Spruce Up Your Patio With Stunning Faux Urn Fillers

Outdoor living spaces like patios, porches, and poolside areas are great spots to relax and entertain. But sometimes these spaces can feel a bit empty or lackluster. An excellent way to spruce up your outdoor oasis is by decorating with beautiful faux urn fillers.

Faux urn fillers provide vibrant, eye-catching floral arrangements without the hassle of caring for real plants. Made of weather-resistant materials like silk and plastic, these artificial arrangements withstand the elements and last for years with zero maintenance. No more worrying about watering, pruning or deadheading plants!

Selecting the Perfect Urn for Faux Fills

When selecting an urn for a faux plant fill, size matters. For the full, lush look you want, choose an urn with at least an 8-inch diameter and 8-inch height. This provides enough space for realistic-looking arrangements.

Material is also key. Opt for weather-resistant urns made of polyresin, concrete, metal, or wood. Plastic urns can become brittle and fade over time when exposed to sun and rain. Unglazed terra cotta will soak up moisture, leading to cracking.

faux urn filler outdoor

Match your urn’s style to your existing outdoor decor. For a breezy porch, try a rustic galvanized metal bucket planted with wildflowers. On a formal patio, polished stone or marble urns spilling with roses and vines set an elegant tone.

You don’t have to splurge on pricey designer urns, either. Many home improvement stores sell affordable urns perfect for faux fills. Just be sure to check durability.

Popular Styles and Varieties of Faux Filler

From vivid blooms to graceful grasses, faux urn fillers come in endless styles to suit your taste. Here are some of the most popular options:

Flowering varieties like tulips, roses, peonies, and lilies make a vibrant splash of color. For texture, choose feathery ferns and wispy ornamental grasses. Herbs like thyme, rosemary, and lavender infuse fills with sensory appeal.

Spring mixes brim with cheery pansies, irises, daffodils, and hyacinths. Exotic, tropical themes feature palms, birds of paradise, and banana leaves. Spillers like ivy cascade gracefully over urn sides.

Year-round interests like magnolia leaves, juniper sprigs, and red berries maintain beauty even when flowers are out of season. Accent with faux succulents, seed pods, and artichokes for unique appeal.

Arranging Your Faux Urn Fill

Achieving a lush, naturalistic faux arrangement requires a thoughtful approach. Here are some design tips:

Allow enough space in the urn for stems to spread and flowers to fully open. Crowding stems will flatten the arrangement.

Layer complementary colors and textures for added realism and visual depth. Intermingle flowers, leaves, grasses, and filler for multi-dimensional appeal.

Use filler materials like moss or foam to shape, prop up, and stabilize stem placement. Conceal mechanics for a seamless look.

Position the tallest, showiest stems toward the center and back of the arrangement. Gradually decrease stem height as you near the urn’s edge.

Angle the flowers’ faces and leaves in different directions for an organic, lifelike effect. Avoid stiff, uniform placement.

Group plants thoughtfully, allowing each color and variety to stand out. Repetition creates rhythm without looking too contrived.

DIY Faux Urn Filler Ideas

Want to save on a faux urn filler? With a bit of creativity, you can make one yourself for a fraction of the cost. Here are some fun, beginner-friendly ideas to try:

Raid the craft store’s floral aisles for inexpensive blooms, sprigs, bushes, and vines to harvest. Pull apart arrangements and reuse the materials in your own designs.

Use florist picks to build shape and structure. Group pieces on picks before inserting into foam for easier arranging. Purchase or make your own covered foam form.

Spray paint dried branches, seed pods, dried flowers, and other natural items collected outside for added texture and interest.

Incorporate rocks, figurines, marbles, seashells, and moss to add whimsy. Dollar store finds make great embellishments.

Follow step-by-step tutorials to create gorgeous DIY urns. Many projects use picked flowers and backyard clippings for a cost-effective, customized look.

Caring for Your Faux Urn Filler

While faux urn fillers don’t require daily care like the real thing, they do need a bit of maintenance to look their best:

Dust and debris can build up quickly outdoors. Periodically flush arrangements with a gentle stream of water to restore vibrancy.

Spot clean with mild soap and water as needed. Take care not to soak any grass or jute filler materials when cleaning.

In very cold climates, store faux fills indoors over winter to prevent damage from freezing temperatures and heavy snow.

Replace faded flowers and leaves as needed to refresh the look. Hot glue makes quick repairs to any damaged parts.

Inspiring Examples of Gorgeous Faux Urns

Need a little inspiration before selecting your faux urn filler? These stunning examples prove just how much these faux arrangements can enhance your outdoor space:

A galvanized metal bucket explodes with colorful tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths for an instant springtime feel. Ribbon and burlap add to the playful charm.

Spiky purple and green agave plants, sweeping palms, and bright red flowers give this oversized terracotta urn a sultry tropical vibe perfect for poolside lounging.

An elegant urn crafted of gray stone overflows with cream and blush roses, trailing ivy vines, and ruffled ferns for a romantic English garden look.

A rustic wooden barrel planter spills bountiful prairie grasses and wildflowers for a charming farmhouse or cottage scene.

Lush green magnolia leaves, berry sprigs, and red cardinals give a Grecian-style urn filled for fall and winter interest year-round.

Faux urn fillers provide a gorgeous, low-maintenance way to instantly inject color and interest into patios, porches, and other outdoor living areas. Choosing an appropriate urn, planning pleasing arrangements, and providing occasional upkeep will keep your faux urn looking fab for years of enjoyment and beauty. With so many styles and colors to suit any decor, it’s simple to find an option that brings your patio to life.

Give your outdoor space an easy but dramatic refresh this season by arranging a stunning faux urn filler. You’ll reap the vibrant beauty without the work – leaving more time to relax and entertain in your newly-revitalized outdoor oasis.

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