Practical Living Room Furniture to Finesse Unused Corners

Tucked away in the corners of our living rooms are wasted spaces just waiting to be transformed. While these forgotten zones may seem tricky to decorate, the right corner furnishings can turn them into functional focal points. With clever and practical furniture finds, you can finesse those unused corners and make the most of your living room’s layout.

From cozy reading nooks to storage solutions, we’ll cover how to add both style and utility with strategic corner furnishings.

furniture for corners of a living room

Corner Sectionals Open Up Seating Options

Instead of cramping a traditional sofa or loveseat against the walls, consider a sectional designed specifically for tucking into corners. These corner sectionals feature a wedge-shaped design that contours perfectly into room corners. Unlike rigid furniture placements, they create a fluid, rounded seating area with open access from every angle.

Sectionals are available in a wide range of configurations, so you can find the right shape and size for your unique space. Here are some of the benefits of using a sectional sofa in a corner:

  • Seats more people than standard sofas
  • Allows conversation flow around the room
  • Cozy and informal arrangement
  • Modular pieces offer flexibility
  • Sleek, contemporary style

Corner sectionals come in all types of fabrics and patterns to match your room’s overall aesthetic. Leather or velvet sectionals create a luxe vibe, while slipcovered and linen options give off casual cottage charm. Sectionals with chaise components are great for lying back and stretching out.

Arranging Sectionals

Follow these tips when incorporating a sectional sofa into your living room:

  • Measure carefully to ensure it fits flush into the corner and layout
  • Allow enough walk around room between the sectional and other furniture
  • Layer sectionals with plenty of comfy throw pillows and blankets
  • Float sectionals away from the walls for a more open feel
  • Incorporate a square ottoman as a coffee table

Corner Bookcases Offer Shelving and Style

For the book lovers out there, a corner bookcase can be the perfect accent for a forgotten living room corner. Not only does it provide you with ample storage and display space, but it also serves as a striking focal point.

Freestanding corner bookshelves with a wedge-shaped design are a great option for flexible room arrangements. They have an angled face that neatly fits into corners without looking awkward. Meanwhile, built-in shelving makes the most of unused dead space and gives your book collection a polished, custom look. When selecting a corner bookcase, consider the following:

  • Number of shelves needed
  • Built-in vs freestanding
  • Wood finish to match decor
  • Size and footprint
  • Open or enclosed cabinet

Styling Bookcase Corners

Now comes the fun part–filling up your bookcase! Aim for an eclectic mix of items that show off your personality. Try these tips for styling your corner bookcase:

  • Mix books with bookends, plants and decor
  • Incorporate artwork and framed photos
  • Add accent lighting for drama
  • Display collected objects like vases
  • Organize books by color for vibrancy

Ottomans Offer Casual, Multi-Purpose Seating

Ottomans are one of the most versatile furniture pieces, easily transitioning from footrest to coffee table to extra seating. Place a corner ottoman in your living room and enjoy the many ways it can be used.

Try a tufted leather cube ottoman that doubles as an end table next to a chair. Or opt for a round, upholstered ottoman that tucks neatly into room corners. Whatever style you choose, look for an ottoman with convenient storage space inside. They’re perfect for tucking away spare blankets, magazines, or TV remotes when guests arrive.

Choosing the Right Size

Consider scale when selecting an ottoman for your living room corner. Here are some tips:

  • Ottomans around 16″ high work well beside chairs
  • Low ottomans around 18″ can serve as coffee tables
  • Avoid oversized ottomans that take up too much space
  • Round ottomans fit best in tight corners
  • Square ottomans work with sectionals

Media Consoles Streamline Your Electronics

With flatscreen TVs becoming ever sleeker, a media console is a great way to discreetly house the accompanying wires, remotes, and devices. Tuck a media console into an empty living room corner to create your entertainment zone.

Look for a media console with interior shelves to stash cable boxes, gaming consoles, and streaming accessories. Enclosed cabinets keep the clutter out of sight. Having media storage in a centralized corner location also makes it easier to hook up your TV and route the wires neatly along the walls.

More Corner Media Console Tips

  • Optimal height is around 20-22″ tall
  • Dark finishes reduce visual weight
  • Convex shapes maximize corner space
  • Allow 2-3″ for ventilation
  • Place the TV above at a comfortable viewing height

Creative Ways to Fill Living Room Corners

Don’t limit yourself to just sofas, shelves and tables. Consider these creative ideas for breathing new life into forgotten living room corners:

  • Floor lamps – Illuminate corners and create cozy atmosphere
  • Curio cabinets – Display your collectibles and mementos
  • Fireplaces – Make a dramatic focal point with built-in corner hearths
  • Aquariums – The fluidity makes a perfect corner element

Just use your imagination, and that wasted corner space offers plenty of possibilities for adding flair! The angular architecture lends itself well to asymmetrical arrangements and unique decor.

Tying It All Together with Decor

Arranging and styling your corner furniture vignettes is the fun final flourish. Follow these interior decorating tips when putting the pieces together:

  • Choose the right rug size to define the space
  • Incorporate lamps and accent lighting
  • Display houseplants, sculptures or art
  • Add mirrors or metallic finishes to reflect light
  • Arrange furnishings symmetrically for balance
  • Use an area rug to define the space

The goal is creating an inviting corner that draws the eye while making smart use of every square inch. Flanked by great decor, the furniture you choose can transform useless living room corners into captivating vignettes.

Breathing new life into forgotten corners not only amps up your living room’s style, but it also makes the space more usable and enjoyable. With the right corner furniture arrangement and decor accents, you can optimize what were once lifeless voids.

So next time you’re perusing furniture stores or rearranging your living room, pay special attention to those corners. The perfect piece, from a cozy chair to a stately bookshelf, can turn wasted space into a visually pleasing focal point. Get creative with multifunctional ottomans and sectionals or display your personality with books and collectibles. Your unused corners are full of possibility!

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