Reviews Of The Most Popular Navy Blue File Cabinets

A navy blue file cabinet can be the perfect stylish storage solution for both home and office. With options from rustic to modern, a navy file cabinet makes a statement while keeping your paperwork neatly organized. With so many models on the market, it can be tricky to determine which navy blue file cabinets are truly the best. We’ve done the research for you and compiled reviews of the top-rated and most popular navy blue file cabinets available.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Navy Blue File Cabinet

Before purchasing a navy blue file cabinet, there are several factors to weigh when assessing which model will best suit your needs. Considering these key criteria will ensure you select a high-quality cabinet with the ideal storage capacity, dimensions, locks, glides, and construction for your space.

Storage Capacity

First, consider whether you’ll need a file cabinet with letter or legal sized drawers. Legal drawers are wider to accommodate 9 1/2″ x 15″ legal sized hanging folders. Standard letter size is 8 1/2″ x 11″. Also look at the number of drawers, as more drawers provide greater organization and storage capacity. Many models also include hanging rails inside each drawer to vertically store hanging letter and legal folders. For small spaces, a 2-drawer model is likely sufficient, while 4-5 drawers have ample room for larger storage needs. Some file cabinets can even support a printer on top for the ultimate workspace efficiency.

Size and Dimensions

Be sure to measure the space intended for the file cabinet to ensure it will fit the footprint. Standard widths for vertical file cabinets are 15″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″. Depth is typically around 18-22″. Consider your room layout and traffic flow through doorways. Compact navy file cabinets around 15-18 inches wide can fit into tight home office spaces while still offering ample organized storage.

navy blue file cabinet

Locking Mechanisms

For privacy and security, many navy file cabinets come with locking drawers. Key options provide one key for all drawers or separate keys for each. Combination locks offer keyless convenience. Evaluate the strength of the locking mechanism if security is a concern. Replacement locks are also good to have on hand in case of any issues.

Glide System

The drawer glide is the tracking system that allows smooth opening and closing. Look for full extension ball bearing glides, which fully support the weight of a loaded drawer and prevent sagging. They operate silently, essential for noisy shared office spaces. Partial extension glides don’t allow the drawer to open fully. Also assess the durability, as high-quality glides will last through tens of thousands of openings without wear.

Material and Construction

Navy file cabinets come constructed from steel or wood. Steel with a baked on painted finish resists scratches and dents. Wood construction may feature selectively harvested hardwoods like oak, maple, or mahogany finished with laminates or wood veneers. Examine the cabinet for strong welded joints, reinforced drawer heads, and sturdy hardware. Also look at the longevity and care requirements of the navy blue finish.

Style and Design Elements

Details like the hardware and edges add stylish flair. Antique brass pulls, rounded corners, chamfered edges, and distressed finishes create a vintage or rustic aesthetic. Clean modern designs tend to utilize recessed handles and sleek lines. Your navy file’s design should coordinate with your office’s overall decor.

Top 5 Reviews of Popular Navy Blue File Cabinets

After extensive research, we’ve identified the top-rated and best-selling navy blue file cabinets across a range of budgets and styles. Here are our reviews of the 5 most popular options:

1. RC Willey Navy Denim File Cabinet

RC Willey’s navy denim file cabinet effortlessly combines chic styling with rustic farmhouse character. The aged metal hardware and gently distressed finish create the signature casual cottage look RC Willey is known for. Available in 2 and 4-drawer options, the storage capacity ranges from holding letter-sized files to legal with printer space. The denim blue finish is a muted navy that adds just enough color without overwhelming. Durable steel construction ensures lasting quality and longevity of the painted finish. This cabinet conveys comfortable elegance perfect for cottage-style home offices.

2. Office Star Navy Campaign File Cabinet

The Office Star Campaign cabinet brings an antique inspired look with its silver bar handles and classic detailing. But the scratch-resistant navy laminate finish gives it a fresh modern durability. Fully adjustable rails accommodate either letter or legal hanging folders. The 2 larger drawers offer ample room for storage, while the smooth ball bearing glides ensure access is easy. With minimal assembly, this cabinet is ready to go out of the box. Plus the steel construction means it can support up to 200 pounds stacked on top, ideal for printers. The caster wheels make it portable for convenient mobility around the office.

3. Aman Navy Blue Wood File Cabinet

For executive elegance, the Aman solid hardwood file cabinet brings stately good looks in a deep navy blue finish. Framed by raised paneling and antique brass pulls, this cabinet makes storage sophisticated. Each drawer features custom clipped corner detail and full extension glides made for heavy daily use. Behind each drawer, fixed shelves provide open storage for office supplies or decor. Stunning yet functional, this cabinet is crafted to last with hardwoods like environmentally responsible mahogany. The timeless classic navy color and fine construction qualify this as a piece of quality furniture for the office.

