Refresh Your Bathroom Look with Boho Vanity Lights

In recent years, boho chic style has surged in popularity for home decor. With its carefree spirit and connection to nature, it brings a touch of wanderlust into any space. For the bathroom, boho vanity lighting is an easy way to refresh your look and spark inspiration when you gaze into the mirror each morning.

Boho bathroom decor seamlessly blends natural textures, bold colors, and globe-trotting designs. Your vanity lighting serves as the perfect centerpiece to pull the look together.

boho bathroom vanity light

What Defines Boho Bathroom Style?

At its core, boho style embraces individual artistic expression with a free-spirited vibe. Bathing spaces provide the perfect canvas to unwind and be yourself. There are four key elements that bring bohemian charm to a bathroom vanity.

  • Connection to Nature
  • Layers and Mix-and-Match
  • Non-Traditional
  • Artistic Flair

Natural materials like wood, rattan, clay, and woven textures connect to the earthy boho aesthetic. Flowing organic shapes, trailing plants, and a color palette echoing land and sea visually transport you. By contrast, boho is all about layers, combining patterns, and arranging an eclectic collection of accent pieces for depth.

Boho Bathroom Vanity Lighting Options

When it comes to vanity lighting, boho optons make a bold stylistic statement. Pendant fixtures, sconces, and chandeliers each impart their own artistic charm.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are versatile hanging fixtures suspended above a vanity by rods or chains. You can tailor arrangements to your exact space and prefernces. For boho flair, seek out rattan or woven shades, stained glass, geodes, or colorful Moroccan-inspired patterns.

Wall Sconces

Ring your mirror in ambient lighting with a pair of boho sconces. Intricate metalwork, mosaic tile shades, arabesque forms, and mixed natural materials add decorative detail.


As the showstopping focal point, a bohemian chandelier makes a mighty style statement. Cascading glass pieces catch and refract the light. Woven rattan in earth hues exudes cozy warmth. For the eclectically inclined, macrame crystal chandeliers beckon with maximum artistic expression.

Design Tips for A Boho Bathroom Vanity

When it comes to nailing the boho vanity aesthetic, your lighting sets the tone but total room composition matters too. Follow these tips for sensational style:

  • Weave in natural elements like plants, shells, and straw accents.
  • Layer on textures and patterns through rugs, shower curtains, ceramic vessels.
  • Use a warm, soft color scheme echoed in paint, tiles, textiles.
  • Incorporate unexpected oval mirrors, arched sconces, geometric pendant lights.
TexturesPatternsColor PaletteUnique Elements
Stone vessel sinks, woven rugs, rattan basketsIkat prints, Moroccan tiles, embroidered curtainsOchre, olive green, rust, sky blueOval mirror, conch shells, geometric sconces

Your vanity lighting serves as the jewel that pulls everything together into perfect bohemian harmony.

Where To Shop For Boho Vanity Lights

Ready to channel wanderlust chic into your bathroom? Here are some of our favorite retailers to shop for boho vanity lighting:

  • Serena & Lily: Chic coastal designs like woven rattan and antique brass
  • Anthropologie: Eclectic, globally inspired pieces rich with artistry
  • World Market: Boutique lighting like vibrant Moroccan ceramic and metalwork
  • Urban Outfitters: Funky geometric shapes, cool neon pops, macrame
  • Shades of Light: Dramatic crystals, vibrant colors, and ornate Mediterranean glam

Price points span the gamut from budget to splurge worthy. As a baseline, plan on spending anywhere from $50 to $500+ on boho vanity lighting. Keep an eye out for sales, especially for last season’s styles. Popular pieces even land on waitlists so act fast if you have coveted designs in mind!

If your bathroom style has become boring and predictable, infuse it with bohemian spirit through your vanity lighting. Though richly decorated, the aesthetic remains grounded in nature with free-flowing shapes, natural materials, and colors emulating the landscape. By playing with texture, form and artistic embellishment you craft a joyful oasis to refresh your look each morning. Next time you gaze into the mirror, may your new boho fixtures inspire authentic creative expression and connection with your surroundings.

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