Natural Wicker Flush Mounts Illuminate Stylishly

The wicker flush mount fixture is a popular way to add a touch of style to a space. As lighting trends increasingly celebrate natural materials and cozy atmospheres, wicker flush mounts shine as a versatile option to illuminate stylishly.

Handwoven from slender rattan reeds, strands of twisted paper, or bamboo stalks, wicker flush mounts add organic texture and dimension. Their open-weave build welcomes glancing light to filter through intriguingly. And unlike fabric shades prone to collecting dust, wicker’s innate breathability keeps air and light flowing freely.

Warmth and Texture Define Natural Wickers

Natural wickers each have their own warmth and texture to appreciate. Rattan flush mounts showcase rattan’s signature sleekness with their neatly woven strands and caramel hues. Banana leaf fixtures reveal the broadleaf’s veined surface and fibrous strands intimately. For a versatile neutral, bamboo flush mounts balance slender layers with wheat-like sheens. And for ornamental allure, dyed banana bark mounts interweave contrasting colors into breezy geometrics.

Rattan Flush Mounts

Valued for its smoothness and subtle shimmer, rattan is the most widely recognized wicker for flush mounts. As one of the strongest natural wickers, its lasting tensile strength comes from rattan’s flexible inner core. Slender yet sturdy, rattan reeds reveal gorgeous striations and caramel tones when woven. With intricate herringbone and geometric weaves, rattan flush mounts interplay light, texture, and natural color for an organic statement.

Bamboo Flush Mounts

A renewable darling, bamboo offers flush mounts a neutral linen-like texture and subtle wheaty gloss. Bamboo’s hollow stalks split lengthwise to yield slender strips perfect for weaving airy geometrics or billowy organic shapes. With its quick growth cycle and resilient constitution, bamboo makes an eco-friendly wicker option that’s gaining popularity. Paired with rattan in alternating bands or tessellating blocks, bamboo creates modern dimensional weaves.

wicker semi flush mount light

Shapes and Sizes For Diverse Spaces

From cozy reading nooks to soaring foyers, wicker flush mounts take on diverse dimensions. Round fixtures work well to accentuate seating areas with directed task lighting. With slender rattan wrapped around metal frames, round bamboo lanterns make eco-chic pendants to spotlight dining tables. For wider illumination, rectangular flush mounts suit hallways or larger spaces.

Round Wicker Flush Mounts

With their spherical silhouette, round wicker flush mounts infuse spaces with a touch of the ornate. Deep-bellied rattan globes suspend over tables to cast intimate downward lighting. Shallow domes woven from twisted seagrass fringe rooms with organic texture. Oversized parasol shapes in banana bark or rattan reeds bring breezy flair. For boho-chic character, conical bamboo pendants dotted with pom poms cascade in clusters over bedroom sitting areas.

Rectangular Wicker Flush Mounts

With their directional shape, rectangular flush mounts excel at providing focused task lighting for kitchen counters or illuminating hallways. Center a bold bamboo-wrapped LED bar over a double-wide sink for a contemporary accent. Cluster three rattan-framed linen rectangles over a rustic dining table for weathered dimensionality. Or float a single woven seagrass shade on braided cords to enhance a quiet reading corner.

Complementary Interior Styles

From breezy boho living rooms to whitewashed beach cottages, wicker’s natural allure complements a range of laidback yet polished styles. Match rattan’s caramel hues to painted bamboo cabinetry in a spa bathroom oasis. Accent bright coastal palette with oversized seagrass pendants gathering in entryways. Allow dyed banana bark’s saturated palette to amplify farmhouse checks and distressed paints. Whether sunlight filtering through intricate geometrics, or broad banana leaves washing the ceiling with organic texture, wicker flush mounts infuse stylish spaces with nature’s easy warmth.

Boho Style

With their globally-inspired mix of natural textures, vivid colors, and artisanal allure, wicker flush mounts feel right at home in boho spaces. Make a rattan pendant the sun around which embroidered pillows and peasant dresses orbit. Ground an eclectic seating area with the earthy texture of a woven banana bark floor lamp. Allow swaying fringes of dyed seagrass to fringe bedrooms with whispy color and breezy dimension.

Coastal Style

Billowing linen curtains, weathered pastels, and touches of oceanic blue and green define coastal style. Natural wicker flush mounts bridge beach house ease with organic texture and soothing hues. Anchor white shiplap walls with round seagrass pendants concealing nautical rope pulleys. Match woven banana leaf sconces to driftwood table legs and linen sofa slipcovers. Or install rattan’s caramel warmth across porches and covered patios.

Installing Wicker Fixtures

Installing wicker flush mount lighting is a straightforward DIY project perfect for instant upgrades. With their lightweight profile and breathable build, most wicker flush mounts simply wire to a standard electrical box like any other light fixture. Here’s how to install wicker flush mounts in four simple steps:

  1. Turn off electricity at the breaker before beginning.
  2. Remove existing fixture and disconnect wires.
  3. Connect new fixture wires to supply wires before mounting.
  4. Attach fixture base securely and restore power.

When choosing wattage, opt for dimmable LEDs to control bright light filtering through open weaves. Install multiple fixtures in hallways, space evenly in grid patterns for uniform lighting. Finally, test functionality before enjoying your breezy new fixture!

To retain their organic beauty, natural wicker flush mounts thrive best in average indoor conditions. Protect intricate weaves by handling gently and keeping away from abrasions. To clean, simply dust with a dry soft brush or lint-free cloth. For deeper cleaning, wipe with mild soap and water before patting completely dry. Avoid harsh cleaners or moisture saturation that may cause material breakdown over time. And periodically inspect electrical components and wirings for safety.

Natural wicker flush mounts promise long-term performance. So breathe easy as handwoven artistry washes your spaces in nature’s effortless warmth and elegant texture.

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