Organize Your Entryway With These Brilliant Mudroom Storage Benches

Tired of searching through a cluttered pile of shoes, coats, and backpacks every time you enter your home? Mudroom storage benches offer a brilliant solution for creating an organized entryway.

Storage benches maximize your mudroom real estate, providing a spot to sit while putting on shoes as well as keeping essentials tidy and easily accessible. Read on for a guide to different storage bench options plus creative ideas for a clutter-free mudroom.

Benefits of Incorporating Storage in a Mudroom Bench

Integrating storage into your mudroom bench provides numerous benefits for homeowners:

  • Increased organization. Various storage solutions like shelves and baskets neatly contain items that normally get scattered.
  • More functional space. Storage benches utilize vertical real estate, creating storage where there was only empty space.
  • Easy access to essentials. Keeping items like shoes, coats and bags in a storage bench makes heading out the door quicker.

By keeping belongings off the floor and behind closed doors, storage benches create a tidier, clutter-free mudroom.

Types of Mudroom Bench Storage Solutions

From open shelves to enclosed drawers, there are many options when it comes to incorporating storage into a mudroom bench:

mudroom benches with storage

Open Shelving Benches

The simplest (and most affordable) storage bench features open shelves or cubbies. The vertical open storage is perfect for a grab-and-go approach to coats, shoes and bags.

However, open shelving benches lack enclosed storage to hide clutter when not in use. Exposed belongings can create a messy, disorganized look.

Bench with Drawers

For a tidier alternative, some benches include drawers that slide out to access belongings. This provides enclosed, out-of-sight storage when closed.

The downside is that utilizing drawers typically requires bending down or getting up, which is less convenient than open grab-and-go access. Drawer hardware also bumps up costs.

Bench with Baskets

An in-between option is a storage bench with baskets, often made of woven natural materials. The baskets slide in and out of cubbies, containing smaller items.

Baskets can look cluttered if not maintained. The open weave also provides less hidden storage compared to drawers.

Hybrid Bench Styles

Many homeowners opt for a combination approach, blending open shelves, drawers and other storage. This allows you to customize based on your needs.

Staggering storage bench features over time also lets you spread out costs in a phased, budget-friendly way.

Maximizing Mudroom Bench Storage

Make the most of your storage bench capacity with these mudroom organization tips:

  • Use baskets to corral smaller items on shelves.
  • Install hooks on the wall above the bench.
  • Add a coat tree next to the bench for hanging items.
  • Use cubbies or shelves for oft-used essentials.
  • Reserve drawers for items you want hidden.

Getting creative with vertical space opens up storage possibilities. A well-organized storage bench simplifies your morning routine and keeps the entryway looking neat.

Repurposing Your Mudroom Storage Bench

A mudroom storage bench doesn’t have to stop at just storing coats and shoes. With some clever repurposing, it can serve many functions:

  • Kid play space – Add bins of toys and books to create an activity nook.
  • Gear organization – Outfit it to store sports equipment or camping supplies.
  • Gardening station – Use the storage to keep gloves, tools and knees pads.
  • Pet care center – Store leashes, food bowls and other pet essentials.

Get creative with ways to makeover your bench to suit your family’s needs beyond basic mudroom storage.

Choosing the Right Mudroom Storage Bench

When selecting a storage bench, consider:

  • Your mudroom size and layout.
  • Needed storage capacity.
  • Your style – a more contemporary or traditional aesthetic.
  • Bench seating needs – how many people, cushions?
  • Budget – storage benches span a wide price range.

Measure your space, tally up what you want to store and take stock of your existing decor. This will help you select the ideal mudroom bench to tackle clutter.

Dealing with a disorganized pile of shoes and coats every time you walk in the door? A storage bench is the perfect solution for finally getting your mudroom in order.

There are a variety of storage options, from open shelves to drawers and baskets, that can be found on a bench. Get ready to enjoy a clutter-free, stress-free entryway.

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