Spark Your Entryway Style with the Perfect Table and Mirror

The entryway sets the tone for your entire home. It’s the first space guests experience when visiting your house, so you want it to feel warm, inviting and reflective of your personal style. An elegant console table and eye-catching mirror can completely transform the look and feel of your entryway. With so many options to choose from, it can be tricky to select the perfect table and mirror combo. In this post, we’ll explore different sizes, styles and placement ideas to help you create a showstopping entryway with the ideal table and mirror.

Choosing the Perfect Entryway Table

When selecting an entryway console table, there are a few key factors to consider so you choose the right size, style and functionality for your space.

Consider the Size of Your Entryway

First, take measurements of your entry space to determine the ideal table proportions. You want to allow enough room for people to comfortably move around the table without bumping into it or feeling squeezed. The table should be no more than two-thirds to three-quarters the width of your entryway. This leaves space for traffic flow while still making a statement.

For depth, look for a console table around 12-18 inches deep. Shallow tables around 12 inches give you room for small decorative objects, while deeper 18-inch consoles allow more functionality with baskets and storage.

Match Your Entryway Decor Style

Console tables come in a spectacular array of styles to match any entryway aesthetic. For a glam look, try a table with sleek mirrored or glass surfaces. Rustic farmhouse spaces would suit a reclaimed wood console table. Modern interiors need a table with clean lines in materials like metal, glass or concrete. Go for an antique table with charming distressed detailing for vintage flair.

entryway table and mirror ideas

Look at the existing architecture, color scheme, lighting and decor of your entryway. Choose a console table that will complement these elements rather than compete with them. The table finish, hardware, legs and details should all coordinate with your overall decor approach.

Consider Your Storage Needs

Many console tables incorporate storage features like shelves, cabinets and baskets. This helps keep essential items organized while adding visual interest. Closed storage with doors and drawers keeps items concealed. Open storage with shelves or woven baskets displays items in a decorative way.

If you need maximal storage for stashing gloves, keys, umbrellas and more, opt for a console with enclosed cabinets or multiple drawers. For displaying decorative objects, open shelving and baskets allow you to style objects attractively. Ensure the scale of storage and display areas suits your needs.

Hanging Mirrors to Reflect Your Style

A statement mirror is an essential complement to your entryway console table. Strategically placed above, beside or near the table, an entryway mirror makes spaces feel larger and brighter. The mirror style, shape, size and placement all impact how it enhances your space.

Consider the Mirror Shape and Size

While rectangles are the most common, round, oval, square and asymmetry shaped mirrors can add flair. Oversized mirrors visually expand smaller entryways. For largers spaces, multiple smaller mirrors create dimension.

Hang horizontal mirrors to make your entryway feel wider. Vertical mirrors draw the eyes up, which can make ceilings appear higher. In entryways with a tall ceiling, a wide horizontal mirror balances proportions.

Style the Frame to Suit Your Decor

The mirror’s frame impacts its overall look significantly. Elaborate carved wood or gold frames feel traditional and formal. Thin metal frames have an industrial edge. Frameless mirrors work in modern and minimalist spaces. Match your mirror frame to your entryway’s style.

Look for mirrors with built-in shelving or candleholders to serve both form and function. Distressed mirrors boost farmhouse appeal. Go bold with colorful painted frames. Accent your mirror with wall sconces or artwork in complementary frames.

Find the Perfect Placement

Experiments with placing your mirror in different spots to find the most strategic position. Anchor it to the wall or lean it against the wall gracefully. Allow it to reflect light from windows and accent lighting. Above the console table draws the eye to that stylish focal point.

In small entryways, hang the mirror across from windows and doors to reflect more light. You can also place small mirrors in opposite corners to make the space appear larger. Get creative with unconventional placements like above seating areas or the floor.

