Standard Farmhouse Sink Size to Fit Your Kitchen Counters

Farmhouse sinks are having a major moment. With their vintage-inspired style and practical dual-basin design, it’s no wonder they’ve become the darling of so many kitchen remodels. But before you fall head over heels for these charming sinks, it’s important to understand what constitutes a “standard” farmhouse sink size.

In this post, we’ll overview typical farmhouse sink dimensions so you can assess what size will best suit your space. We’ll also provide width, height, and length recommendations for optimal fit within your existing cabinetry and countertops.

Why Standard Sizing Matters for Farmhouse Sinks

Unlike more modern sink styles, farmhouse sinks have some general sizing consistencies due to the signature exposed front apron and more traditional configurations. Most farmhouse sinks come in standard widths of 30, 33, or 36 inches to align with common cabinet sizes.

Paying attention to the established dimensions means you’ll have an easier time finding a farmhouse sink that works with your current kitchen layout. It also simplifies the installation process so you avoid extensive cabinet modifications down the road.

Typical Width, Height and Length of Farmhouse Sinks

Common 33″ Width and Reason Behind It

The most popular farmhouse sink width is 33 inches. This dimension aligns well with the industry standard 33- or 36-inch sink base cabinet used in most kitchens.

standard farmhouse sink size

A 33-inch wide sink accommodates washing large pots or baking sheets while still fitting in the existing cabinet footprint. And it leaves room for desirable extras like side-mounted faucets and soap dispensers.

Average 8-10″ Height Range

When it comes to farmhouse sink height, the average range falls between 8 and 10 inches. Sinks at the taller end of this spectrum provide more depth for filling pots and stacking dishes. Just keep in mind that the greater the height, the further you’ll have to reach into the basin.

If you prefer shallower sinks, some farmhouse styles come as low as 6 inches for an easier reach. This reduces back strain but gives less water capacity.

Length Depends on Bowls and Usage

Farmhouse sink length tends to correlate with the number of bowls and overall size. A single bowl sink can range from a compact 30 inches up to a spacious 40 inches long. This gives you flexibility based on your kitchen’s dimensions and how much prep space you need.

Double bowl configurations are naturally longer, with typical farmhouse sinks spanning anywhere from 40 to 60 inches. Remember to measure your existing base cabinet space before choosing an oversized double bowl sink.

Factors That Determine What Size You Need

Settling on standard sizing for your farmhouse sink ensures broad compatibility. But a few additional factors affect what dimensions make sense for your kitchen.

Existing Cabinet and Countertop Dimensions

First, assess the exact width of your existing sink cabinet space. While standard bases are often 30″, 33″ or 36″ across, your individual cabinets could be slightly smaller or larger.

Make sure to account for countertop overhangs on either side of the cabinet as well. A farmhouse sink should fit the cabinet opening with a little bit of breathing room all around.

Single vs Double Bowl Considerations

Next, decide whether your kitchen has room for–and could benefit from–a double bowl configuration. While dividing your prep and cleaning zones sounds efficient, these larger sinks can overwhelm more compact kitchens.

If you cook for a crowd or prefer washing in one basin while rinsing in the other, connect the double bowl dots. But if your space is limited, opt for a single bowl to maximize functionality.

Family Size and Kitchen Usage

Factor in how many people are using (and dirtying!) the kitchen on a daily basis. Large families may want a double bowl farmhouse sink, while empty nesters can likely get by with just one basin.

Also consider what tasks you tackle at the sink. Avid home bakers should allow extra length for dealing with oversized mixing bowls. And if you frequently wash large dogs or strip wallpaper, keep height and depth in mind too!

Width Guidelines for Standard Sink Base Cabinets

Most existing kitchen sinks are centered on industry standard sink base cabinet widths. Use these measurements as a starting point for choosing your farmhouse sink size.

Requirements for 30-Inch Sink Base

A 30-inch sink base cabinet has an interior opening of 28 1/2 inches wide once you account for the cabinet walls. This means you’ll need to find a compact farmhouse sink around 25 inches wide to allow wiggle room on either side.

While doable, fitting a farmhouse sink into a 30-inch opening is extremely snug. You may need to notch or trim your cabinet sides. We only recommend this if you absolutely cannot go any wider.

Requirements for 33-Inch Sink Base

The 33-inch sink base cabinet has an interior width of 31 1/2 inches. This gives you the flexibility to install a standard 33-inch farmhouse sink while leaving 1/4-inch clearance on both sides.

In most kitchens, the 33-inch sink base with a 33-inch wide sink is the simplest combo. It lets you slot a farmhouse sink into existing cabinetry with minimal headaches.

