Make Your 5×8 Bathroom Feel Brand New With These Simple Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling a small 5×8 bathroom can seem like a daunting task. With some creativity and smart solutions, however, you can transform your tiny bath into a fresh, modern space that looks and feels significantly larger.

Follow these simple remodeling ideas to make the most of your 5×8 bathroom.

Optimize Your Layout

In a 5×8 bathroom, every inch counts. That’s why optimizing your layout is crucial to creating a functional space. Here are some layout tips:

  • Install a pocket door – Pocket doors slide into the wall, saving precious space compared to a swinging door.
  • Keep all plumbing on one wall – Stacking the toilet, sink, and shower plumbing on one wall leaves more floor room for moving around.
  • Determine if you need a tub – Do you really soak in the tub? If not, replace it with a more spacious shower.
  • Use a pedestal sink – Pedestal sinks take up less space than vanities.
  • Install a glass shower door – Glass doors give the illusion of more space versus shower curtains.
5x8 bathroom remodel ideas

Maximize Storage

Lack of storage is a common small bathroom headache. Get creative with these storage solutions:

  • Build floor-to-ceiling shelving over the toilet
  • Use a narrow shelving unit or towel ladder for linens
  • Install shallow shelves instead of medicine cabinets
  • Use a small rolling cart for extra storage
  • Add hooks on the back of doors for hanging towels

Select Small Space Fixtures

Look for bathroom fixtures designed to fit and function in tight spaces:

  • A compact, elongated toilet
  • A slender pedestal sink or wall-mounted faucet
  • A corner shower kit to maximize unused space
  • A shallow vanity or floating sink

Open Up With Lighting

Proper lighting makes a small bathroom feel bright and airy. Lighting ideas include:

  • Add a skylight or solar tube for natural light
  • Use lighter wall colors like white or light blue
  • Replace overhead lighting with new fixtures
  • Install sconces or accent lighting around the mirror

Upgrade With Smart Tile Choices

Tile can make or break the look of your bathroom. For a 5×8 space, consider:

  • Small tile like subway tile to make walls and floors appear larger
  • Mosaic tile or penny tile as an accent
  • Large-format tile sparingly on walls or floors
  • An understated tile border as an accent

Finally, pull together your new 5×8 bathroom with some finishing touches:

  • Paint or re-finish vanities and cabinets
  • Update faucets and shower fixtures for a fresh look
  • Hang a new mirror or medicine cabinet
  • Add art, accessories, and greenery for personality

You can transform your small bathroom into a gorgeous and functional area with some smart solutions. Use these remodeling ideas to open up and maximize your small space. Get ready to finally love your little bathroom!

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