Make Your Bathroom Stunning With LVP Flooring

Is your bathroom looking drab and dated? Do you dream of a gorgeous, easy-care floor that can withstand moisture and heavy use? Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring may be the perfect solution to transform your bathroom into a stunning space.

With realistic wood and stone looks unmatched durability and waterproof performance, LVP offers style and substance for bathrooms. When properly selected and installed, it creates a beautiful, long-lasting floor that elevates your whole bathroom.

What is LVP Flooring?

LVP flooring, also called vinyl plank flooring or vinyl wood plank, is an extremely durable type of vinyl designed to mimic natural materials like hardwood, tile, and stone. It consists of multiple layers:

  • Clear protective top layer for scratch, stain, and fade resistance
  • Photorealistic print layer showing the visual design
  • Rigid waterproof core layer (SPC, WPC, or EVP)
  • Backing layer for structural support

Together, these layers make LVP waterproof and able to withstand heavy day-to-day use. Meanwhile, advanced printing technology enables LVP to resemble almost any material while staying affordable compared to natural flooring.

lvp flooring in bathroom

Key Benefits of LVP Flooring for Bathrooms

What makes LVP so suitable for bathrooms compared to other flooring options like tiles or laminate? Let’s look at some of the main advantages.

Unmatched Waterproof Technology

LVP is 100% waterproof thanks to special sealing layers that prevent liquid from penetrating the flooring’s core. This waterproof quality makes LVP perfect for damp bathroom environments.

Whether it’s splashing kids, overflowing tubs, or regular plumbing leaks, LVP stands up to it all. The seams are also sealed to stop moisture ingress. So you can have peace of mind that spills, flooding or heavy condensation won’t easily damage your bathroom floors.

Superior Durability

From loose tiles to easily scratched laminate, many bathroom floors fail under the pressure of constant foot traffic and wear. Not so with LVP!

LVP combines a durable rigid core with a scratch-resistant top layer that maintains its smooth finish for years. This prevents denting, gouges and other signs of heavy usage over time. Even dropped objects won’t easily mar this tough vinyl plank flooring.

Low Maintenance

Cleaning tile grout or treating real hardwood floors takes considerable work to prevent issues like mildew or splintering over time. LVP offers a much lower maintenance bathroom flooring solution.

Simple mild soap and water easily keep LVP floors looking like new. No special cleaners or laborious scrubbing needed! The non-porous surface also deters mold, mildew and bacteria growth, limiting ugly black stains between grout lines or wood boards.

Factors to Consider When Selecting LVP

With all its perks, LVP may tempt you to instantly choose it for your bathroom floors. But take time to consider a few factors first to ensure you pick the best vinyl plank flooring for your unique space.

Desired Visual Appeal

Modern stylingConcrete, metallic or distressed wood looks
Rustic charmKnotty oak patterns, painted patinas
Natural stone aestheticSlate, travertine, marble designs
Tile resemblanceSubway tiles, encaustic cement

With technology that recreates textures, grains and grouts impressively, LVP now offers visual options limited only by your imagination. Just ensure your flooring color and style complements the room’s fixtures, cabinets, lighting and other finishes for a cohesive look.

Performance Specifications

Consider factors like acoustic properties, underfoot feel, ability to adapt to uneven subfloors, and of course water protection levels. Using your bathroom’s layout and flood risk zones, choose LVP floors rated for maximum moisture resistance for peace of mind.

Ventilation and Humidity Control

To prevent vinyl plank warping or joint damage from moisture, ensure humidity stays within manufacturer guidelines, usually 30-50%. Have an HVAC professional assess ventilation needs. Allow airflow under flooring, and address any existing moisture issues before installing.

Installation Factors

While many LVP flooring options are DIY-friendly with click-lock floating installation, some types may require expert subfloor prep and placement. Consider your skill level, transitions between rooms and removal of previous floors when deciding between DIY or pro install.

Best Practices for LVP Bathroom Installation

Installed incorrectly, even waterproof LVP floors can fail prematurely. Follow these professional methods for optimal performance.

Proper Subfloor Prep

The subfloor forms the foundation for LVP flooring. Only install vinyl planks over a flat, structurally sound subfloor free of deflection. Follow all manufacturer guidelines for suitable materials and construction.

For concrete slabs, grind high spots, fill low spots and test moisture levels. With plywood, check for delamination or moisture damage. Address any issues to limit noise or imperfections in the finished LVP floor.

Choosing Suitable Underlayment

Quality underlayment provides a smooth base, cushions footsteps and reduces sound transfer. Not all LVP requires a separate underlay. Follow manufacturer guidelines on appropriate underlay materials and any special installation methods when using one.

Maintaining Proper Bathroom Slope

Adequate bathroom slope prevents pooling water, especially important under non-breathable vinyl flooring. Ensure at least 1/4 inch slope per linear foot sloping towards drains using floor patch/leveler products as needed.

Sealing Perimeter Edges

Despite waterproof cores, limiting liquid penetration along wall edges helps LVP flooring maintain structural integrity long-term. After underlayment, seal all perimeters with silicone caulk or specialized vinyl floor sealant tape.

Allowing Enough Expansion Space

Natural expansion from humidity and temperature swings can buckle improperly installed LVP. Provide adequate gap spacing as specified by manufacturer, usually 1/4 inch, where floors meet walls, cabinetry, pipes and other fixed objects.

Transition moldings between rooms also allow room for vinyl plank movement and contraction.

Caring for LVP Flooring in Bathrooms

Look for simple cleaning and care to keep your LVP floors looking like new all year long.

Regular Cleaning Essentials

For routine upkeep, most manufacturers suggest their own cleaner product or a mild soap/water solution. Avoid harsh chemicals. Blot spills quickly and use bathmats. Check labels to confirm if cleaning products are LVP-safe.

Preventing Moisture Damage

Ensure proper bathroom ventilation through fans, HVAC systems and dehumidifiers. Use shower curtains fully inside tubs. Immediately wipe spills and standing water on LVP. Check for leaks around sinks and plumbing fixtures.

Avoiding Other Issues

Use furniture leg floor protectors to prevent scratches. Avoid wax, shine additives or acrylic finishes on the protective vinyl wear layer. Instead of DIY fixes, have flooring pros address any stubborn stains, deep cuts or seam gaps promptly.

Stylish Bathroom LVP Flooring Options

Ready to see LVP transform your bathroom? Here are some stunning, durable vinyl plank styles sure to suit your home.

Carbonized ChestnutCharred, toasted oak colors resembling reclaimed boards
Coastal SlateCool grey and ivory tones in stone and concrete looks
Harbour OakDriftwood-inspired low variation whitewashed oak

For more inspiration, browse various LVP bathroom photos online or work with an interior designer to select the perfect shade and style to complete your dream space!

With endless design options, total waterproof assurance and hassle-free maintenance, LVP flooring empowers you to reimagine your bathroom into a comfortable, durable space you’ll adore for decades.

Just take care to properly prepare your subfloor, install with ample expansion room, and regularly upkeep your floors. Avoid standing moisture and accidents as much as possible as well.

Follow these best practices combined with LVP’s resilient construction, and you’ll enjoy this high-performing flooring that beautifully withstands your family’s bathroom demands.

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