4. HON Navy Ignition File Cabinet

With unparalleled durability, HON’s Ignition Vertical File Cabinet features institutional-grade steel construction designed to withstand high-traffic office environments. The scratch, dent, and peel-resistant powder coated finish will maintain its sleek navy appearance despite heavy daily use. Both raised lock and interlock mechanisms prevent more than one drawer being pulled out at a time to protect against tipping. Ball bearing full extension glides allow full access to contents. This intelligently designed cabinet meets rigorous BIFMA quality testing standards for safety and performance.

5. Staples Navy Program File Cabinet

For eco-conscious offices, Staples’ Program filing cabinet is part of their Made in America collection sustainably produced in a zero landfill factory. The thermally fused laminate finish resists scratches, stains, and discoloration. Behind the lockable louvered cabinet doors lies generously sized storage which can be customized with included shelving, file drawers, and storage accessories. Staples stands behind it with a limited lifetime warranty. Meeting GREENGUARD gold standards for indoor air quality, this navy cabinet pairs environmentally responsible construction with reliable performance.

Factors To Consider When Organizing Your Navy Blue File Cabinet

Once you’ve selected the ideal navy blue file cabinet for your space, it’s time to think about how you’ll organize the contents most efficiently. Here are some tips for maximizing your new storage solution:

  • Invest in hanging folders, manila folders, and tabbed dividers to neatly compartmentalize files, receipts, paperwork, etc. Developing a filing system helps create order.
  • Clearly label the drawers, folders, and tabs for easy filing. An organized system only works if items can be returned to their designated place.
  • Regularly purge unneeded paperwork taking up space. As time passes, transfer seldom used folders to offsite archive storage.
  • If your cabinet has a smaller footprint, place frequently accessed files in the top drawers. Reserve bottom drawers for infrequent overflow storage.
  • Utilize drawer compartments for storing office supplies like pens, sticky notes, and extra letterhead.

With stylish options from leading brands, navy blue file cabinets lend elegance along with ample organized storage for important paperwork. Measure your space, assess your needs in terms of capacity and security, and select a model with sturdy construction and smoothly operating drawers. Focus on models with full extension glides able to bear heavy loads and durable finishes that maintain their rich navy color. Shop top-rated picks like the HON Ignition for rugged reliability or the RC Willey Denim cabinet for laidback cottage charm. Investing in a quality navy file cabinet keeps your office tidy while making an attractive statement.

The navy blue finish of a file cabinet is designed to be long-lasting and easy to maintain. High-quality models use a multi-layer coating process with powder-coated steel or thick laminate that resists chipping, scratching, and fading over many years of use. Avoid exposing the cabinet to direct sunlight which can cause premature fading. Also thoroughly clean spills and debris to prevent staining. With periodic dusting and care, a good navy file cabinet will retain its bold color and gently patina over time.

Security is a top priority for file cabinets containing important documents. Quality locking mechanisms like tumbler locks or combination dials prevent unauthorized access. They allow access only via key or through entering the correct combination. Sturdy steel locking bars and reinforced strike plates prevent forcing the drawers open. For added security, some models have interlocking drawers preventing more than one opening at a time. This protects against tip overs. High-end file cabinets meet stringent ANSI safety standards for locks and drawers able to withstand over 200 pounds of forceful pulling.

Storage capacity varies amongst file cabinets, with models able to accommodate 30 to over 100 pounds per drawer when evenly distributed. Weight capacities should be listed in the specifications. To maximize capacity, choose a model with legal-width drawers which offer more cubic inch storage space compared to letter size. Sturdy ball bearing full extension slides easily handle the heaviest loads in deeper drawers. Reinforced double walled drawer heads and steel ball bearing slides ensure years of smooth operation even when heavily loaded. Testing indicates properly built drawers can open and close over 40,000 times when fully loaded.

High-end file cabinets utilize steel ball bearing glides which open and close smoothly without noise. Quality glides rated for dozens of thousands of cycles have minimal friction or wobble from the weight of loaded drawers. They allow full tilt-free extension for easy access. Avoid models with plastic glides which may crack or warp over time. Listen for soft, whisper quiet operation when testing file cabinet glides rather than loud or grinding sounds which indicate lower quality builds.

Ease of assembly is essential, especially for those less handy with tools. Quality manufacturers design components to intuitively fit together with minimal hardware required. Look for cabinets with pre-attached glides and drawer fronts that simply attach to the cabinet shell with a few bolts or clips. Clear instructions with hardware labeled to match the steps simplifies the process. Complex assemblies with multiple pieces requiring intricate alignment may result in cabinets that are crooked or have misaligned drawers if improperly constructed.

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