Luxuriously Accessorize with These Opulent Waterford Vaughn Pillows

For over two centuries, Waterford has captivated the world with their stellar craftsmanship and unmatched magnificence. From the intricate beauty of their crystal stemware to the plush opulence of their home textiles, Waterford embodies luxury living at its finest. Their latest launch, the Vaughn decorative pillow collection, stands as the crowning glory of their foray into lavish home accessories.

Exquisitely designed and painstakingly fabricated, these pillows echo the sublime aesthetics found throughout regal palaces and mansions of nobility. The Vaughn range brings this pedigree of prestige into your personal palace – elevating any space to new heights of indulgence and splendor. Let us explore why these pillows deserve pride of place in the most majestic of abodes.

Waterford’s Storied History of Opulence

Waterford’s journey towards producing the world’s most splendid homewares began over 230 years ago. Founded in 1783 on the banks of Ireland’s River Suir, Waterford Crystal pioneered innovative glass-cutting and crystal production techniques that saw their wares grace the tables of royalty and dignitaries across Europe. As their glass and crystal pieces gained esteem on the global stage, the company set its sights on bringing Waterford’s inimitable luxury touch beyond tableware – into realms like luxury linens, upholstery and textiles.

Today, Waterford offers an extensively curated selection of upscale home furnishings and decor that exude the same aura of magnificence as their iconic crystalware. From regal dining sets and barware to plush bedding, drapes and seating – each Waterford furnishing and accessory echoes their legacy of unmatched artistry and dedication to the most splendid things in life.

The Pinnacle of Decadence: The New Vaughn Decorative Pillow Collection

An Heirloom-Worthy Home Accessory Series

Waterford’s newest launch proves they remain steadfastly committed to luxe home embellishment with the debut of their Vaughn decorative pillow collection. Named after the Irish noble lineage of the brand’s founding descendant, the Vaughn range brings aristocratic allure into modern residences through a set of three plush and posh accent cushions.

Drawing inspiration from turn-of-the-century aesthetic maximalism, theseopulent pillows pair centuries-old embellishment techniques with contemporary sensibilities. Intricately adorned with hand-sewn trims, lavish textiles, and decadent finishing touches, the Vaughn cushions turn any lounge or bedroom into a grandiose haven worthy of nobility.

waterford vaughn decorative pillows

Unparalleled Craftsmanship and Quality

As with all Waterford home collections, the Vaughn pillows champion only the most premium materials and unrivaled artistry. The indulgent mix of fabrics – including voluminous velvets, tactile tassels, and light-catching sequins – add a literal and metaphorical richness to these cushions. Meanwhile, traditional embellishment approaches passed down through generations of European craftsmen ensure that each trim, stitch, and flourish attains a new level of decadence.

The Vaughn range also carries through Waterford’s dedication to detail with specially made fastenings like envelope flap enclosures and opulent metallic cording. Each component not only looks resplendent but also promises unmatched longevity – ensuring the heirloom-quality pillows retain their splendor for decades.

Showstopping Style: The Majestic Vaughn Range In Detail

The 14″ x 14″ Sequin Stunner

The smallest cushion of the Vaughn trio punches above its weight with striking iridescent style. This 14 x 14-inch sequined pillow glitters from every angle with thousands of diamond-shaped reflective sequins embroidering the front facade with hypnotic light effects. Casting rainbow hues under the soft glow of lamps and chandeliers, this metallic marvel dresses up seating with a healthy dose of old Hollywood glamour and refinement.

FabricSequined polyester textile
EmbellishmentsMetallic gold cording
BackingSolid coordinating fabric

The 12″ x 18″ Ornate Tassel Statement Piece

The mid-sized accent cushion of the Vaughn collection makes an amplified style statement with its attention-grabbing shape, size and ornamentation. Spanning a unique 12 by 18 inches, one side flaunts an allover scrolling foliate pattern pops against a midnight blue background. This artistic showcase also features a healthy dash of playfulness and movement courtesy of a large hanging tassel pendant crafted from lush strands of velveteen and beads.

The coordinating navy backside provides a hidden functional detail too – an envelope-style closure keeps the oversized throw pillow firmly in place on chairs, chaises and sofas. With its striking silhouette and standout embellishments, this Vaughn piece brings drama, whimsy and allure all-in-one.

The Grand 18″ x 18″ Textural Marvel

The piece de resistance of the series, this substantial 18 x 18-inch squared throw transitions any seating into a luxurious throne. The exquisite mosaic pattern etched into the front face sets the stage for the undulating raised motif taking center stage, flanked by smooth velvet. Shimmering gold embroidery andenovelty cording trace every groove and curve of the mesmerizing focal point, which casts countless shadows against surrounding low lights.

As decadent to touch as it is to gaze upon, the plush textures and smart symmetry of this accent cushion emphasize Waterford’s mastery over sumptuous textiles. Its generous size also makes it ideal for leaning against or letting your head sink into after a long day playing noble duties. On this resplendent perch, one can’t help but feel downright regal.

Beyond Pillows: Waterford’s Mark of Distinction In All Realms

While the Vaughn range spotlights Waterford’s prowess in lush home textiles, the brand retains its dominion over luxury across all lifestyle spheres. For private imbibing and grand-scale entertaining alike, Waterford’s handcrafted crystal stemware and barware bring aristocratic extravagance to wines, spirits and champagne. Similarly, fine bone china tableware service collections like Carina and Lismore lend lavish flair to both casual and formal dining.

And woven throughout residential spaces in-between, customers continue finding signature Waterford refinement gracing other living, bedroom and bath linens along with upholstered furniture. In every manifestation, products bearing the Waterford name promise peerless artistry and the height of indulgence – making the Vaughn pillows a natural extension of this noble heritage.

Give Your Space the Royal Treatment

On their own or complementing existing furniture and accents, the Vaughn pillows unlock any interior space’s potential for grandeur. Those embracing full-on regalia can gorgeously coordinate the opulent cushions with other pieces from across Waterford’s unparalleled home collections – from plush bedding to chandeliers and candelabras.

For more eclectic interior visions though, Vaughn’s indulgent throw pillows mingle beautifully with less assuming surroundings too. Their trio of varying sizes and designs layers effortlessly into both minimalist lounges and bohemian bedrooms, providing polished punctuation points. Creative dwellers can also readily mix in equally decadent throw blankets, floor cushions and small furnishings to fully transform their castle into luxury lodging.

For Those Who Only Want The Very Best

Available exclusively through Waterford’s online store and select high-end home retail partners, the complete three-cushion Vaughn collection ordinarily retails for $268. Yet for a limited time until the end of 2023, customers can snag these sublime transitional pieces for the unbeatable price of $160.80 – amounting to over 40% savings off typical pricing!

Truly a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity to score such exceptional artisanry at an accessible price point – the discounts only amplify the enduring value these heirloom-worthy accessories hold. Even without sales, the plush pieces deliver plenty of everyday indulgence along with the promise to retain their exquisite style for decades more.

Waterford’s new Vaughn decorative pillow set invites unmatched grandeur into modern sanctuaries through three divinely crafted and bedecked accent cushions. Drawing from the rich legacy of luxury synonymous with the Waterford name, the ornate range makes opulence and indulgence accessible through unbeatable discounts – elevating interiors without compromising one’s coffers!

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