Make Your Kitchen Look Cleaner Instantly With Inside Cabinet Paper Towel Holders

Is your kitchen counter constantly covered with small appliances, dishes, mail, keys and other clutter? This visual noise makes even the cleanest kitchen feel disorganized and messy. One simple yet effective way to instantly declutter your countertops is by installing an inside cabinet paper towel holder. This clever organizational tool tucks your bulky paper towel rolls out of sight inside cabinets, drawers or pantry spaces, freeing up valuable counter real estate. The result is a cleaner, more minimalist look in your cooking space.

You’ll learn cabinet installation tips and tricks to select the perfect size, style and placement for your unique space. We’ll also cover pro recommendations for proper mounting and share creative ideas to make the most of your new hidden paper towel holder. With these savvy inside cabinet paper towel holder solutions, you can finally conquer countertop clutter and maintain kitchen organization for good.

What Are Inside Cabinet Paper Towel Holders?


Inside cabinet paper towel holders are self-explanatory organizational tools that mount inside your kitchen or bathroom cabinets to hold rolls of paper towels. They are typically made of materials like steel wire, plastic, aluminum or stainless steel. The simple but functional design allows them to be installed vertically or horizontally, taking advantage of the empty space on the back of cabinet doors, sides of cabinets, interior walls or custom inserts.

inside cabinet paper towel holder

While styles may vary, most in-cabinet holders include a rolling rod or bars that act as the base, with curled ends to prevent the paper towels from sliding out. More heavy-duty options feature reinforced stability bars and weight capacity to handle multiple mega or jumbo paper towel rolls at once. Satin, black, bronze and chrome are some of the most popular finishes to match your existing cabinet hardware.


There are many benefits that make inside cabinet paper towel holders an essential organizational tool for creating a streamlined kitchen:

  • Free up precious counter space by keeping bulky paper towel rolls hidden yet easily accessible inside cabinets.
  • Reduce visual clutter on countertops for a cleaner, decluttered look.
  • Keep paper towels neatly organized and out of sight in one designated spot.
  • Suitable for contemporary, classic or transitional decor styles.

Why Choose In-Cabinet Over Countertop Holders?

Countertop Holders Create Clutter

The most common place for a paper towel holder is sitting out on the countertop. While convenient for quick access, these traditional stand-alone holders come with some downsides that can make your kitchen feel disorganized:

  • Take up valuable counter real estate that could be used for meal prep or appliances.
  • Looks messy and cluttered to have bulky paper towel rolls constantly visible.
  • Forces you to have paper towels out on full display even when not in use.

In-Cabinet Holders Keep Counters Clear

Inside cabinet mounting offers solutions to these countertop holder pitfalls. Benefits of in-cabinet paper towel storage include:

  • Towels are stored out of sight, freeing up every inch of counter space.
  • Maximizes open counter area for appliances, prep work and decor.
  • Creates a clean, clutter-free, minimalist look.

With paper towels stashed inside cabinets, counters are kept free of visual distractions. This helps spaces feel instantly more open, organized and serene.

How To Choose the Best Inside Cabinet Holder

When selecting an inside cabinet paper towel holder, keep these criteria in mind for the perfect fit and function in your space:


Carefully measure the exact interior dimensions of your cabinet space or mounting area beforehand. Compare these measurements to the product specs of the holders you are considering. Look for a size that will fit standard paper towel rolls with a little extra wiggle room. Or size up to a jumbo roller if you use mega family-sized paper towels.

Mounting Style

Determine whether you want to mount your holder vertically or horizontally based on the layout of your cabinet space. Look for holders with versatile installation capabilities to maximize positioning options. Most quality holders will include necessary mounting hardware like screws or adhesive strips for DIY install.


Sturdy materials like stainless steel or plastic provide durable, long-lasting use under frequent pulling and loading of paper towels. Choose a material that offers stability while complementing the existing cabinetry finish. A satin nickel holder would pair nicely with silver appliance handles, for example.

Weight Capacity

If your family goes through a lot of paper towels, opt for a heavy-duty holder rated for multiple mega rolls. Prioritize stability, strength and quality construction to prevent sagging, swaying or slipping. Steel wire paper towel holders often have higher weight capacities than plastic versions.

Pro Tips for Installation

Follow these expert recommendations for seamlessly installing your inside cabinet paper towel holder:

Measure First

Confirm the exact measurements of your cabinet space before installation. Check for potential obstructions like pipes, wires or beams. Ensure you have proper clearance for opening cabinet doors or drawers after the holder is mounted. Accurate planning prevents headaches down the road.

Proper Mounting Height

Determine the ideal installation height based on ergonomics. You want to be able to easily load new rolls and grab sheets without excessive bending or stretching. Mounting at eye level is ideal. Have a helper hold the holder in place to test the height before screwing it in.

Level Installation

Use a level tool to ensure your holder is mounted straight. Any tilting can cause rolls to unwind unevenly or the holder to sag over time. Take your time securing screws or mounts to prevent alignment issues.

Secure Mounting

Follow all manufacturer instructions for proper mounting. For added stability in cabinets, use mounting putty or anchors designed for the cabinet material. Proper adhesion prevents any loosening or detachment over years of opening/closing doors.

Inside cabinet paper towel holders are a simple yet transformative organizational tool for any kitchen. Hiding bulky rolls frees up precious counter space for cooking and entertaining. While paper towels are kept neatly tucked away, they are still easily accessible when needed.

The result is a cleaner, streamlined look that makes kitchens feel instantly more orderly. For those fed up with countertop clutter, in-cabinet paper towel storage offers an out-of-sight solution. Implement these savvy tips to install your own space-saving holder. Then get ready to enjoy the decluttered, minimalist kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.

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