Declutter Your Beauty Routine: How to Organize a Bathroom Drawer in 10 Steps

Does your once-pristine bathroom drawer now erupts with a jumbled mess of beauty products, tools, and who-knows-what every time you open it? You’re not alone. Over time, those little containers of cotton balls, makeup brushes, skincare serums, and more accumulate, making it increasingly frustrating to find what you need on busy mornings.

But don’t despair-with some strategic organizing, you can transform that bursting drawer into a model of efficiency. By following these 10 key steps, you’ll not only reclaim order but also calm and enjoyment from your daily beauty routine. Let’s dive in!

Assess Your Current Bathroom Drawer Situation

Before making any changes, take everything out of the drawer and do a thorough audit. This helps you identify what’s actually useful versus out-of-date items to toss. As you sort items into loose categories like makeup, skincare, hair care, nail care, and miscellaneous accessories, also make note of any problem zones causing the most clutter issues.

Be ruthless in purging duplicate items, anything expired or dried up, and products you simply don’t use anymore. Check honest expiration dates, not just the trademarks stamped for years in the future. This purge clears out space for better organization of what remains.

Choose Your Bathroom Drawer Organizers

With your kept items grouped, identify ideas for containers and organizers that can neatly accommodate everything. For small items like cotton swabs, balls, and Q-tips, adjustable clear plastic bins work well. Lipsticks and gloss may do best grouped together in a standing caddy. Assign wide, short trays for scattered makeup brushes.

No matter what type you select, opt for open storage when possible. This allows you to easily see where things live instead of hidden black holes that encourage rummaging messes again. Modular organizers with adjustable dividers also allow customization as needs change.

Map Out Your New Bathroom Drawer Layout

Now decide where your new storage solutions will live within the drawer space. Sketch out a basic map plotting where you’ll place key items for easy daily access, like face serums and makeup.Qun Group similar tools, like nail care or hair accessories, together in coordinating bins.

how to organize a bathroom drawer

Also consider the vertical space–if you have a deep drawer, install stacking dividers or pile containers. A tiered organizer tower houses multiple categories without monopolizing precious square footage. These plans set the stage for smooth functionality.

Start Filling Your New Bathroom Drawer Organizers

With your organizing plan mapped out, the fun part begins! Start loading everyday beauty essentials into their new homes. Place the most frequently used items closest to the front. Position upright tools like brushes and combs handles up and readily visible for grabbing.

Group like items, such as brightly colored nail polishes or neutral eye shadows, to keep similar tones and hues together. This prevents digging through mismatch shades. By logically clustering products, you’ll instinctively know just where to reach when prepping for work or a big night out.

Maximize Vertical Drawer Space

If shelves ordividers section your drawer vertically, now is the time to optimize all that lovely height! Stack bins, trays, and slide-in acrylic organizers to double–or triple–your storage potential.

Place bulkier bottles and tools along the bottom with everyday skincare and makeup ascending upwards. Top shelves can house smaller items like Q-tips, headbands, and hair ties.

Add Finishing Touches

With your new organized structure now filled, add final touches for both function and beauty. Opt for removable, repositionable adhesive bins affixed to the back walls for adjustable flexibility. Line surfaces with non-slip mats so items stay firmly in place, even when rapidly rummaging.

And if desired, infuse personality with a fresh liner or two–it completes your newly refreshed space with a touch of style your inner organizer craves!

Maintain Your Newfound Organization

Congratulations–your once-cluttered drawer now runs with the efficiency of a luxurious 4-star bathroom! But the work doesn’t stop here. Without ongoing maintenance, entropy will slowly pull it back towards chaos.

Set calendar reminders to periodically purge unused or expired items so clutter doesn’t re-accumulate. When adding new products into the mix, immediately find them an organized home. Occasionally re-sort tools like makeup brushes to prevent messy sprawl.

Most importantly, remain open to reimagining your setup as needs change. Be willing to try new divider configurations or storage methods when necessary to keep order. But a bit of attentive care keeps your system running like a dream!

Extra Bathroom Drawer Organization Tips

If your bathroom drawer overfloweth even after organizing, try these extra storage tricks:

  • Store backup items or spillover efficiently in bins and caddies within under-sink bathroom cabinets
  • Consider mounting wall-mounted storage caddies on walls or behind doors to access tiny grooming tools
  • Supplement with specialized narrow bathroom storage furniture like rolling carts or towering shelving units
    • With a mix of creative storage solutions, you can fully tackle even the most explosive bathroom drawer messes. Just remember to keep “reduce” as an ongoing mantra–regular purging is the simplest path to lasting order!

      An organized bathroom drawer streamlines your daily routine so you can start each morning feeling centered and ready to glow. By following the key tips to declutter, customize efficient storage, and maintain your setup, you too can reclaim peace, productivity, and joy from your beauty routine again!

      So go ahead–pour yourself a relaxing bubble bath and unwind with the satisfaction of a job well organized. Your new bathroom drawer bliss awaits!

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