Revive Lackluster Cabinets with Our Gray Wash Paint Technique

Has your kitchen decor fallen into a style rut? Do your oak cabinets look outdated and fail to match the rest of your home’s aesthetic? If so, implementing a gray wash paint technique can revive tired cabinets and completely transform the look of your kitchen. Gray washed kitchen cabinets refer to a distressed painted finish […]

12 Stunning Burgundy Shower Curtains To Make Your Bathroom Pop

Walk into any interior design store or browse popular home decor sites like Houzz, and you’ll quickly notice that burgundy remains one of the top trending colors. With its rich, elegant hue, this regal shade instantly elevates everything from bedroom linens to stylish throw pillows. But one of our favorite ways to incorporate this dramatic […]

Outdoor Red Black Grey Rugs – A Guide to Materials & Care

Outdoor rugs are a great way to define and decorate an alfresco living space. Whether you have a patio, deck, or poolside area, an outdoor rug brings comfort, style, and a pulled-together look to the space. One eye-catching outdoor rug option is a red black grey rug. These rugs feature a versatile color palette that […]

Remodel Galley Kitchens In Split Level Homes

Galley kitchens tucked into split level homes present unique challenges. The confined layouts, disjointed floors, and often inadequate lighting make these spaces feel cramped and disconnected. However, with smart planning and strategic renovations, we can transform these outdated kitchens into stunning showpieces. The inherent structure of a split level house allows creative possibilities not feasible […]

Emory Stools Elevate Your Home Bar Setup

A home bar serves as a statement piece as much as an entertainment destination. From bold designs to rustic features, the bar stools lining the countertop play a starring role in that aesthetic vision. Kincaid Furniture delivers the ideal blend of style and function with the Emory Counter Height Chair. As part of Kincaid’s larger […]

Ceiling Stained Brown After Rain? It’s Likely Concealed Water Damage

After a heavy rainstorm, the last thing you want to see is brownish water dripping from the ceiling. That discolored water may indicate concealed moisture damage in the attic or walls. Left unchecked, brown ceiling stains can develop into peeling paint, soggy drywall, or even mushrooming mold colonies. Read on to decode common causes of […]

Learn How Simple Brackets Build Breathtaking Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are a popular way to expand cooking space, add storage, and bring guests together in the heart of the home. When thoughtfully designed with kitchen islands with corbels , these multifunctional fixtures can become breathtaking centerpieces that take your kitchen decor to the next level. In this post, we’ll explore how incorporating supportive […]

Standard Farmhouse Sink Size to Fit Your Kitchen Counters

Farmhouse sinks are having a major moment. With their vintage-inspired style and practical dual-basin design, it’s no wonder they’ve become the darling of so many kitchen remodels. But before you fall head over heels for these charming sinks, it’s important to understand what constitutes a “standard” farmhouse sink size. In this post, we’ll overview typical […]