Simple Tricks to Style Your Bathroom Vanity Like a Pro

Is your bathroom vanity looking drab and disorganized? Do you dream of a spa-like oasis but struggle to get there? Styling your bathroom vanity like a pro is easier than you think. With a few simple updates and organization tricks, you can create a polished, put-together look you’ll love.

A cluttered, mismatching bathroom vanity exudes chaos. Getting ready each morning feels more like a chore. But small changes make a big impact. Read on as we share insider design secrets to help style your vanity with the best of them.

Choose a Style and Color Palette

The first step to styling your bathroom vanity is determining the look you want. Minimalist and modern? Vintage inspired? Coastal chic? Once you settle on a style, zero in on a cohesive color scheme. The palette you choose sets the tone for the whole space.

Take cues from your existing bathroom style. For a traditional space, incorporate classic colors like navy blue, emerald green or soft white. Bold modern vanities shine with sleek black or pops of vibrant color. Farmhouse baths feel fresh and airy with muted blues, linens and antique finishes.

Limit your color palette to one or two main hues for a soothing, spa-like look. Mixing too many colors creates visual chaos. If your heart is set on a colorful scheme, use tints and shades of one vibrant color like teal or magenta.

how to decorate a bathroom vanity

Complement with Texture and Patterns

Now that you’ve selected a palette, bring in texture and subtle patterns. Contrast glossy surfaces with nubby linens and fluffy cotton swabs. Add interest with woven baskets, a striped ceramic tray or decorative tiles.

Don’t overdo patterned fabrics. Stick to one or two prints like a towel set or shower curtain. Select patterns featuring your color scheme to keep things cohesive. Tiny geometrics or soft florals work well. Skip loud graphics that compete for attention.

Create Cohesion Through Styling

Tying your vanity together comes down to styling. Arrange items artfully to craft a pulled-together look. Repeating colors, materials and patterns breeds harmony. Cluster like objects to build eclectic collections.

Play with height and experiment with practical focal points. Display decorative soap bottles in a mounted caddy. Toss cotton swabs and Q-tips in a ceramic vase for a unique look. Let your style shine through unexpected combinations.

Declutter Your Bathroom Vanity

For a streamlined, spa-like vanity, decluttering is a must. Even the trendiest accessories appear cluttered against a crowded backdrop. Pare down seldom-used products to create airy open space.

Be ruthless. Toss expired products or donate items you rarely use to charity. For everything left, carefully consider necessity. Store extra makeup, brushes and hair products out of sight. Display just your daily essentials.

Group like items into matching bins, caddies or trays. Containing clutter instantly neatens appearance. Opt for stackable containers to maximize vertical space. Clear acrylic lets you glimpse contents while keeping them tidy.

Organize Items by Use

Logical organization streamlines your routine. Keep items you use most within arm’s reach. Place daily skin care front and center. House brushes and makeup tools in an accessible caddy.

Categorize by frequency of use. Display daily essentials out while stashing “sometimes” items in drawers. Reserve primping products like styling tools, nail polish and hair accessories for special events.

Hide the Clutter

Out of sight is out of mind. Clever concealment lets you tuck away clutter without sacrificing precious counter space. Use roll-out drawer organizers to neatly stash overflow.

Install sliding cabinet doors to hide backup supplies and bulky hair tools. Mount a mirror cabinet above the vanity for discreet makeup and medicine storage. Place rarely used items inside while highlighting pretty accent pieces.

Add Pops of Decor

With a blank, decluttered slate, purposeful accessories shine. Sparse, alluring decor exudes modern elegance. Maximize impact by limiting decorative items to one or two statement pieces.

Green plants bring life and freshness to bathrooms. Set a trailing vine or mini bamboo in a stylish planter. Floating wall shelves work nicely for displaying candles, small decor or greenery. Use an organic-shaped tray to corral perfumes, jewelry and decorative objects.

A Little Decor Goes a Long Way

When it comes to vanity decor, less is more. Clutter quickly accumulates on counters, so limit accessories. Let accent pieces stand out against a clean, open backdrop. Avoid cutesy, colorful collections in favor of a minimalist aesthetic.

Neutral decor blends seamlessly into any style bathroom. Opt for ceramic, glass, wood or marble accessories in white, black or natural wood tones. Pops of metallic add subtle glam. Scale down accessories to keep things simple and soothing.

Decor Touches for Different Styles

Tailor vanity decor to complement your overall bathroom style:

Modern: Geometric planters, sleek candleholders, industrial bins

Rustic: Wicker baskets, floral watering cans, galvanized metal

Glam: Marble and gold accents, Hollywood-style lit mirrors, ornate perfume bottles

Final Touches

Pull together your styled vanity with some finishing design details. Swap out dated hardware like knobs and pulls in favor of ones that complement your decor. Brass, matte black and brushed nickel suit most baths.

Craft a spa-like experience with pampering textiles. Monogrammed towels or plush bathmats look upscale. Incorporate fragrant candles to set the mood. Adjust lighting to create a relaxing ambiance.

Style your masterpiece for daily use. Keep items you reach for within arm’s reach. Store backup supplies out of sight but nearby. A little ongoing organization ensures your beautiful vanity stays that way.

Anyone can learn how to decorate a bathroom. Focus on decluttering to create a clean slate. Define your style with a cohesive color scheme and select decor that enhances it. Limit accessories in favor of an airy, minimalist aesthetic for a soothing spa-like feel.

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