See Your Kitchen Sink Clearly With The Right Flush Mount Light

Having ample lighting over the kitchen sink makes washing dishes, preparing food, and other tasks easier and safer. However, not just any light will do. A flush mount light installed directly overhead is an optimal way to illuminate your sink area without sacrificing style or counter space. We’ll look at why flush mount lights are ideal over kitchen sinks and how to choose the perfect one for your needs. Read on for essential guidance that will help you see your sink clearly!

With the right flush mount fixture, you can have both form and function over your kitchen sink.

flush mount light over kitchen sink

Benefits of Flush Mount Lights Over Kitchen Sinks

Flush mount lights offer unique advantages when positioned over your kitchen sink. Here are some of the top reasons to consider installing a flush mount fixture in this location:

  • Maximizes counter space above the sink, unlike pendants or chandeliers.
  • Easy to clean since there are no intricate parts or bulbs hanging down.
  • Available in a wide range of styles and finishes to match any kitchen’s decor.
  • Energy-efficient, especially LED flush mount options.

Choosing the Right Size Flush Mount Light

One of the most important considerations for your kitchen sink flush mount is getting the right size fixture. You want it to provide sufficient illumination without appearing too small and getting lost or too large and overwhelming the space.

If you have a…Choose a flush mount…
Compact sinkAbout 1/2 to 2/3 the width of your sink
Medium or large sinkEqual to or slightly wider than the sink
Extra wide and deep sinkWider than the sink or use two lights

The shape of your flush mount light is another important consideration. Round lights cast illumination evenly in all directions. Rectangular flush mount fixtures direct most light straight down, which can be preferable over a sink.

Getting the Right Light Output

When it comes to flush mount fixtures, lumens matter. The lumen output you need depends on factors like the size of your sink and specific tasks performed in the space. General guidelines are:

Small sink800-1000 lumens
Medium sink1000-1200 lumens
Large sink1200-1500 lumens

Higher lumen lights provide supplemental lighting power for delicate tasks like handling knives safely.

Finding the Best Finish

The finish you choose for your flush mount light should coordinate with your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. Matching the finish of your faucet and other hardware is a good approach. Popular options like brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel, or polished chrome fit most decors.

Warm 2700-3000K color temperature is recommended for kitchen flush mount fixtures. This light makes food look appetizing under the glow.

Install your flush mount light centered above the sink or slightly in front of the sink center. Follow manufacturer height guidelines to ensure proper ventilation and clearance. Flush mounts as little as 6 inches above the counter are ideal for task lighting.

For the best illumination, combine your sink’s flush mount with layered lighting like wall sconces, pendants, and undercabinet fixtures. Your kitchen will be both stylish and highly functional.

Selecting the proper flush mount light for over your kitchen sink takes a bit of thought. But with the right fixture you’ll enjoy a lifetime of clearer views, safer food prep, and easier clean-up in this busy area. Use our tips to find a flush mount that meets both style and lighting needs over your sink.

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