Need a Modern Update? Try Brass French Return Curtain Rods

Are your windows looking a little lackluster lately? Do you long to infuse your space with a contemporary, elegant style? If so, it may be time to upgrade to brass French return curtain rods. With their unique shape and brass material, these specialty curtain rods provide the perfect blend of sophistication and modern flair. Keep reading to discover why brass French return rods are an easy and stylish way to refresh your decor!

You’ll learn what exactly makes these rods special, from the design to the metal material. We’ll outline the key benefits that make them a versatile choice for both traditional and modern homes. You’ll also get styling inspiration, installation tips, and answers to frequently asked questions. Let’s dive in!

What Exactly Are Brass French Return Curtain Rods?

French return curtain rods are named for their unique shape – instead of traditional finial ends, the rod returns back to the wall. This creates an elegant return shape on each side. French return rods first emerged in 18th century Europe, becoming a popular choice among the French aristocracy. The style provides a clean, streamlined look that eliminates stack-back, making it ideal for modern, uncluttered spaces.

brass french return curtain rod

Brass French return rods take this contemporary style even further by utilizing brass as the metal material. Brass provides a touch of luxury, creating a richer, more sophisticated look than basic metal. The durability and strength of brass also ensures these rods will maintain their beauty over many years of use.

The Difference Between French Return and Traditional Rods

French return rods stand out for their unique shape versus traditional finial-ended rods. Instead of jutting out into the room, French return rods fold back neatly to the wall. This allows them to hang flush, providing a smoother, more streamlined look. The returns also enable the fabric to stack attractively at the ends for full closure. No more gaping spaces or messy edges!

Ideal for Modern and Transitional Decor

With their clean, contemporary shape, brass French return rods perfectly complement modern interior design. The bold return shape and metallic material create an industrial edge, ideal for urban lofts or modern farmhouse styles. Yet French returns also pair nicely with traditional furnishings for a transitional look. Their versatility makes them a smart choice for refreshing both eclectic and formal spaces.

Why Choose Brass for Curtain Rods?

When it comes to metal curtain rods, brass reigns supreme for several reasons. For one, brass is extremely strong and durable. A quality brass rod can last for decades without bending or losing its finish. Brass is also resistant to corrosion and tarnishing, maintaining its original shine and luster over time.

In addition to strength, brass provides a much richer, more sumptuous look than basic metals like steel or aluminum. The warm glow and depth of brass adds an air of elegance, perfect for upgrading basic windows. Brass also complements a variety of design aesthetics from traditional to industrial. It’s a versatile metal that feels equally at home in vintage and contemporary spaces.

Low-Maintenance & Weather-Resistant

One of the best features of brass is that it’s extremely low-maintenance. Unlike other metals prone to scratches and tarnishing, brass holds up well to regular use and cleaning. The smooth surface also resists dust buildup. Brass can withstand all types of climates too, making it ideal for kitchens, baths, and other humid areas of the home.

Unique Benefits of the French Return Shape

The signature French return shape provides both form and function when it comes to curtains. The fluid return silhouette has an architectural elegance that immediately draws the eye. Yet it also serves some very practical purposes for optimizing drapes:

Clean, Streamlined Look

The return shape enables the rod to hang flush against the wall for a smooth, seamless appearance. This eliminates the protruding finials andhardware of traditional rods. The result is a cleaner, more streamlined look perfect for modern aesthetics.

No More Stack-Back

Standard rods leave a telltale stack of rumpled fabric where the drapes don’t quite meet the wall. French returns solve this by allowing the fabric to stack attractively right at the return. This keeps edges neat and tailored.

Full Closure for a Polished Look

The return shape also enables full closure of the drapes. This eliminates unsightly gaps that let light filter through the edges of the window. With French return rods, you can achieve complete light blocking for added privacy.

Contemporary Shape for Modern Spaces

Everything about the French return shape evokes a contemporary vibe. The fluid shape, the way it hugs the window, and the clean lines. This makes it an easy way to instantly modernize a room through your window styling alone.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Brass French Return Rod

Ready to start shopping for the ideal brass French return rod? Here are some handy tips for choosing the right size and style:

Consider the Width of Your Windows

First, carefully measure the width of your windows to determine the optimal rod length needed. Make sure to account for returns on both sides. Brass rods can be cut down, but its best to size up if between rod lengths.

Factor in the Weight of Your Drapes

Take into account the fabric weight and density of your drapes. Sturdier rods with larger diameters are best for heavy fabrics like blackout drapery. Consult a sizing chart to match rod diameter to curtain weight.

Match Color Finish to Your Decor

Brass rods come in a variety of finishes like polished, brushed, or antique. Choose a finish that coordinates well with other brass hardware and fixtures in the space for a cohesive look.

