Relax and Unwind With These Soothing Earthy Bedroom Ideas

Looking to create a bedroom that evokes tranquility and relaxation? Earthy tones are the perfect choice. Muted, natural hues along with textures and materials from the natural world will help you craft a space that feels like a cozy retreat.

In this post, we’ll share plenty of tips and inspiration for using earthy tones and elements to design a soothing, peaceful bedroom you’ll absolutely love coming home to.

Choose a Soothing Earthy Color Palette

When it comes to relaxing earthy color schemes, you’ll want to stick with neutral and muted natural hues. Here are some great options to consider:

earthy tone bedroom ideas
  • Beige, tan, cream – these understated neutrals make a serene base
  • Browns, from light sand to deep chocolate – bring in warmth
  • Greens like sage, olive, and moss – very peaceful and botanical
  • Blues such as sky blue, denim, and teal – calm and refreshing
  • Terracotta and brick reds – earthy with a little more vibrancy

Aim for a neutral foundation of beiges, taupes, or browns, then layer in accents of greens, blues, and terra cottas for interest. Avoid bright primary colors and go for muted, mellow hues instead. Your bedroom will instantly feel more relaxing.

Add Pops of Color Thoughtfully

While you want to stick to a generally neutral earth tone plan, small pops of warmer colors can add energy and keep things from feeling too dull. Try adding cushions, throws, or an area rug in terra cotta, mustard, or burnt orange. Just keep bold colors to smaller accents, not on large furniture pieces.

Incorporate Natural Textures

To complement your earthy color scheme, make sure to bring in plenty of natural textures. These will add depth, visual interest, and a lovely cozy feel.

Some ideas:

  • Wood surfaces and furniture with natural knots and grains
  • Rough stone or exposed brick walls and accents
  • Natural fiber textiles like linen, cotton, and wool
  • Distressed and worn finishes on wood and leather
  • Woven, braided, knitted, and crocheted details
  • Touches of jute, seagrass, rattan, and bamboo
  • Furry textured throws and blankets in wool and alpaca

Mixing rough, nubby textures with smoother linen and cotton will give your earthy bedroom delightful depth and dimension.

Keep Things Tactile

Consider touching and feeling all the textiles and surfaces you incorporate. Tactile, touchable textures you can run your hands over help create a welcoming space with lots of sensory appeal.

Select Natural Materials

Certain natural materials perfectly complement an earthy color palette while also feeling fresh and modern. Use them throughout the space:

  • Wood furniture, nightstands, headboards, and shelving
  • Stone features like an accent wall or fireplace surround
  • Rattan and woven wicker chairs and ottomans
  • Jute or seagrass rugs
  • Terracotta or clay planters and vases

In addition to rattan, consider other raw materials like jute, seagrass, stone, and unfinished wood. Handcrafted artisan pieces in natural materials can make special focal points too.

Add Greenery and Botanicals

Plants are a quick and easy way to purify the air while bringing the outdoors in. Consider adding:

  • Small potted plants on nightstands or hanging in macrame
  • One large statement plant like a fiddle leaf fig tree
  • Terrariums with mini gardens
  • Dried botanicals like grasses, ferns, and flower bunches
  • Framed botanical art prints

Avoid fake plastic greenery and opt for real plants instead if possible. The organic shapes and connection to nature will enhance your earthy vibe.

Add Extra Oxygen

Pick plants known for purifying the air, like peace lilies, aloe vera, spider plants, and snake plants. They’ll boost oxygen levels as you sleep, leaving you feeling refreshed.

Use Soft, Cozy Textiles

Your bedding, blankets, pillows, and window treatments provide lots of opportunity to add comforting earthy textures and patterns:

  • Chunky cable knit or woven wool blankets
  • Alpaca and cashmere throws in natural hues
  • Organic cotton and linen sheets and duvet covers
  • Natural fiber drapes and curtains
  • Woven wall hangings like macrame and tapestries

Pile on the pillows and layers of throws, letting soft textures create a warm, welcoming nest. Natural fibers like wool, cotton, and linen are soothing to sleep in.

Incorporate Natural Lighting

Nothing is more earthy and relaxing than natural sunlight. Some ways to maximize it:

  • Install large windows to let light stream in.
  • Add skylights for overhead sunlight.
  • Use sheer curtains to filter and diffuse light.
  • Incorporate candles, lanterns, and dim lighting for nighttime.

Keeping your space bright and avoiding harsh overhead lighting promotes peacefulness and a closer connection to nature’s cycles.

Make it Cozy at Night

Use warm light bulbs, salt lamps, and candles once the sun goes down. Keeping lighting soft and indirect prevents disruption to your natural circadian rhythms.

Define Spaces with Rugs

Rugs with natural fibers and patterns are perfect for segmenting an earthy bedroom into separate spots:

  • Jute rug under bed to define sleeping space
  • Braided wool rug in sitting area by chair
  • Sisal rug in dressing area

Look for reversible patterns and muted tones for the most versatility. Rugs bring in more earthy textures underfoot.

Add Handcrafted Pieces

For special focal points, include handcrafted accent furniture or decor:

  • Hand-carved wood wall hanging or headboard
  • Macrame wall hanging or woven basket
  • Handmade ceramic or clay vessels and vases
  • Custom artisan side table or chair

One-of-a-kind artisan pieces add character and rugged beauty to a space in a way store-bought items simply cannot.

Creating an earthy bedroom sanctuary with natural hues, textures, and materials results in a supremely peaceful space for resting and recharging. Use the tips in this article to craft your own personal oasis.

Focus on a muted color palette, plenty of plants, and cozy natural fibers and textures. Handcrafted artisan accents and ample sunlight complete the look. You’ll soon find your earthy bedroom morphs into your favorite room in the house.

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