Furnace Not Heating? Learn These Must-Know Parts

It’s a cold winter morning and you wake up shivering under the covers. You get up to turn up the thermostat only to find that no warm air is blowing out of the vents. Uh oh, your furnace isn’t working. Now you’re facing the prospect of calling an expensive HVAC technician or trying to fix […]

Versatile Twin Bed Storage for Maximum Bedroom Space

Limited bedroom space is an ongoing struggle in many homes and apartments. Trying to fit in all the necessary furniture while maintaining a comfortable layout can feel downright impossible at times. However, l shaped twin beds with storage provide an ingenious solution for maximizing your compact sleeping area. These innovative beds combine the practical twin […]

Size Up Your Backyard Before Building Your Ideal Home Basketball Court

Do you dream of having your own backyard basketball court right at home? Whether you want to practice free throws, play horse with your kids, or enjoy casual games with friends, an outdoor court brings the excitement of basketball right to your yard. But before hauling in the construction equipment, it’s crucial to properly measure […]

Get an Edge in Cornhole With the Official 27 ft Regulation Distance

Cornhole, also known as bean bag toss, has been a popular backyard pastime for generations. Though rules can vary, most casual players don’t focus much on specifics like court dimensions or scoring. However, in organized tournament play, every detail matters – especially the regulation distance between cornhole boards. The official distance for tournament cornhole is […]

Heat Not Working? How to Use Emergency Heat Safely and Temporarily

Finding yourself shivering because your furnace or heat pump stopped blowing warm air? No need to panic – most HVAC systems have a backup heating mode called emergency heat to get you through a malfunction. But emergency heat should only be used temporarily in true emergencies. Running it too much will leave you with sky-high […]

Choose the Best Furnace for Your Home’s Needs

Selecting the right furnace for your home is an important decision that requires careful consideration of the different types available. With options like natural gas, oil, electric, and propane furnaces, how do you determine which is best for your needs? Furnace Efficiency Ratings One of the most important things to look at is the furnace’s […]

How Wide Should Your Quarter Round Molding Be?

When installing quarter round molding in your home, one of the biggest decisions is choosing the right width. Quarter round comes in a range of sizes, usually ranging from 1/4 inch up to 1 inch wide. The width you choose can impact the look, functionality and installation process. Read on as we break down the […]

Don’t Toss Those Radishes! Learn How to Freeze Them for Later

As gardeners, we all know the feeling of watching our lovingly grown radishes start to go bad before we can enjoy them. After weeks of tending to those spicy globes in the garden, it can be disheartening to see them languish in the fridge. But before resigning those radishes to the compost bin, consider this–you […]