Console Table and Mirror Combinations

When styled together thoughtfully, your entryway console table and mirror create a cohesive look. Here are some winning pairings:

Modern Industrial

A sleek metal console table with hairpin legs feels crisp and contemporary. Hang a large round mirror in a thin black frame above for chic contrast.

Rustic Farmhouse

A reclaimed wood table with wrought iron accents exudes rustic charm. Layer a rectangular mirror atop in a matching worn wood frame for harmony.

Traditional Elegance

A curved antique demilune console table topped with marble feels refined and timeless. Pair it with a stately gold-leaf mirror for luxurious tradition.

There are endless ways to combine console tables and mirrors based on your personal style. Complement hard edges with soft lines and vice versa. Contrast sleek and ornate. Mix antique with modern. Your options are limitless!

Design Details to Elevate Your Space

Once you’ve selected the essential table and mirror, it’s time to refine the details. Effortlessly take your entryway to the next level with these tips:

Incorporate Layers and Texture

Add visual interest by layering decor atop your console table. Overlay a runner or placemats to introduce color and patterns. Stack decorative boxes and trays for dimension. Top with books, flowers, candles and art for depth.

Incorporate natural textures like wood grain, woven rattan and soft textiles for warmth. The varied textures prevent your tablescape from feeling flat.

Define the Area with a Rug

Use an area rug underneath the console table to designate the space. Choose a rug size that fits the footprint of your table. Layer it atop carpet or hard floors. Place the front table legs atop the rug to anchor it.

Match your rug material and pattern to your decor style. Braided jute feels beachy. Moroccan trellis rugs add global flair. Plush sheepskins soften modern spaces. geometric patterns complement boho spaces.

Incorporate Adjacent Seating or Storage

Make your entryway even more functional by incorporating a bench or hooks near the console table. A long bench provides seating to take shoes on and off. Coat hooks on the wall or side of the table keep outerwear organized.

For extra storage, use baskets underneath the console table or cubbies built into the benches. You can stash gloves, hats, mail and other items you access frequently in the entry.

Use Greenery and Florals

Fresh florals instantly liven up any space. Display cut blooms or petite plants in small pots and planters atop your console table. Or hang trailing plants in hanging macrame planters from the ceiling above the table.

Ferns, ivy, orchids and air plants add an inviting natural element. Swap florals by season to keep your entryway feeling fresh. Avoid thorny plants if you have little ones.

Add Gallery Wall Art

Your vertical wall space offers major design potential. Create a coordinated gallery wall featuring artwork, photos, mirrors and wall shelves. This expands your decorating real estate and draws the eye around the room.

Hang a round mirror in the gallery to reflect even more light. Display family photos, colorful abstract art or rustic wall baskets for storage. The varied frames and repetition create cohesion.

Double Down with Creative Mirror Decor

Get even more mileage from your entryway mirror by taking decor cues from these crafty ideas:

Framed Family Photos

Warm up your entryway by framing cherished family photos in matching frames. Lean them creatively against the wall near your mirror. The reflection doubles the sweet display.

Message Board

Mount a small corkboard on the wall near your leaning mirror. Use it to post reminders, photos and mementos for a personal alternative to traditional message boards.

Shelves or Ledges

Mirrors with built-in shelving add extra storage and display space. Or, mount floating wall ledges near the mirror to display vases, candles and decorative objects.

Wreaths and Garlands

Dress up your mirror for the season by hanging a vibrant wreath or fresh garland on the frame. The reflection makes the display extra festive.

Get endlessly creative with how you style and prop decor near your entryway mirror. Any items you place nearby will instantly double in visual impact.

With the right console table and mirror combination, you can set the stage for amazing entries and exits in your home. Measure your space, select complementary styles and layer decor for an entryway that expresses your personal flair.

Use the tips in this guide to spark inspiration for designing your ideal entryway. Combining the perfect table and mirror creates a space guests will admire every time they visit your home. soon your console and mirror will become the favorite feature you never want to leave home without!

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