Spark Backyard Hangouts With These Brilliant Budget Fire Pit Ideas

Imagine relaxing summer nights gathered around a cozy fire in your own backyard oasis. Fire pits provide a focal point for backyards, a place to gather with friends and family and unwind. With some planning and creativity, you can build a beautiful DIY fire pit without breaking the bank.

Affordable Materials for DIY Fire Pits

You don’t need fancy or expensive materials to build a functional fire pit. Many common supplies can be used to create a safe and eye-catching focal point.

Cinder Blocks

Stacking cinder blocks in a square or circular shape provides an instant fire pit frame. Their hollow design also promotes airflow. Cinder blocks can often be found cheaply at hardware stores or construction sites.


Standard red bricks in new or used condition also work beautifully for fire pits. Lay them lengthwise and stack to desired height. Bricks have a classic, rustic look.

backyard fire pit ideas landscaping on a budget

Concrete Wall Blocks

For a neutral backdrop, consider concrete wall blocks. Their modern, smooth appearance contrasts nicely with the vibrant flames. Check outlet stores for discounts.

Lava Rocks

Decorative lava rocks make an inexpensive filler material inside the fire pit structure. Their porous qualities withstand heat well. Purchase lava rocks at garden centers or hardware stores.

Key Design Considerations

Once you select materials, there are a few key factors to consider in your fire pit design:

Shape and Size

The shape and size you choose will depend on space available and personal preference. Circular fire pits work well for gathering in a circle around the fire. Square or rectangular designs maximize space efficiency.

Portable vs Permanent

For permanent fire pits, carefully map out the location and design in advance. Portable fire pits offer flexibility to move around your backyard. Look for durable all-weather models.


Adhere to local fire codes and maintain at least 10 feet clearance from structures. Use non-flammable gravel or sand around the pit. Have water or an extinguisher on hand.

DIY Fire Pit Building Guide

Constructing your own fire pit is a straightforward weekend project. Follow these basic steps:

Planning and Prep

Mark out the exact fire pit location with stakes and string. Remove any grass or plants from the area. Level the ground so blocks stack neatly.

Assemble Perimeter

Arrange your chosen building material in the desired shape. Maintain consistent gaps for airflow. Build up layers to desired height.

Add Fire Pit Elements

Fill center of fire pit with non-flammable material like crushed lava rock or pea gravel. Consider adding a metal grate or ring.

Finishing Touches

Top off final layer of fire pit blocks or bricks. optional capstones add a polished look.

Completing Your Outdoor Oasis

The perfect backyard fire pit area brings people together. Complete the space with seating, lighting and decor.

Seating and Gathering

Arrange benches, chairs or logs around the perimeter to create an inviting gathering area.

Ambiance and Lighting

String lights add twinkle and warmth overhead. Tiki torches or solar lights illuminate pathways at night.

Landscaping and Decor

Incorporate gravel, stone, plants and flowers. Define distinct zones within the larger space.

Fire Pit Safety Tips

While fire pits bring joy, be sure to keep safety in mind:

  • Never leave a fire unattended, even briefly
  • Carefully supervise children and pets around the fire
  • Extinguish fire fully before leaving it for the night
  • Keep flammable materials and furniture away from the pit

You can build a beautiful fire pit with budget-friendly materials. Host family meals or parties around the flickering flames. Cozy up on chilly nights for warmth and conversation. Create lasting memories together in your new favorite backyard oasis.

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