Stop Guessing – Use Our Complete Shower Niche Size Chart

Selecting the perfect shower niche size can be a tricky endeavor. With no universal standard to follow, how do you know whether to opt for a small 12″ x 12″ nook or a larger built-in shelf spanning half your shower wall? When determining the ideal dimensions for your niche, there are several key factors to weigh.

We’ve compiled a detailed size chart accounting for accessibility, storage needs, aesthetics, and more. Our goal is to eliminate the guesswork so you can enjoy a niche that meets your household’s unique needs.

shower niche size chart

Examining Key Dimensions for Shower Niche Sizing

When exploring niche sizes, you’ll want to look at a few key interior dimensions:

  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth

You’ll also want to factor in considerations like:

  • Number of niches
  • Placement

Below we’ll explore how each dimension and consideration impacts your perfect niche size.

Factor #1: Height

When installing your niche, you’ll want to determine the height carefully based on a few factors:

  • Safety: If you have small children, consider placing the niche height higher up to prevent access.
  • Convenience: For adults, around chest height allows for easy reach.
  • Standard range: Typically niches are installed 1200mm from the ground.

Factor #2: Width

Common guidelines for niche width include:

  • At minimum, half the width of your shower wall.
  • Wide enough to fit your preferred products.
  • Aligned with your aesthetic vision.

For example, if you have a larger shower and use wide shampoo bottles, a 12″ width may be too narrow. Consider sizing up for functionality and balance.

Factor #3: Depth

When evaluating niche depth, consider:

  • Accessibility: If you or other users have mobility issues, allow extra depth for easy reach.
  • Water pressure: Deeper niches in low-pressure showers may not get fully rinsed by the spray.

Standard niche depths range anywhere from 3″ to 12″. Gauge your needs, accounting for body wash accessories and large bottle sizes before deciding.

Factor #4: Number of Niches

Rather than one large niche, some households opt for multiple smaller niches, getting creative with placement. Considerations here include:

  • In shared households, additional niches accommodate different users.
  • Placement in different zones caters to diverse height needs.

Get inspired browsing niche design ideas to unleash your inner interior decorator!

Our Complete Shower Niche Size Chart

Now that we’ve covered the key factors impacting your niche dimensions, let’s view some standard sizes.

Standard Small Niches

If you’re tight on shower real estate, small niches still offer ample storage. Popular dimensions include:

12″ x 12″Great dimensions for a single user’s essentials.
16″ x 12″Allows narrow storage of larger bottles.
12″ x 16″Offers more depth than width.

Standard Large Niches

Prefer more of a built-in shelf? Some go-to large niche sizes include:

16″ x 16″A common large size, almost square.
20″ x 12″Extra width to handle bigger accessories.
12″ x 20″Allows tall bottles with more depth.

Custom Niche Sizes

Looking for a more tailored solution? Many niches are custom-sized to fit:

  • User height
  • Product sizes
  • Exact shower dimensions

When working with contractors, provide your measurements and accessory specifications upfront to craft a niche to your exact specs.

Complementary Niche Design Considerations

Beyond dimensions, additional factors impact your perfect niche setup:

Type of Products

Consider the vessels you’ll be storing:

  • Oversize shampoo bottles need more capacity.
  • Delicate soap accessories require shelving.

Aesthetic Preferences

Niche design makes a statement. Determine your vision:

  • Prefer a built-in bookcase look providing storage?
  • Want floating shelves with a modern minimalist appeal?

Cleaning and Maintenance

Factor ease of upkeep:

  • Limit grout lines that attract grime.
  • Select water-resistant materials.

With an endless array of niche sizes and design choices, identifying your dream dimensions can be downright dizzying. By considering all the factors we’ve outlined–from safety and convenience to user needs and available space–our shower niche size chart helps cut through the confusion.

Armed with the key dimensions and product specifications to suit your household’s routine, you can confidently install a niche that checks all your boxes. No more guessing games–here’s to shower storage made simple!

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