Sofas That Don’t Swallow You Whole – Our Top Picks for Short People

Finding a sofa that properly fits and supports the body can be a challenge for those of shorter stature. With many sofas designed for taller individuals, legs left dangling and necks sore from strain are all too common for the vertically challenged.

But take heart – with the right adjustments and selections, it is possible to find sofas that allow you to lounge in comfort, without being swallowed up or engulfed.

Factors That Make Standard Sofas Uncomfortable for Short People

There are a few key elements of typical sofa design that cause discomfort for shorter people:

  • Seat Height – The average sofa has a seat height of 18-20 inches. This leaves many short people’s feet dangling uncomfortably above the floor.
  • Seat Depth – Sofas often have depths of 35 inches or more. Shorter individuals can’t sit all the way back and have their legs properly bent.
  • Armrests – High armrests force short people to hunch their shoulders and strain their necks. This makes lounging difficult.
  • Backrest Height – Tall sofa backs cause neck strain as short people have to lean forward to rest their heads properly.

Seat Height

With standard sofa seat heights ranging from 18-20 inches off the ground, many short people find their feet dangling above the floor when seated all the way back. This uncomfortable position leads to slouching forward in an effort to plant feet firmly down, which in turn strains the back and neck.

Seat Depth

A typical sofa depth measures anywhere from 35 to 40 inches. Shorter individuals often can’t sit all the way back in the sofa and still have their legs bend properly at the knee joint. They end up sliding forward in order to sit comfortably, but this leads to incomplete back support.

sofas for short people


High armrests force short people into scrunched and hunched positions just to rest their arms, causing shoulder and neck strain. Armrests that are too high also make it difficult to smoothly get in and out of the sofa.

Backrest Height

When sofa backs rise well above a short person’s head, uncomfortable neck angles are inevitable as one tries to rest against the back cushion. Shorter people often have to perch on the edge of the sofa seat in order to lean back without creating strain.

Ideal Sofa Dimensions for Short People

When searching for sofas, shorter individuals should look for options with the following ideal dimensions to ensure comfort and support:

Seat Height

The sweet spot for seat height is around 14-16 inches from the floor to the top of the sofa cushion. This low profile allows even very short people to rest their feet flat on the floor in a relaxed posture.

Seat Depth

Choose sofas with seat depths in the 32-34 inch range to accommodate smaller frames. This shallower depth enables you to sit with your back flush against the sofa backing with no uncomfortable gaps behind your knees.


Aim for armrest heights of 20-22 inches to avoid any hunching or straining. Low armrests allow you to relax your shoulders and neck completely while lounging.

Backrest Height

Ideal backrest heights for short individuals tend to be around 24 inches. This provides ample support for the head and neck without creating uncomfortable angles.

Other Helpful Features for Short People

In addition to proper dimensions, some other useful sofa features and components can enhance comfort and fit for shorter people:

Adjustable Components

Many sofas now offer customizable elements like armrests, backrests and cushions. This flexibility allows you to modify key aspects to create your perfect fit.

Compact Styles

Opting for more compact sofa styles like loveseats or apartment-sized models can be less overwhelming and easier to fit into for those of small stature.

Chaise Lounges

Chaise lounges provide a nice compact seating area with angled support that keeps legs propped up comfortably. This can be a great sofa alternative for short people.

Deep, Firm Cushions

Extra firm, dense cushions can provide additional lift to boost you up higher on the sofa. This helps avoid that sunken feel that swallows you up.


Ottomans offer ideal foot support, acting as a footrest to eliminate dangling legs. They also provide bonus seating space for guests in small areas.

Our Top Sofa Picks for Short People

Based on the ideal dimensions and features noted above, here are some excellent sofa choices that will provide optimal fit and loungeability for short individuals:

Zinus Jackie Upholstery Sofa

With a low profile 16 inch seat height, short people can plant their feet firmly on the floor. The compact 78 inch sofa frame is tailored for small spaces, while removable cushions allow for adjustment.

Christopher Knight Home Merel Chair

This adjustable armchair is perfect for custom tailoring – armrests shift to multiple heights and thick back/seat cushions offer robust support. The 32 inch seat depth prevents that gap behind the knees.

Joybird Preston Sofa

Fully customizable dimensions like lower backs and arms allow you to create the perfect sofa fit. High-density cushions offer lasting, comfortable support for shorter bodies.

Interior Define Sloan Sofa

With a petite 34 inch seat depth and low 17 inch height, the Sloan provides an ideal compact profile. You can also select custom fabrics, legs, and arms.

Burrow Nomad Sofa

Featuring an 18 inch standard seat height, the chaise lounge seating shape provides exceptional comfort and support for small frames. Assembly is a breeze with the easy DIY design.

Article Sven Sofa

This sofa hits all the marks with a 16 inch seat height, feathers fills for plush cushioning, and a compact frame made for smaller spaces and people.

Tips for Testing Sofas In-Store

When shopping for sofas in furniture showrooms, be sure to thoroughly evaluate fit by:

  • Sitting with your legs bent at a 90 degree angle – thighs should rest fully on the seat cushion
  • Leaning back completely – support should extend from your head down to the back of your thighs
  • Adjusting armrests up and down to find the right heights for your frame
  • Taking measurements of the ideal dimensions to compare to other sofas

Adjusting Existing Sofas for Short People

If you have a standard sofa that is swallowing you up, there are ways to improve the fit and comfort:

  • Add firm pillows or cushions as seat boosters
  • Use ottomans or footstools to eliminate dangling legs
  • Install custom shorter legs to lower the profile
  • Get removable slipcovers to reduce the height of cushions

While many sofas cater to taller individuals, with the right selections and adjustments, those of shorter stature can also enjoy optimal loungeability. Seek out sofas with compact dimensions, adjustable features and the customization options to create the perfect fit for your smaller frame. With the ideal sofa, you’ll no longer feel swallowed whole but instead can relax in complete comfort.

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