Repair and Revitalize Your Deck with Quality Restore Paints

Summer is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to start thinking about freshening up your outdoor living space. If your deck is looking worn and weathered, a fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference in its appearance and protection. Quality deck restore paints allow you to repair chips and cracks while revitalizing the look of faded, aged wood. Read on to learn why you should consider restoring your deck this season and how high-quality paints can transform and protect your deck’s beauty.

There are many great reasons to restore your deck. As the seasons pass, sun, rain, snow and everyday use can take a toll on your deck. You may begin noticing cracked boards, peeling paint, mold growth, splintering, or a faded, dry appearance. Restoring it with new paint provides much-needed protection while also improving aesthetics.

When is it Time to Restore Your Deck?

Here are some signs that your deck is due for restoration:

  • Visible cracking, warping, splintering of boards
  • Faded color from sun exposure
  • Peeling paint or patchy stain
  • Mold, mildew, or algae growth
  • Rough texture with raised grain

Addressing these issues through proper restoration will renew your deck while adding years of life. It also increases curb appeal and makes your deck more inviting for entertaining.

Prep Work for Painting Your Deck

Proper prep work is crucial to achieve great results when painting a deck. Here are key steps:

best deck restore paint
  • Clean the deck thoroughly with a power washer
  • Make any necessary repairs to damaged boards, nails, etc.
  • Remove existing paint or stain completely with chemical stripper
  • Sand the wood smooth and level
  • Fill any cracks, holes, and openings with wood filler

Taking the time to correctly prep ensures proper adhesion and a smooth, even finish. Consult paint labels for additional recommended steps.

Types of Restore Paint for Decks

When researching deck paints, you will encounter different options:

Paint Type Description
Solid Color StainsOpaque stains that completely mask wood grain
Semi-Transparent StainsPenetrate wood and offer some color while allowing grain to show
Clear Wood SealersProtective finish that is transparent and shows off natural wood color
Opaque PaintsCoat deck in solid, uniform color like a house paint

Consider factors like color and budget when selecting the ideal type for your project.

Top Brands of Deck Restore Paints

Quality restore paints from leading brands include:

  • Sherwin-Williams – SuperDeck Exterior Paint and DeckScapes Exterior Acrylic Paint have exceptional durability and UV protection.
  • Behr – Behr Premium Advanced Deckover is a popular acrylic, low VOC restore paint.
  • PPG – PPG ProLuxe line of solid color decking stains is noted for its color retention.
  • Valspar – Reserve Exterior Paint provides maximum protection and durability.
  • Olympic – Olympic Rescue It is great for aging decks with low VOC formula.

What to Look for in a Quality Restore Paint

Key features that make an excellent deck restore paint include:

  • Durability – Withstands heavy foot traffic, moisture, sun exposure and seasonal changes in climate.
  • UV Protection – Guards against fading and sun damage.
  • Mildew Resistance – Prevents discoloration from mold and mildew.
  • Color Options – Wide range of colors and finishes to match your home.
  • Warranty – Better products offer warranties of 7-10 years.
  • Price – Cost per gallon ranges $30-$70 for premium brands.

Estimate Costs of Painting Your Deck

When budgeting for your project, consider:

  • Deck size in square feet
  • Cost per gallon of your selected paint
  • Additional supplies like brushes, rollers, etc.
  • Whether you DIY or hire a professional

On average, expect to spend $100-$200 for materials to paint a 500 sq. ft. deck yourself. Hiring a pro averages $4-$6 per sq. ft. including labor and materials.

Application Tips and Process

Follow these best practices when applying restore paint:

  • Only paint in dry conditions between 50-90degF
  • Use a high-quality brush for best coverage
  • Apply paint in direction of wood grain
  • Allow proper dry time between coats as specified
  • Lightly sand between coats for maximum adhesion
  • Apply 2-3 coats for best protection and color

Take your time, follow instructions, and use proper tools for great results.

Once restored, maintain that revitalized look with:

  • Let paint fully cure for 2-4 weeks before heavy use
  • Use mild soap and water for periodic cleaning
  • Reapply fresh coats as needed, usually every 2-4 years

You can extend the life of your deck with proper preparation and application. Don’t put it off – give your deck the restore it deserves this season!

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