Make Your Buffet Storage the Showstopping Centerpiece

A buffet with shelves above serves both form and function. As useful storage solutions, these versatile furniture pieces consolidate items for organization and access. Their flat surface holds servingware for meals while cabinets and shelves above display cherished dishware or decorative collections. Beyond practicality, a styled buffet also captivates as a room’s focal point.

With an eye for design, you can transform any buffet into a showcase worthy of attention. Thoughtful vignettes turn the ordinary to extraordinary. This piece anchors a cohesive aesthetic when decorated harmoniously with its surroundings. For homes seeking upgraded style, the buffet offers unlimited possibility.

Choose the Right Buffet for Your Space

When selecting a buffet, consider your needs and room size. Measure to find an appropriately scaled piece before purchasing. Overly large buffets overwhelm while undersized ones get lost.

Also contemplate your aesthetic tastes. Most buffets have a tabletop surface with shelves or cabinets above. Yet their shape and structure vary. Sleek modern designs in lacquered wood or metal suit contemporary spaces. Ornate carved detailing lends traditional refinement. Want a rustic feel? Weathered finishes with metal accents fit right in.

Closed Cabinets vs Open Shelving

Beyond style, buffets offer storage solutions ranging from closed cabinets to open shelving. Enclosed sections allow hiding unsightly serving essentials or special occasion dinnerware behind doors. Glass fronts help display collectibles like fine china visible but secure. Open shelves showcase lovely objets d’art but leave items exposed.

buffet with shelves above

We suggest a combination. Concealed storage eases organization while open areas create captivating displays. For example, glass door cabinets could secure everyday glassware atop open shelves showcasing vases. Create visual harmony through smart storage.

Strategically Style Your Buffet Area

Approach decorating your buffet intentionally. Follow tried and true design principles suited to limited surfaces areas. Excellent aesthetics rely on considered color, structured balance and eclectic complementary decorative items.

Build a Color Palette

Color establishes a room’s atmosphere. Despite small square footage, buffets make big impact through a tight color story. Whether vivid tone or neutral palette, restricting the hues creates cohesion. Tie together the cupboards, walls and accessories in analogous colors. Monochromatic schemes using various tints and shades of one color also work beautifully.

Alternatively, for lively contrast, choose complementary colors opposite on the color wheel. Electric blue glassware on an orange buffet energizes. Yet ensure tones remain soft so pairing doesn’t overwhelm. Eventually colors should enhance, not distract from contents.

Craft Visual Balance

Arranging a buffet with pleasing visual weight distribution captivates admirers. Symmetrical or asymmetrically balanced, compelling buffets share intentionally positioned elements.

We suggest the rule of three as guide. Group items in trios – whether three blue bottles, trio of prints or candle arrangements – to establish rhythm. Pairs lend balance as well. Two lanterns matching a set of finials brings equilibrium. These techniques banish uneven, underwhelmingblank spaces.

Vary Heights for Added Interest

Create dynamism by incorporating pieces of different heights and shapes. Simply filling a narrow buffet with matching floral stems bores the eye. For liveliness, set a tall objected flanked by lower ones as seen in groupings of candlesticks and bowls.

Place eye-catching sculptural pieces like coral, geodes or urns alongside stacks of books and decorative boxes. Occasional height variation intrigues visitors to take a closer look at your creative display.

Experiment with Practical and Decorative Items

Particularly in dining areas or kitchens, buffets conveniently corral serving essentials, drinkware and table accessories inside cabinets. Yet also decorate the closed doors with framed prints to contribute visual excitement.

For open shelves, think beyond purely decorative objects. Intersperse glassware alongside art books, driftwood sculpture next to succulents or a bowl of fruit near a vase. Remember, rooms feel livelier layered with practical everyday items and design pieces in still life arrangements.

Showcase Your Collections

Display treasured collections atop your buffet to spark conversation. For tea lovers, exhibit neatly arranged antique silver spoons or tiered displays of delicate cups. Flower aficionados could display a vibrant vase arrangement or a row of watering cans. Or frame your passion through artwork, such as displaying vineyard scenes in a wine lover’s home.

Rotate these prized collections seasonally to create anticipation. As a conversation starter for guests, collections shared creatively feel fresh again.

Incorporate Lighting for Maximum Impact

Proper illumination instantly livens dead spaces. Useful task lighting lets you clearly see contents inside cabinets, while accent spotlights create drama showcasing decorative items. Affordable adhesive strip lighting offers quick upgrades.

Position adjustable-arm brass lamps to spotlight artwork behind a buffet. Or install mini pendant lights or sconces with directional shades on the wall above to literally highlight displayed objects. When the buffet hits the spotlight, visitors focus their attention accordingly.

Ambient Lighting Sets the Mood

Buffets should layer lighting for functionality and flair. After ensuring contents remain visible, incorporate ambient lighting to set a mood. Wall sconces with warm glowing bulbs or an elegant overarching floor lamp infuse inviting glow to an entire scene. Even concealed LED strip lighting, whether behind cornices or under cabinets casts flattering up-light.

Set dimmers to control these lights. Adjust according to entertaining needs from a bright dinner party setting to intimate cocktail gathering ambience. Proper illumination instantly revitalizes the area.

Enjoy the Benefits

Once this versatile furniture anchor looks sensational, benefits continue. Not only organized essentials but now an artful stage set for displaying cherished items or repertoire of hosting accessories. Fashion a bar buffet, coffee station, curated reading nook or gallery of mementos Recall the shelves offer additional real estate beyond tabletop.

Redecorating stays simple too. Swap out a few key accessories to achieve completely new stylized looks. With an ever-changing exhibition space to showcase new pieces, updating decor no longer means redesigning an entire room.

Decorating Inspiration and Examples

Unsure how to begin elevating your basic buffet? Look to designer spaces for inspiration on impressively styled vignettes. Notice their color stories repeat through accessories a few key times for continuity. See how unusual sculptural pieces draw focus arranged thoughtfully.

Modern Glam

This sleek contemporary buffet glistens with metal finishes under statement bubble pendant light fixtures. Polished accessories, crystalline objects and mirrored surfaces dazzle the eye. Sophistication melds with shimmering allure.

Rustic Farmhouse

In this welcoming kitchen, an antique wood buffet showcases ironstone pitchers, woven baskets and ceramic crockery. Natural textures in white-washed driftwood and linen add organic contrast against the distressed paint finish. Effortless styling whispers wholesome comfort.

Coastal Cottage

Breezy ocean hues enhance this beachy display. Crisp navy and white ceramic tableware neatly hidden behind cabinet doors balance seashells clustered decoratively across shelves. Accenting with natural elements echoes coastal new England homes.

An often underutilized furniture workhouse, the modest buffet sideboard actually offers massive potential. This combination storage cabinet makes an excellent anchor to display treasured objects. Styled creatively as part vignette, part gallery wall, suddenly it transforms into a focal point.

Embrace open shelving to showcase favorite collected items in artful arrangements. And remember to illuminate architecture details through strategic lighting. Soon that lackluster corner becomes the most visually appetizing spot in a home.

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