Paver Edging Ideas to Make Your Yard Pop

Looking to add some style and panache to your landscaping? Incorporating eye-catching paver edging is a fantastic way to define garden beds, patios, walkways and other yard features while injecting artful flair. With the right paver designs, colors, and layouts, you can create borders that truly make your landscape pop.

Paver edging offers many advantages over typical plastic, metal, or wood landscape borders. Interlocking pavers are far more durable, resisting weathering and wear much better than most edging materials. Their hard surfaces also prevent creeping grass and weeds from taking over. And most importantly, pavers deliver serious curb appeal. From sleek and modern styles to old-world cobblestone, pavers give you endless options to complement your home’s architecture and yard style.

Different Paver Shapes and Styles for Edging

Choosing the perfect pavers for your project starts with selecting a style that aligns with your landscape vision. There are numerous paver shapes, sizes, and finishes to explore. Here are some of the most popular options to consider:

Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking concrete pavers are extremely versatile for edging applications. Their unique shapes allow them to fit snugly together without mortar. Popular patterns like basketweave and herringbone can create stylish borders around patios, tree rings, and planting beds. Top brands of interlocking pavers include Eagle Bay, Belgard, and Holland Stone.

Linear Pavers

For a sleek, contemporary edge, linear pavers are the way to go. Their smooth edges and minimalist style result in super clean lines. Stacked in soldier course patterns, these unfussy blocks deliver modern flair. Top linear paver brands are Pavestone Plaza Pavers and Anchor Verti-Lock.

pavers for edging ideas

Patterned and Textured Pavers

If you want an old-world, artisanal look, patterned and textured pavers should be your top pick. Options like cobblestones, flagstones, and tumbled paver styles have undertones of Tuscan villas and English cottage gardens. These lend organic, rustic charm perfect for borders. Leading patterned paver brands include Mutual Materials, EP Henry, and Endicott.

Mosaic Pavers

For a major style statement, mosaic pavers can’t be beat. These tiny, multi-colored tiles let you create eye-popping geometric patterns, insignias, and custom designs. Great for pool deck accents or patio medallions, leading brands are Daltile, American Olean, and Artistic Tile.

Layouts and Patterns for Paver Borders

The layout and pattern in which you arrange your paver edging can make a huge impact. Grid and staggered patterns create orderly borders while irregular layouts offer free-form allure. Here are some top paver border patterns to try:

Soldier Course

One of the most popular edging treatments, soldier course involves stacking pavers vertically. The result is a bold, linear look, with straight vertical sides. Soldier course borders are crisp and uniform, ideal for defining garden beds in geometric patterns.

Sailor Course

Sailor course refers to laying pavers in offset horizontal rows, with each new row staggered like bricks. This pattern has an interlocking effect, great for edging curved beds, trees, and landscapes. Sailor course creates a tailored edge that can also stand up to traffic.

Diagonal Pattern

Running pavers on a diagonal creates visual dynamism and interest. Angling pavers guides the eye and creates the illusion of motion. Diagonal patterns work well for edging patios, driveways, and pathways. Mix with vertical soldier course for contrast.


Herringbone patterns take pavers to the next level, interlocking them in elegant v-shaped rows. Timeless and sophisticated, herringbone deserves its popularity, but it does require cutting pavers accurately for a precise fit.

Paver Materials, Colors, and Finishes

Pavers today come in a diverse range of materials, colors, shapes, sizes and finishes. Mix and match options to design custom borders that complement your landscape’s hardscapes and plants.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete makes a fantastic paver choice, offering unparalleled durability and affordability. These pavers come in every color from charcoal to terracotta, along with unique finishes like tumbled, chiseled and textured. Top brands are Belgard, Pavestone, Techo-Bloc and UniGroup.

Brick Pavers

For traditional charm, brick pavers can’t be beat. Though heavier than concrete, brick offers timeless style and natural warmth. Choose from countless colors, sizes, textures and styles. Brands like Glen-Gery, Pine Hall Brick and Belden offer immense options.

Natural Stone Pavers

If you love the elegance of natural stone, using these pavers for edging is a terrific choice. Materials like bluestone, travertine, and sandstone have beautiful organic texture. Opt for consistent or varied color patterns. Quality brands are MS International, Arizona Tile, and Artistic Pavers.

Porcelain Pavers

For supreme durability and resistance to moisture, porcelain pavers are key. Their tough finish also resists fading. Porcelain can emulate natural stone, concrete, or terra cotta, offering design flexibility. Top brands include Daltile, Florim, and LEA Ceramiche.

Paver Edging Ideas for Specific Areas

Certain paver edging styles work especially well for given hardscapes. Take cues from these go-to treatments for popular areas:

Driveways and Sidewalks

For driveways and sidewalks, linear borders or soldier course patterns make smart edging choices. Their straight uniform lines enhance curb appeal. Vivid reds and deep charcoals make these high-traffic surfaces pop. Incorporate diamonds or zig-zags for flair.

Patios and Pool Decks

On patios and pool decks, classic sailor course creates a clean border that nicely defines the zones. Use colors that complement the hardscape while contrasting the edge for increased definition. Mix materials or add mosaic accents for ornamentation.

Garden Beds and Planters

Edging garden beds and planters gives them polished structure. Curved borders soften edges around trees and shrubs. Use angles and lines for directional impact. Stacked paver walls maximize height for increased plant seclusion and privacy.

Tips for Installing Paver Edging

Getting those pavers laid properly ensures your edging looks sharp for years to come. Here are some best practices for installing paver borders:

  • Prepare a gravel base topped with sand for substrate
  • Use stakes and lines to keep borders straight
  • Mortar pavers in place or use polymeric sand between them
  • Include edge restraints like mow strips between pavers and grass
  • Allow for drainage slope and gaps for water to escape
  • Hiring an experienced contractor guarantees quality results

With so many sizes, colors, texture, and layout options, it’s easy to create eye-catching borders and edges. Match paver styles and designs to your home’s architecture and landscape elements. Properly installed paver edging can withstand the elements while enhancing your property’s beauty and function for decades to come. Incorporating creative paver borders is one of the most effective ways to give your yard a stylish, pulled-together look that truly makes it pop.

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