Stop Mayflies From Ruining Your Summer Fun – DIY Repellent Tips

The onset of summer brings many joys – sunny days, cold drinks, and time spent with friends and family outdoors. However, for those living near lakes, ponds, or streams, summer can also bring annoying swarms of mayflies.

While mayflies are an indicator of a healthy aquatic ecosystem, their seasonal mating rituals can quickly put a damper on your summer fun. Luckily, there are steps you can take to deter these harmless but obnoxious insects without harming the environment.

Understanding Mayfly Behavior

Mayflies spend 1-2 years underwater as nymphs before transforming into adults that live just long enough to mate. Their sole purpose is reproduction, which is why they form massive swarms near water sources in summer evenings.

Mayflies are attracted to light, especially bright white light. This is why they congregate around exterior lamps and illuminated indoor spaces at night.

Reduce Their Breeding Grounds

Mayflies require standing water habitats with plenty of organic matter to thrive. Limit their breeding areas by:

  • Eliminating small ponds or water features
  • Removing algae buildup and debris from larger ponds
  • Using floating water plants to absorb excess nutrients
  • Filling in low spots where rainwater collects

Deter Mayflies With Lighting

To make your property less attractive to mayflies:

  • Replace exterior white bulbs with yellow bulbs
  • Turn off unnecessary lights at night
  • Close blinds and curtains in the evening

Seal Up Possible Entry Points

Mayflies can sneak inside if given the chance. Be diligent about:

  • Keeping doors and windows tightly shut
  • Checking screens for gaps and holes
  • Using temporary screening on patios or porches

Make Your Yard Inhospitable

There are several DIY approaches to make your yard less inviting to mayflies:

how to get rid of mayflies
  • Remove any standing water
  • Allow grass to grow a bit taller
  • Spray garlic-based insect repellents
  • Spread garlic powder around the perimeter

Relocate Only If Necessary

Moving homes should only be a last resort if you live in an area with truly unbearable swarms. For most, consistent prevention and control measures will reduce mayfly annoyance to tolerable levels.

Be Vigilant Year After Year

Mayflies are seasonal, not a one-time nuisance. Expect swarms every summer and reapply your chosen deterrence tactics accordingly.

Don’t let mayflies ruin your summer fun. With some DIY repellent strategies, you can send them buzzing away. Your warm weather enjoyment will be protected with minimal effort using these environmentally friendly steps.

Implement a combination of lighting changes, sealing up entry points, modifying your yard’s landscape, and utilizing natural garlic-based insect repellents. And don’t forget – prevention is key to deter mayflies so they won’t dampen your summer activities year after year.

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