Spice Up Your Bedroom: 12 Masculine Decor Upgrades For Adult Males

Looking for bedroom decor that aligns with your masculine aesthetic? Whether modern, rustic, or somewhere in between, a bedroom makeover can yield a sophisticated space tailored to you.

We cover essential design elements to upgrade your bedroom’s form and function. Read on for 12 tips that transcend trends, centered around smart color schemes, sturdy furniture, impactful lighting, natural textures, plants, and more.

Choose a Sophisticated Color Scheme

Color profoundly impacts a room’s mood and appeal. For masculine bedroom decor, stick to darker neutral tones as your foundation. Rich shades of gray, brown, black, white and blue exude refinement.

Keep walls, larger furniture pieces, flooring and bedding in these grounded colors. Then introduce decor items in bolder tones for pops of contrast, like rust orange throw pillows atop a charcoal duvet.

Specific Color Suggestions

  • Benjamin Moore Gray Horizon or Revere Pewter for walls
  • Textured black or brown bedding
  • Golden oak wood furniture
  • Navy or forest green curtains

With a neutral base establishing visual order, occasional bright accents energize without overwhelming.

bedroom decoration ideas for men

Select Sturdy, Multifunctional Furniture

The furniture in your bedroom makes both aesthetic and functional impact. For clean, masculine spaces, opt for simpler silhouettes in woods like walnut or ebony that offer both warmth and sturdiness.

Consider a walnut platform bed frame without ornate carvings, which feels substantial yet unfussy. Pair it with steamer trunk-inspired nightstands that provide closed storage. A matching dresser continues the grounded look.

For chairs and lounge seating, leather is an iconic masculine material that develops character over time. Industrial metal finishes also bring contemporary edge.

Guidelines for Choosing Furniture

  • Emphasize straight lines and rectangular forms over curves
  • Multifunctional pieces like storage ottomans maximize utility
  • Look for enduring, high-quality materials like solid hardwoods
  • Minimalist hardware in matte black, steel or wood tones

The ideal mix of furnishings supports restful sleep and an organized, clutter-free environment.

Use Lighting for Both Form & Function

Proper lighting is essential for any bedroom. For masculine spaces, a balance of natural light and adjustable task lighting prevents a space from feeling too harsh or dark.

Maximize sunshine through windows to illuminate during daytime hours. Then install bedside table lamps or sleek overhead fixtures to meet practical needs at night. For customization, consider smart bulbs that enable adjusting brightness and color temperature.

Lighting choices also impact aesthetic. Opt for unadorned lamp silhouettes from brands like Schoolhouse Electric. Or make a sculptural statement with a float glass orb pendant light from Currey & Company.

Lighting Guidelines

  • Layer ambient, task and accent lighting
  • Black, brass or concrete lamp finishes
  • Dimmer switches for flexibility
  • Minimalist shapes like orbs or rectangles

With the right mix of natural and artificial light sources, your space feels comfortable at all times of day.

Incorporate Natural Textures & Materials

While masculine rooms tend to avoid overly soft or opulent fabrics, they can still incorporate enticing texture. Natural materials like wood, leather, linen and wool add depth and dimension through contrasting grains and weaves.

Display these handsome textures prominently. Line leather bench seating at the foot of your bed atop a cozy wool rug. Fit the windows with tactile linen curtains. Or display a framed abstract artwork on an exposed brick wall for visual intrigue.

Typical Textures in Masculine Bedrooms

  • Weathered wood finishes
  • Pebbled leather upholstery
  • Nubby wool blankets
  • Rough-hewn stone and concrete

Natural textures infuse rooms with subtle sophistication and timeless global appeal.

Display Artwork for Visual Impact

Artwork plays a leading role in personalizing a bedroom while underscoring your interests. To make a masculine statement, focus on pieces conveying modern edge or global flair.

Some popular options include black and white photography, architectural prints, maps, and abstract mixed media works. Display similarly themed pieces in a salon-style gallery wall for high visual impact.

Or select one commanding focal point piece, like an oversized image of wildlife or a scenic landscape. Place it in a thick wood or metal frame over the bed’s headboard to anchor the room.

Tips for Selecting Art

  • Choose subjects aligned with hobbies or passions
  • Black, steel and wood frames
  • Grouped gallery walls for cohesion
  • Sculptural 3D wall art adds depth

Art lends personal perspective and prompts design inspiration from the room’s other details.

Add Hardy Houseplants for Purifying Greenery

While floral prints tend to skew feminine, plenty of houseplant varieties bring living greenery to bedrooms without softening an environment. Certain hardy varieties not only survive in low light, but filter air impurities.

Try a potted fiddle leaf fig filling a corner, its waxy leaves adding texture. Or place a trio of snake plants atop a dresser, their upright shapes contrasting beautifully with horizontal surfaces. For an architectural look, display air-purifying cacti on a console table or bookshelf against a minimalist backdrop.

Best Houseplants for Masculine Bedrooms

  • Snake plants or mother-in-law’s tongue
  • ZZ plants
  • Paddle cacti
  • Parlor palms
  • Ferns or peperomia

The right mix of greenery clears mind, body and space.

Incorporate Natural Materials

Natural materials like wood, leather, stone, fur and metal infuse masculinity through their raw, enduring properties. Introduce touches like hardwood nightstands, a leather bench, stone resin coffee table or cowhide rug for texture.

A white oak console table behind a leather armchair makes a refined vignette. Or display your watch collection in a wall-mounted shadowbox with a faux fur backdrop. Natural accents feel substantial, yet integrate easily with contemporary or global themes.

Use Statement Lighting

Impactful pendant lights, chandeliers and lamps sculpt focal points within masculine bedrooms. Try a black orb chandelier for contemporary edge, or an antler pendant for rugged flair. Smart bulbs enable adjusting color and brightness.

Floor lamps and table lamps also provide stylish task lighting. Opt for metal tripod bases, geometric shades or directional arm details. Place beside seating areas or by the nightstand to create a personalized lighting ecosystem.

With an array of possibilities for creating a masculine bedroom oasis, which ideas resonate most? Determine priorities for lighting, furniture or storage needs. Then implement selects elements through a phased approach.

Gradually layering refined updates allows curating a personalized sanctuary. One grounded in your favorite neutral palette, rich textures and impactful accents conveying personal edge. The final result: a bedroom as alluring, restored and uniquely you as it is effortlessly masculine.

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