Save Space and Gain Style with a Tub-to-Shower Conversion

Do you dread using your outdated, cramped tub every morning? Does your small bathroom lack style and functionality? Converting that tired tub into a fresh walk-in shower could solve these issues and give you the revitalized space you’ve been dreaming of.

Switching from a bathtub to a stylish new shower opens up space, improves ease of use, and allows for storage solutions. With strategic layout changes and the right enclosure option, your bathroom can take on a contemporary vibe. Careful planning ensures the remodel doesn’t break the bank. Once complete, enjoy invigorating showers that make getting ready a joy.

Reasons to Convert Tub to Shower

Let’s explore the top benefits of undertaking a tub-to-shower conversion project for your home.

Gain More Floor Space

Bathtubs occupy a large footprint, often 60 inches long and 30 inches wide. By contrast, showers can utilize a corner or be narrowed to standard sizes like 36 x 36 inches. Walk-in showers with no doors maximize space even further. Opening up square footage allows you to reimagine your bathroom layout and storage.

Improved Functionality

It’s simply easier to get in and out of a shower than climbing over the high walls of a tub. Showers offer improved functionality for all users, especially seniors or those with mobility challenges. The versatility of showering makes this an ideal upgrade.

Storage Solutions

With a smaller shower footprint, you can get creative with recessed shelves, corner benches with storage underneath, or niches in the shower walls. Keep toiletries and bath essentials organized while opening up clutter. Underutilized tub space transforms into functional storage.

tub to shower conversion ideas

Modernized Style

Walk-in showers with gleaming tiles or sleek glass doors add contemporary flair to your bathroom. The crisp, clean lines and minimalism of a new shower enclosure replace an aging tub in both form and function. With the right lighting, tile, and accessories, your space can take on a spa-like vibe.

Key Design Considerations

Making over a bathroom by switching tub to shower requires some key design decisions. Keep these factors in mind for your remodel.

Layout Changes

Consider where it makes the most sense to place the new shower. Should it go in the existing tub footprint, or can you reconfigure fixtures to optimize the layout? Measure carefully and adjust sink or toilet locations as needed to accommodate the shower size and orientation you want.

Enclosure Options

Frameless glass shower enclosures provide an open, airy feel. Semi-frameless models feature partial panels and doors with some metal framing on one end. Framed enclosures offer full metal framing for support. Balance style, cost, and durability when selecting glass panels.

Shower Pan Flooring

Natural stone like granite or marble creates an elegant shower floor but requires significant prep work. Porcelain or ceramic tile is durable and water-resistant when installed properly on a mortar bed. For fast installation, acrylic or fiberglass shower pans fit seamlessly.

Budget Conscious Decisions

To save money on your tub-to-shower conversion, look for ways to keep plumbing in the same spots rather than moving fixtures. Use eco-friendly in-shower wall panels instead of tile. Select a solid surface one-piece shower floor pan over multiple tiles.

Transforming Your Tub Space

Executing a bathroom remodel takes careful demolition and installation.

The old tub must be safely removed, along with surrounding tile and walls. Pipes are capped off or re-routed as needed. The shower pan is leveled and installed before constructing walls and adding tiles, lighting, and fixtures. Glass enclosure panels are measured and fit into place.

Working With Contractors

Hiring contractors experienced in bathroom remodels ensures proper installation. Get quotes from several companies and check reviews. Ensure proper permits are obtained. Establish an expected timeline and budget upfront.

Building Custom Walk-in Showers

For a luxury feel, work with designers to create a customized walk-in shower space. Choose special features like a rainfall showerhead, built-in bench seating, or heated floors. Select stones and tiles that reflect your personal taste. Add space-saving corner caddies or shelves for bath products. Dream and design the shower you’ve always wanted.

Enjoy Your New Shower

Once your tub-to-shower conversion is complete, it’s time to enjoy the revamped space! Here are some tips for utilizing your new shower:

  • Keep glass shower walls sparkling clean with squeegeeing after each use.
  • Use anti-mold sprays and soap scum removers to prevent buildup.
  • Add a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to play music during your shower.
  • Store bath essentials in corner shelves or hanging shower caddies.
  • Add a shower bench or niche for shaving legs or feet.
  • Place plants or charming wall art to enhance the space.

By converting your outdated tub into a fresh new walk-in shower, you can reclaim space, boost functionality, and upgrade your bathroom’s style. Carefully weigh the enclosure, flooring, and layout options for your particular bathroom and budget. The splendor of a customized spa-like shower will make the remodel worthwhile. Simply step inside your new shower oasis and savor the tranquility.

Create a Spa-Like Atmosphere

Incorporate elements such as aromatherapy, lighting, and music into your shower experience. Consider installing a built-in speaker system, a rain showerhead, or a steam generator for a luxurious touch.

Add Storage Solutions

Maximize your new shower space by incorporating built-in shelves, niches, and caddies. These storage solutions will keep your shampoo, conditioner, and other bath products within easy reach and out of sight.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Bring the beauty of nature into your shower experience by adding plants, natural stones, or a green wall. These features will not only make your shower space more visually appealing but also provide a calming and refreshing ambiance.

Use Technology to Enhance Your Shower

Consider installing a smart shower system that allows you to adjust the water temperature, flow, and pressure from your smartphone or tablet. These systems also feature various shower modes, such as massage, mist, and rain, to cater to your preferences.

Choose eco-friendly and sustainable materials for your shower renovation, such as recycled glass tiles or locally sourced natural stones. This reduces your environmental impact.

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