Make Your Kitchen Cozy With a Farmhouse Corner Table

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home. It’s where family and friends gather to cook, eat, and spend quality time together. If you love spending time in your kitchen but find it lacks a certain cozy appeal, a farmhouse corner table could be the perfect solution.

Farmhouse corner tables are specially designed to tuck neatly into kitchen corners, opening up floor space while providing ample seating. With rustic charm and casual style, these tables bring warmth and character to your cooking space. Read on to learn why a farmhouse corner table is ideal for maximizing your kitchen in both form and function.

What is a Farmhouse Corner Table?

Defining the Farmhouse Style

The term “farmhouse” refers to a relaxed decorating style inspired by modest country homes. It emphasizes natural materials like wood, metal, and stone with a focus on craftsmanship and utility. Exposed beams, whitewashed wood, repurposed furniture, and vintage accents are hallmarks of classic farmhouse style.

This aesthetic is meant to evoke the welcoming, lived-in charm of an old farmhouse. Think cozy and casual rather than fussy or overly precious. At its heart, farmhouse style values simplicity, comfort, and rustic warmth.

Benefits of Putting a Table in the Corner

Tucked into a kitchen corner, a farmhouse table takes advantage of space that might otherwise go unused. With seating on two adjacent sides forming an L-shape, you can maximize every inch.

farmhouse corner kitchen table

Corner placement also opens up the rest of your kitchen floor plan. A table along the wall would make moving around more difficult, but situated in the corner, it stays out of the way. This allows better workflow and traffic flow.

Features of a Farmhouse Corner Table

Farmhouse corner tables are typically constructed from natural woods like maple, pine, oak and poplar. To create a casual rustic look, many opt for an unfinished tabletop or use whitewashed, distressed or lightly stained finishes that allow the wood’s natural grain to show through.

Built-in benches line two sides of the table, offering seating integrated right into the design. Some tables also include extension leaves that can be inserted to expand the table for additional diners when entertaining larger groups.

Simple, graceful turned legs complement the clean-lined tabletop. This quintessential farmhouse furniture piece brings warmth and welcoming ambiance to your kitchen.

How to Choose the Right Size

Measure Your Existing Kitchen Corner Area

When selecting a corner table, be sure to take careful measurements of the space intended for it. Make note of both the width and depth of the corner to ensure the table will fit properly. Allow for at least 36 inches of clearance on each side to accommodate traffic flow around seated guests.

If your kitchen has multiple potential corners you could place it in, measure them all to determine the best fit. Place a table too large or small for its corner and the proportions will feel off, so accurate measurements are key.

Consider Your Seating Needs

Before choosing a farmhouse corner table, think about your household size along with how often you entertain guests. Do you host large family dinners or parties where you need ample seating? Or is it usually just you, a spouse and a kid or two? Your regular seating requirements along with the ability to expand for company should guide your size selection.

The integrated bench seating typical of corner tables generally seats 2-4 people comfortably on each side. You can also supplement with chairs on the ends as needed. Extension leaves can add space for 2-4 additional seats when inserted.

Standard Farmhouse Table Sizes

A typical farmhouse corner table is around 48-60 inches wide on the two bench sides. The length ranges from 48 inches for a more petite table up to 72 inches for a generously sized option.

Many tables include 12-22 inch extension leaves on each end to accommodate additional guests when needed. These allow you to expand the table from a an intimate 4-person size up to 8 or more seats for special get-togethers.

Decorating Your Farmhouse Corner Table

Table Top Decor

Once you’ve picked the perfect farmhouse table, it’s time to deck it out in rustic style. An easy way to warm up the look is with a tablecloth or table runner. Look for natural fabrics like cotton or linen in muted solids, plaids or buffalo check prints.

Fresh-picked wildflowers or potted herbs make lovely table accents and bring the outdoors in. For evening ambiance, cluster candles, lanterns or a vase of dried lavender and grasses down the center.

Complementary Seating

Play up the comfort factor with thick bench cushions covered in cozy fabrics like canvas, denim or cotton. Accent with a basket of pillows so guests can nestle in.

If your benches don’t have backs, hang a rustic ladder behind the table to allow guests to lean back. When chairs are used for additional seats, make them inviting with soft cushions or fur throws.

Farmhouse Details

Embrace farmhouse charm by accessorizing with timeworn elements. Display heirloom china or glassware in open shelving nearby. Roll out a woven rug underneath. Cluster baskets to hold napkins, silverware and cookbooks.

And don’t forget meaningful touches like:

  • An antique clock
  • Rustic picture frames on the walls
  • Repurposed boxes or crates to hold dishes
  • A strand of Edison bulbs overhead

Let your style shine through with personal pieces that bring the spirit of home to your farmhouse kitchen corner.

More Farmhouse Table Inspiration

Now that you know the basics of styling a farmhouse corner table, take your design even further with these ideas:

Seasonal Touches

Freshen up your table for autumn with a plaid runner, mini pumpkins, and a vase of orange roses. In winter, opt for evergreen trimmings and candles. Welcome spring with tulips and lavender. For summer, keep it casual with sunflowers and citronella candles.

DIY Distressed Table

Give a brand new table a timeworn look with some simple DIY distressing techniques. Using sandpaper, steel wool or chains, rub the edges and corners to mimic signs of wear. Whitewash or stain unevenly so some of the raw wood shows through.

Complementary Kitchen Decor

Tie your table into the overall kitchen design with supplementary farmhouse accents. Display some vintage plates on open shelves. Accent the walls with wooden crates to hold utensils and cookbooks. Consider an apron sink, ceramic knobs, and a french door pantry for a cohesive look.

By bringing the right mix of textures, colors and materials into your kitchen, you can create a relaxed farmhouse oasis for gathering, cooking and creating memories.

With ample corner seating, rustic materials and an inviting aesthetic, a farmhouse corner table makes an excellent addition to any kitchen. Use the tips above to find the perfect size table for your space and family. Then have fun styling it to reflect your unique cozy farmhouse style.

Gathering around the farmhouse table is a tradition that connects us through shared stories and experiences. Place one in your kitchen corner and make it the warm, welcoming heart of your home.

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