display cherished items while adding visual interest to blank walls. Unlike traditional shelving units, floating shelves are mounted directly to the wall, creating the illusion that they are “floating.” This open, airy look allows you to creatively style vignettes of books, plants, photos, and art.

The main benefits of floating shelves include:

  • Displaying decorative items and collections
  • Adding storage for small items
  • Creating a focal point on an empty wall

When styling floating shelves, opt for wood tones that complement your decor and stagger shelves at varying heights for dimension. Place in spots where you have extra wall space to highlight your treasured knick-knacks and greenery.

stuff to put in your room

Gallery Wall

Nothing makes a statement quite like a gallery wall showcasing your favorite art pieces and photos. To create this focal point, hang a cluster of frames in an arrangement above a console or bed. Mix and match frame sizes, colors, and styles for visual interest. Include special mementos like vacation photos, concert tickets, and postcards to make it personal.

The benefits of a gallery wall include:

  • Creating a stylish focal point
  • Allowing you to customize with special memories
  • Tying the room decor together

When designing your own gallery wall, sketch out the arrangement first to achieve the right balance and flow. Hang pieces at varying heights for dimension. Stand back occasionally to ensure it looks cohesive.

Accent Wall

Make a bold statement by turning one wall into a dazzling accent wall. Painting one wall in a striking hue or covering it with colorful wallpaper is an easy way to add drama without overpowering the space. For a more subtle look, stencil on a pattern or create texture with shiplap or tile.

The upsides of an accent wall include:

  • Adding visual interest
  • Making the space more multidimensional
  • Allowing you to take a decor risk in one spot

When planning your accent wall, choose a wall that will make the biggest impact, like behind the bed or sofa. Opt for a rich color or texture that enhances your existing scheme without clashing.


Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans are a savvy multipurpose furniture piece for small spaces. The hollow interior provides concealed storage for extra linens and clutter while the flat top serves as extra seating or a makeshift coffee table. Look for rectangular ottomans that will tuck neatly under tables when not in use.

Reasons storage ottomans are a must:

  • Offer hidden storage in a piece that blends into room decor
  • Provide extra seating for guests that can be stowed away
  • Double as a coffee table or footrest

When purchasing a storage ottoman, make sure it is well-constructed and upholstered in a durable fabric that will stand up to heavy use. Place it near the foot of the bed or in front of living room seating.

Hanging Chair

looking for a unique furniture piece that stands out? A hanging chair is sure to wow guests and provide a relaxing oasis amid the hustle and bustle of life. These suspended chairs have a frame that lets them swing gently, instantly making any spot more inviting. Hanging egg chairs or pods are especially trendy options.

Reasons to add a hanging chair:

  • Provides a cozy spot to curl up with a book
  • Adds visual interest and dimension
  • Sets your room apart from the ordinary

When incorporating a hanging chair, look for sturdy models that can handle daily use. Position it near a window to take advantage of natural light and views. Just be sure to securely install it to avoid safety hazards.


String Lights

Add an extra dash of coziness with the warm glow of string lights. Available in bulb and fairy light styles, they instantly create a twinkling focal point wherever you hang them. Outline the bed canopy, wind around shelves, or accent the wall for a little whimsy.

Reasons string lights belong in your room:

  • Set a relaxing, welcoming ambiance
  • Provide a soft lighting alternative to overhead fixtures
  • Allow creativity in styling them

Opt for LED string lights to maximize longevity and energy efficiency. Use clips to neatly fasten them in place. Try looping them around floral hoops or lining the wall above your bed for brightness-free mood lighting.

Floor Lamp

While a bedside lamp is a given, don’t underestimate the power of a floor lamp to make a room feel complete. Tucked in an empty corner or near a chair, an tall floor lamp provides ample illumination for tasks along with visual interest. Go for adjustable models that allow you to direct light where needed.

Why a floor lamp belongs in your space:

  • Provides additional lighting
  • Brings height and dimension
  • Creates a cozier atmosphere

Look for contemporary floor lamps in finishes like brass or nickel that fit your decor style. Position it near prime seating areas that need extra illumination, like a reading nook.

Texture and Color

Area Rug

An area rug is a quick way to inject color, pattern, and plush softness into your room. Use a large rug to define spaces like under the bed or seating areas. For high-traffic spots, wool or low-pile rugs hold up best. Go bold with graphic prints or keep it simple with solids.

Reasons an area rug is essential:

  • Adds warmth and texture underfoot
  • Helps define spaces
  • Incorporates color and pattern

When selecting an area rug, make sure it is large enough for the furniture on top and has a nonslip backing. Place it in high-use areas that need sound dampening or extra cushioning.

Throw Pillows and Blankets

An easy way to inject your personality into a space is with fun throw pillows and cozy blankets. Mix and match patterns and textures that complement your existing bed and couch upholstery. Add a heaping pile of pillows against the headboard and a soft throw at the foot of the bed for ultra-inviting nesting.

Why throw pillows and blankets are musts:

  • Allow you to customize and add flair
  • Make seating and lounging more comfortable
  • Provide a way to incorporate different colors and fabrics

When buying throw pillows and blankets, feel fabrics to find ones that are soft and durable. Stick to a cohesive color palette that enhances your overall decor.

Bring Nature In

Hanging Plants

Plants do wonders to purify air and add life to indoor spaces. For small rooms, hanging plants maximize vertical space without taking up precious floor real estate. Hang trailing varieties like ivy or pothos in macrame or terrarium planters to add organic greenery in unexpected spots.

Reasons hanging plants are a must:

  • Add visual interest and texture
  • Help purify and humidify air
  • Bring nature indoors

When choosing hanging plants, opt for low-maintenance varieties that can thrive in indoor lighting. Water them occasionally and give them a boost with plant food. Display them near bright windows so they can thrive.

Small Potted Succulents

With their sculptural shapes and low maintenance needs, succulents are ideal petite plants for cramped quarters. Arrange a grouping of miniature succulents together on a console table or bookshelf to add natural beauty without taking up valuable floor space. Opt for sturdy varieties like echeveria, aloe, and haworthia.

Reasons succulents make great room plants:

  • Stay compact in small pots
  • Add unique colors and textures
  • Only need occasional watering

When caring for potted succulents, make sure their soil drains well and containers have drainage holes. Water deeply then allow to dry out between waterings. Provide some sunlight from a nearby window to keep them healthy.

Making your room Instagram-worthy comes down to infusing stylish pieces that show off your personality. With this collection of 12 must-have items, from eye-catching wall decor to cozy personal touches, you’re sure to have a space that looks pulled straight from the pages of your favorite home magazine. The right lighting, textures, colors, and accessories can take your room from bland to dazzling.

Focus on finding high-quality pieces that fit your aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to mix modern and eclectic finds to show off who you are. Curate a room you love coming home to and you’re bound to impress guests and rack up the social media likes.

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