Requirements for 36-Inch Sink Base

Finally, the 36-inch sink base offers an interior opening spanning 34 1/2 inches across. You can easily fit stouter farmhouse sinks up to 35 or 36 inches wide inside this cabinet footprint.

Just keep proportionality in mind–an oversized 36-inch sink can overwhelm smaller kitchens. But for larger, luxury kitchens this width offers breathing room.

Recommended Farmhouse Sizes for Common Spaces

Use your kitchen’s overall dimensions as a guide for selecting the ideal farmhouse sink length and bowl configuration too. Here are our go-to size suggestions for some typical kitchen footprints.

Perfect Size for a Small Kitchen

In kitchens under 150 square feet, we recommend a 30- to 33-inch wide single bowl sink around 33 inches long. The single basin avoids congestion. And a length under 36 inches ensures the sink doesn’t monopolize counter space.

Ideal Size for a Medium Kitchen

For mid-sized kitchens of 150 to 300 square feet, a 33-inch wide farmhouse sink is just right. Opt for a medium 35- to 40-inch single basin sink or a double bowl sink up to 60 inches long.

You have some wiggle room to play with length or opt for two bowls. Just ensure the sink balances well with surrounding cabinet and counter space.

Great Size for a Large Kitchen

Finally, spacious 300+ square foot kitchens can handle the largest farmhouse sink configurations. Go for a 36-inch wide single or double bowl sink in a longer 60-inch length.

The expansive prep and washing space lets you take on entertainment-sized cooking. Two bowls also keep cleanup organized for hectic dinner parties.

Allowing Room for Faucets and Backsplashes

When selecting farmhouse sink sizes, it’s not just about the interior cabinet opening. You also need to consider:

Accounting for Extra Width and Height

Most farmhouse sinks have at least a small front apron that extends past the cabinet face. And wall-mount faucets require a few inches of clearance behind the sink’s back edge.

Similarly, a taller apron or raised drainboards increase the overall height. Make sure to note the sink’s external dimensions so you don’t end up with spatial surprises.

Planning for Font-to-Back Clearances

Factor in the planned backsplash dimensions too. Farmhouse sinks often have a slightly rear-angled basin edge to allow backsplashes to tuck neatly against the countertop behind.

But if you intend to do a full 4-inch, tile-to-ceiling statement backsplash, a front-to-back sink size over 30 inches gives you more play.

Tips for Finalizing Your Custom Sizing

Settling on standard farmhouse sink sizing gets you most of the way there. But don’t be afraid to customize dimensions to your space with these extra pointers.

Mocking Up Dimensions Before Purchase

Test out prospective farmhouse sink sizes using painter’s tape on your actual countertops. This shows exactly how the apron will extend past cabinet fronts and where the basin edges will fall.

You can adjust and re-test sizes before cutting any countertop holes or buying a sink that may not fit well.

Considering Drain and Water Line Placement

Check that plumbing alignments work with the sink orientation you have in mind. Most farmhouse sink drain holes are drilled centered rear or right rear. Make sure this allows hookup to existing drain lines.

Similarly, ensure any planned sprayer faucets have access to supply lines. This may affect lateral sink placement in the countertop cutout.

Most Popular Brands Offering Custom Size Options

While selecting an established farmhouse sink width is convenient, some manufacturers also provide made-to-order custom sizing.

Top brands like Ruvati, Kraus, Lordear, and WOODBRIDGE allow you to tailor width, length, and depth to within an inch of your specs. This lets you perfectly integrate your dream farmhouse sink.

Just anticipate paying a small premium and waiting up to 6 weeks for delivery. The could be worth it to resolve tight spaces or unleash creative layout ideas.

To wrap up, here are answers to a few frequently asked questions about sizing considerations for farmhouse sinks:

  • What width of a farmhouse sink fits a 33-inch cabinet?

    A 33-inch wide farmhouse sink is ideal for a standard 33-inch sink base cabinet.

  • What is the default farmhouse sink size?

    The most common default size is a 33″ wide x 20″ front-to-back x 10″ deep single basin configuration.

  • How big can a farmhouse sink be?

    Farmhouse sinks can range from compact 25-inch single bowls to spacious 60-inch double bowls sinks, depending on cabinet capacity.

  • What is the largest farmhouse sink?

    Many manufacturers offer oversized options up to 42-inches wide or 60-inches long for mega kitchen spaces and entertaining requirements.

Getting the standard farmhouse sink size parameters right means your kitchen remodel just flows. Now that you know what typical dimensions work best, you can start dreaming about the gorgeous–and functional–centerpiece sink for your home.

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