Stay Cool in the Shade With a Stylish Striped Patio Umbrella

As the sunny days of spring transition into the heat of summer, many homeowners look for ways to enjoy the nice weather while still keeping cool. One of the best investments you can make for staying comfortable on your patio or deck is a sturdy, stylish umbrella.

In particular, blue and white striped patio umbrellas have become an increasingly popular option. The classic nautical stripes instantly evoke a breezy, beachy feel, adding style and flair to your outdoor space. Even better, these umbrellas provide ample shade from the sun’s harmful UV rays and can be tailored to match your needs and decor. Read on to explore the many benefits of owning a striped patio umbrella this summer.

Different Types of Blue and White Striped Patio Umbrellas

You’ll find there are numerous styles and variations of blue and white striped umbrellas to choose from to suit your space and needs:

  • Classic bold stripes vs. thinner stripes, uneven stripes, or stripes in different shades of blue
  • Shapes such as round, rectangular, and octagonal frames
  • Sizes ranging from 6 feet in diameter to 10 feet
  • Cantilever offset umbrellas to provide shade over seating arrangements
  • Adjustable tilt umbrellas to position shade anywhere

The most common designs feature bold navy and white stripes on a round canopy in standard 9-foot or larger 10-foot sizes. These provide ample coverage for typical patio table seating. For smaller spaces like balconies, smaller 6-8 foot umbrellas are ideal.

Tilting and Offsetting Options

Look for umbrellas that allow you to easily tilt and angle the canopy as needed. Push button or crank systems make it simple to optimize shade as the sun moves across the sky. Offset cantilever umbrellas are perfect for shading seating areas without a table obstructing.

Material Considerations

From fade-resistant fabrics to powder-coated aluminum frames, always inspect materials to ensure durability. Marine-grade polyester fabric will prevent mold and withstand harsh weather conditions.

blue and white striped patio umbrella

Key Features to Look for in a Quality Umbrella

Don’t sacrifice quality to save a few dollars. A high-performing umbrella will provide years of protection. Here are top features to look for:

UV Protection

A top priority is UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Quality umbrellas use special fabrics and treatments to block UVA and UVB radiation.


Waterproof, fade-resistant fabric prevents mold growth and damage from rainstorms. Marine-grade polyester is best.

Wind Resistance

Fiberglass ribs, aluminum poles, and vented designs provide stability in windy conditions.

Rust Prevention

Powder coated or anodized aluminum prevents rusting, chips, and corrosion.

Easy Operation

Crank lifts and push-button tilt features allow easy umbrella positioning without manual effort.


Carry bags with shoulder straps make the umbrellas easy to transport and store.

UV protectionBlocks sun’s harmful rays
Fade-resistant fabricPrevents mold, damage
Vented designWind and storm resistance
Powder coated aluminumPrevents rust and corrosion
Crank lift systemAllows easy umbrella positioning

Making the Most Out of Your Striped Umbrella

Placing your new patio umbrella in the ideal spot and utilizing design tricks will ensure you get the most shade and enjoyment from it:

Optimal Placement

Central placement over seating areas maximizes shade coverage. For adjustable umbrellas, test different angles to follow the sunlight.

Get the Right Size

An umbrella should be proportional to your space – don’t overcrowd or underfill. Measure carefully before purchasing.

Complementary Decor

Add pillows, cushions, and rugs that pull in the blue and white colors. Incorporate nautical accents like rope, anchors, and oars.

Proper Care and Storage

Use mild soap and water to spot clean. Store umbrellas in cool, dry places during off seasons. Invest in protective covers and tie-down kits for extreme weather.

Unique Ways to Style Your Blue and White Striped Umbrella

While classic blue and white stripes pair well with almost any backyard furniture and decor, some creative themes can make your umbrella truly stand out:

Sophisticated Nautical Theme

The striped umbrella evokes ocean vibes on its own. Accentuate the look with nautical ropes, anchors, and distressed wood finishes.

Boho Chic with Macrame and Rattan

Blend breezy blue stripes with earthy rattan furniture and macrame wall hangings for a relaxing, bohemian patio.

Mediterranean Getaway

Wrought iron, terra cotta pots, and tile surfaces complement the nautical stripes for a Spanish or Italian villa vibe.

Coastal Durability

Harsh beach and oceanside properties benefit from umbrellas built to handle salty, humid environments.

The benefits of owning a striped patio umbrella are numerous. These stylish shade providers allow you to comfortably enjoy the outdoors in the warmth of summer. With smart selection, placement, and design, blue and white striped umbrellas can become a treasured backyard staple for years to come.

Focus on durability, specialized UV protection, wind resistance, and ease of use when choosing your umbrella. And don’t forget small details like including a convenient carrying case. With the right umbrella, you’ll look forward to relaxing in refreshing comfort all season long.

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