Master Multi-Task Cooking with a Double Oven Kitchen

Having two ovens in your kitchen layout provides flexibility and efficiency that can be a total game changer for home chefs. With double the oven space, you can roast a turkey while baking pie, cook two different dishes at optimal temperatures, and easily prepare multiple courses when entertaining. Read on to learn how upgrading to a double wall oven can take your culinary abilities to the next level.

A double wall oven consists of two ovens stacked vertically together while still fitting into the standard kitchen cabinet space of a single wall oven. The upper oven is usually mounted at eye level for easy access. Having two separate ovens allows you to cook a wide variety of foods that require different temperatures at the same time. No more waiting for your oven to be free or trying to compromise on cooking temps.

Choosing the Right Double Oven for Your Needs

When selecting double wall ovens, you’ll first want to decide between built-in or freestanding models. Built-in ovens are installed directly into kitchen cabinetry, providing a sleek integrated look. Freestanding ovens are finished on all sides and can be placed anywhere against a wall. There are pros and cons to each when it comes to installation and design flexibility.

kitchen layout with double wall oven

You’ll also find options for conventional and convection ovens. Convection ovens have fans that circulate hot air for faster, more even cooking. Consider capacity, size, fuel type, extra features, and budget when choosing your ideal double oven combo.

Popular Double Wall Oven Brands

Some of the top double wall oven brands include:

  • GE – Offers the largest oven capacity and innovative smart features.
  • Thermador – Known for luxurious, pro-style double ovens.
  • Wolf – Professional-grade convection ovens with dual convection fans.
  • JennAir – Sleek built-in ovens with floating glass touchscreen controls.
  • Bosch – Reliable European brand with Modern European styling.

Key Double Oven Kitchen Layout Considerations

Integrating double ovens into your current kitchen requires some strategic planning. Accurately measuring the existing space and allowing for proper oven clearance is crucial.

You’ll also need to account for necessary electrical and ventilation upgrades. Double ovens require a 240-volt circuit with 50 amps. And your ventilation hood needs to be powerful enough to handle the extra heat and odors.

Be sure to think about how the placement of the double oven will impact your kitchen workflow. You want it conveniently within your main work triangle, but not so close that multiple cooks are crowded.

And don’t forget about storage! Include room for pans, trays, and bulky baking supplies. Easy access pull-out shelves near the ovens are very useful.

Maximize Your Double Oven Layout

No matter the size of your kitchen, there are ways to optimize your layout for double ovens:

  • Incorporate double ovens into a kitchen island for a spacious open concept kitchen.
  • Stack ovens on the end of lower cabinets in a galley or L-shaped kitchen.
  • Place double ovens in a recessed alcove to save space.
  • Design custom cabinetry and countertops around the ovens to seamlessly integrate them.

Once your double oven kitchen is installed, it’s time to take full advantage of its abilities. No more juggling multiple dishes fighting for oven space. You can finally cook a complete meal from appetizers to dessert simultaneously.

On busy weeknights, use one oven to cook dinner while the other oven bakes tomorrow’s side dishes or breakfast casseroles. Meal prepping has never been simpler.

During the holidays, easily roast a turkey in one oven and bake pies, warm rolls, and casseroles in the other. You’ll stay sane and stress-free even cooking for a crowd.

And when hosting a dinner party, you can impress guests by seamlessly preparing courses. Use one oven as a warming drawer while sauteing and roasting in the other.

Upgrade your cooking abilities and streamline time spent in the kitchen by incorporating double ovens into your layout. With the right placement and design, you can enjoy more oven space and flexibility without sacrificing your existing kitchen footprint.

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