Select Bracket Style

French return rods require proprietary brackets to mount the return ends. Choose bracket styles that fit your decor, from minimalist contemporary to classic scrollwork.

Available Drapery Styles for French Return Rods

One of the appeals of French return rods is how beautifully they pair with a variety of drapery styles. Here are some of the most popular options:


Grommet curtains with large rings at the top glide smoothly across French return rods. The grommets enable the fabric to stack neatly inside the returns. This clean, casual style works with any decor.


For a more tailored look, tab-top drapes feature small tabs sewn into the top hem for attaching curtain rings. The tabs provide a finished edge that sophisticatedly stacks at the returns.

Rod Pocket

Rod-pocket drapery slides directly onto the rod through a pocket sewn into the upper hem, removing the need for rings. Choose relaxed fabrics like linen or embroidered sheers to complement the casual vibe.

For a decorative touch, pair French return rods with drapes featuring embellished headers in materials like velvet, silk, or satin. This adds another layer of texture and interest.

Step-By-Step DIY Installation Guide

Looking to install your new brass French return rods on your own? We’ll walk you through the process step-by-step:

Mark Bracket Locations

First, mark where you want the returns positioned on the wall with a pencil. Place the ends 4-6 inches away from window frames. Make sure marks are perfectly level.

Drill Holes & Mount Brackets

Using a drill, make holes in the marked bracket locations. Insert wall anchors if needed. Then securely screw brackets into place.

Cut Rod to Proper Width

Measure the distance between mounted brackets. Cut rod to this width using a hacksaw or pipe cutter.TIP: Size down about 1/4 inch shorter than the window to allow room for returns.

Insert Rod & Secure

Carefully insert each cut rod end into the mounted brackets, twisting into place. Tighten set screws on sides of brackets to hold rod securely.

Level & Adjust Rod Position

Confirm rod is perfectly level using a small level tool. Adjust bracket positions as needed until level. Drapes will hang properly from a level rod.

Hang Drapes

Drapes can now be installed on the rod using your chosen style. For rod pocket, slide fabric directly on and for grommets/tabs use drapery rings. Your elegant new brass French return rod is ready to style!

Style Inspiration and Room Ideas

French return rods feel right at home in nearly any room. Here are some inspiring ways to integrate them into your decor:

Living Room

Incorporate a bold print with tab-top drapes for an eclectic living room. Pair with glossy brass rods for juxtaposition. Or try relaxed linen drapes and a slender rod for breezy beach cottage style.


Upgrade basic bedrooms with brass rods and breezy rods with embroidered sheers or velvet drapes. For a romantic feel, hang pole-pocket linen curtains from ceiling-mounted rods.


Add warmth to modern kitchens with relaxed tab-top curtains in natural fabrics like linen or cotton. Or create an elegant bistro feel with crisp grommet-top drapes in a traditional print or stripe.

More Tips

– For drama, hang bold wide drapes that puddle onto floor.

– Layer sheers behind drapes to filter and soften incoming light.

– Display decorative holdbacks to keep drapes opened with style.

– Coordinate rods with other metal finishes in the room like chrome, nickel, or black iron.

FAQs About Brass French Return Curtain Rods

Have some lingering questions about working with brass French return rods? Here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Are the returns removable?

Unfortunately, the returns are not able to be removed from French return rods. The rods are constructed as one solid piece. Returns can be swapped out by replacing the entire rod.

Can they be mounted on the ceiling?

Yes, brass French return rods can be mounted on the ceiling to hang curtains up overhead. Simply use the appropriate ceiling-mounted brackets instead of standard wall brackets.

Are extension rods available for extra wide windows?

Extension rods are made to match many French return rods. These can be used to join two rods together for extra wide windows needing expanded coverage.

Can I cut down the width of rods myself?

Absolutely. One benefit of brass is that it can easily be cut to size at home. Use a hacksaw or pipe cutter to trim rods down for custom window widths.

How heavy of drapes can the rods hold?

Rod capacity depends on diameter. Standard sizes from 1/2 inch to 1 inch can comfortably accommodate most medium-weight drapes. Extra-strong specialty brackets are also available for extremely heavy fabrics.

With their chic return shape and brass construction, French return curtain rods offer a gorgeous way to instantly elevate your windows. Their contemporary style brings modern flair, while the elegant brass material adds warmth and luxury. French returns keep drapes neatly stacked while providing full closure. Plus, they allow you to easily customize sizing for a perfect fit.

Brass French return rods are extremely versatile too. They complement both traditional and modern rooms, blending seamlessly into formal and casual decor. And they allow you to explore creative new drapery styles. Ready to refresh your look? It’s time to give these contemporary rods a try!

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