Make Your Living Room Shine with Gray and Burgundy

A stylish and sophisticated color scheme for any living room is the pairing of gray with rich, warm burgundy accents. This versatile combination works in both traditional and modern decor, adding a pop of color to grounding, neutral grays. The contrast creates a cozy yet elegant ambiance. Burgundy enlivens cool gray tones and instantly makes the space more welcoming. With the right decor elements, artwork and textures, you can fashion a living room with timeless refinement.

In this post, we’ll explore ideas for effectively using gray and burgundy in your living room. From selecting paint colors to adding metallic touches, you’ll find tips to artfully blend these two hues for serious style. Read on to learn trade secrets that interior designers use to fashion an exquisite, polished space marrying gray and burgundy.

burgundy and gray living room

Selecting Your Gray

The first step in perfecting this color scheme is choosing the right gray. You’ll want a shade whose undertones complement the richness of burgundy. Consider a green-gray with subtle olive hints, like Benjamin Moore’s Silver Lake Green. For a slightly warmer take, try warmer greige tones such as Agreeable Gray. Charcoal grays also pair dramatically with the depth of burgundy.

In addition to undertones, decide whether you want a light, medium or dark gray as the predominant shade. Soft, pale grays allow burgundy accents to stand out boldly. Mid-range taupes offer flexibility in decor. Deeper charcoals create striking contrast against burgundy, for a bold, modern statement.

Burgundy Accent Pieces

Now for the fun part – selecting vibrant burgundy accents against your gray backdrop! Some classic ways to infuse this jewel tone include:

  • Pillows and throws in deep wine or maroon on a neutral gray sofa
  • A plush burgundy area rug grounded by gray hardwood floors
  • Rich cabernet curtains or focal wall that pops against gray walls
  • Decor pieces like vases, trays and artwork with bold burgundy tones

Burgundy is an ideal accent color that can be applied judiciously to enliven a gray scheme without overpowering it. Use it in smaller hits – with items you can easily swap out – to refresh the look seasonally.

Mixing Textures

When combining colors, also consider mixing textures for added visual interest. Velvety burgundy pillows on a softly worn leather sofa. A nubby wool throw over a smooth cotton chair. Introduce these tactile elements for depth:

  • A chunky knit blanket in merlot tones
  • Distressed wood furniture with weathered gray finish
  • A jute or sisal area rug in gray and burgundy stripes
  • A shag rug with alternating stripes

By blending complementary textures, you add dimension that makes the two colors really sing.

Creating a Modern Style

For a sleek, contemporary edge, apply principles of modern design to your gray and burgundy living room. Some elements to include:

  • Sofa or chairs with clean, straight lines
  • Molded burgundy accent chair
  • Graphic rug with bold geometric shapes
  • Gray stone coffee table with metal legs
  • Large format artwork in gray and burgundy

Modern furniture silhouettes, metallics and impactful abstract art keep the look current and fresh. This adaptable color scheme transitions seamlessly from traditional to contemporary.

Incorporating Warm Metals

Warm metallics introduce a subtle sheen while complementing the two colors beautifully. Try these handsome touches:

  • An iron and glass coffee table with dark antiqued finish
  • Brushed brass table lamps or sconce lighting
  • Metallic pillows blending gray and burgundy
  • Oil-rubbed bronze hardware on cabinets or built-ins

Aged metal finishes afford an elegant contrast to the cool gray tones without overwhelming the space. Metallics tie the color scheme together in a modern luxe way.

Adding Artwork

Artwork plays a powerful role in defining a room’s character. Curate pieces that truly complement your color scheme. Some ideas:

  • Black and white abstract prints with burgundy and gray as accent colors
  • A large canvas with blocks of gray and burgundy
  • Botanical sketches or prints featuring gray foliage and burgundy flowers
  • Sculptural ceramic pieces in natural gray clay with burgundy glazes

Groupings of artwork with your two main colors create captivating focal points. Textural frames also enhance interest while reinforcing the palette.

Using Lighting

Strategic lighting selections help unify a two color scheme. Opt for fixtures reflecting both hues, like:

  • A smoked gray glass chandelier with burgundy velvet shades
  • Satin brass sconces or table lamps
  • Gray lamp bases with burgundy lampshades

Illuminate specific accents like artwork to create a warm, welcoming glow. LED strip lighting behind cabinets or under furniture adds modern flair.

Bringing In Greenery

Finally, worked in thoughtfully, lush greenery energizes this elegant color palette. Choose plants with gray-green foliage like:

  • Succulents such as elephant bush, echeveria or jade
  • Air plants mounted on a decorative gray piece
  • Fiddle leaf fig trees for height and drama
  • Snake plants or ZZ plants

A burgundy ceramic planter housing an overflowing snake plant makes an instant style statement. Let living greenery be the third component taking your gray and burgundy decor over the top.

Gray and burgundy may seem like an unexpected pairing, but the blend of neutral and bold color is utterly captivating. For a living room that’s refined yet relaxed, stylish yet comfortable, get creative mixing various shades and textures of these two versatile hues. Add elegant metallics, striking artwork, strategic lighting and lush greenery for a polished, magazine-worthy look. Use our design tips to fashion a space that’s an elegant extension of your personal style.

You can transform a gray living room with the right accent pieces and decor elements. So embrace these comrades in decorating, gray and burgundy, to craft a quietly sophisticated space you’ll adore coming home to.

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