Make the Most of Your Over-Fridge Cabinet Today

That overlooked cabinet space above the refrigerator often ends up as a cluttered mess. Old appliances manuals, rarely used kitchen gadgets, and out-of-season clothes strewn about with no rhyme or reason. But with some simple solutions, you can transform that wasted space into valuable storage real estate.

Read on as we walk through ideas for assessing your over-fridge cabinet, choosing storage solutions to maximize the possibilities, and tips for keeping it organized long-term.

Assess Your Over-Fridge Cabinet

Before making any changes, take stock of what you’re working with. Grab a tape measure and notebook and investigate the existing layout.

  • What are the dimensions – height, width, depth?
  • Are there any existing shelves or storage components?
  • Make notes about the current contents and usage.

Knowing the existing setup and what you currently store in the space will allow you to make informed decisions about what solutions will work best.

Common Items to Store

While everyone’s needs differ, there are some items that frequently find their way to over-fridge purgatory:

BakewareLesser-used appliances
Kitchen gadgetsCraft supplies

If any of those categories describe your over-fridge contents, read on for great solutions to corral the clutter.

over the fridge cabinet ideas

Choose a Storage Solution

One of the best ways to maximize your over-fridge real estate is to install organizational systems or storage furniture. Here are some space-saving ideas to consider:

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves provide storage while opening up the space visually. Arrange decorative baskets, jars, or small plants to keep items organized. The clean-lined look pairs beautifully with any kitchen style from modern to farmhouse.

Pull-Out Shelves

Retrofit the cabinet with pull out shelves to create accessible storage for everything from mixer attachments to cookie sheets. Customize shelf sizes based on what you need to store. Easy-glide hardware makes items a cinch to access.


Adding lighting serves both form and function. Not only does it make the space brighter and easier to see when grabbing items, but also draws attention to attractive display pieces like glassware.

Organize Your Items

Once you implement your storage solution, it’s time to edit down and categorize what makes its way back in. Here are some tips:

  • Group like items together – utensils in one area, pantry goods in another
  • Use shelving dividers or bins to delineate categories
  • Label bins and shelves for easy identification

Taking time to properly organize items makes the space functional and ensures things don’t revert back to disarray.

Maintain the Space

Set a reminder to re-asses your over-fridge space every few months. Re-evaluate what’s working and what’s not and consider the following:

  • Remove unused items
  • Adjust shelves or components if needed
  • Clean shelves and storage bins

Like any storage space, occasional oversight is key to keeping your over-fridge cabinet from backsliding. Treat tidying as an opportunity to discover forgotten items and ensure nothing gets permanently lost in the abyss!

Creative Over-Fridge Storage Ideas

Looking for more unique ways to leverage that vertical space? Here are a few over-fridge storage ideas to inspire:

  • Vertical pan racks
  • Spice storage racks
  • Floating wine glass racks
  • Charging station for electronics

Your over-fridge cabinet can be converted into storage space with some clever solutions. You may be amazed by what fits in that out-of-sight spot. Go ahead, reclaim it today – your kitchen organization will thank you.

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