Light Up Your Landscape with Paver Fire Pit Ideas for Any Style

A fire pit is one of the best ways to extend your living space outdoors and create an inviting ambiance for relaxing evenings with friends and family. While traditional fire pits are constructed from materials like stone or concrete, using pavers opens up exciting new design possibilities. With the right pavers and layout, you can craft a one-of-a-kind fire pit that reflects your personal taste and complements your landscape.

You’ll discover how to choose the perfect shape and size, pick complementary pavers, and install them in creative patterns. We’ll also cover critical steps like preparing the base and finishing touches to take your fire pit from drab to fab. Let’s get started lighting up your landscape with paver fire pit inspiration for any design style!

Choosing the Right Pavers

The first step in planning your paver fire pit is selecting the right pavers. There are a few main categories of pavers to consider:

  • Brick pavers – Classic option available in array of colors
  • Concrete pavers – Very durable but limited color options
  • Natural stone pavers – Provides organic, rustic look

Keep in mind factors like the overall style you’re aiming for, durability, and ease of maintenance. Concrete and stone pavers tend to be more resilient and low-maintenance than brick. You’ll also want to look at the size, thickness, texture and color options available to find pavers that achieve the aesthetic you desire.

When purchasing pavers, try to buy in bulk quantities if you can, as this helps lower the per-unit price. You can also save money by shopping end-of-season sales to score pavers on clearance.

Fire Pit Shapes and Sizes

Once you’ve settled on the type of paver, it’s time to determine the shape and size of your fire pit. Typical options include:

  • Circular
  • Square or rectangular
  • Custom shapes

For a circular pit, the most common diameters range from 4-6 feet across. Rectangular pits are often 3 feet wide and 4-5 feet long. Take measurements of your space and factor in room you want for seating around the fire.

You’ll also decide if you want your fire pit in-ground or above ground. In-ground pits feel seamless in your landscape but require more labor for installation. Above-ground units are easier to construct and can even be movable.

fire pit ideas with pavers
ShapeSizeIn-ground vs. Above-ground
Circular4-6 feet diameterEither option
Square3 x 4-5 feetTypically above-ground
CustomVariesAbove or in-ground

Design and Layout Possibilities

One of the best aspects of paver fire pits is the creative freedom you have when laying out the pavers. There are endless eye-catching patterns to choose from, including:

  • Herringbone
  • Basketweave
  • Concentric circles
  • Diagonal designs

You can also incorporate different shapes and sizes together in random or uniform patterns. Mixing things up adds artistic flair. We recommend sketching a few layout options before installing to visualize how the patterns will look.

Tip: Using Irregular Pavers

For a more organic appearance, integrate some irregularly shaped pavers into the design. They’ll fill any gaps naturally and create visual interest.

Preparing the Base

Proper base preparation is a critical step for ensuring your pavers are stable and long-lasting. Here are the key requirements:

  1. Excavate the fire pit area to desired depth
  2. Add and compact gravel base material
  3. Spread 1-2 inches of coarse sand over gravel
  4. Smooth and level the sand

For an in-ground fire pit, you’ll need to construct retaining walls from materials like concrete blocks, bricks, or landscape ties. This helps secure the surrounding soil.

Setting and Installing the Pavers

Once your base is prepped, it’s time for the fun part – laying the pavers! Follow these tips for proper installation:

  • Arrange pavers on base in your chosen pattern
  • Cut pavers as needed to fit edges and curves
  • Fill gaps between pavers with sand
  • Use a hand tamper to settle pavers into sand

Take care to keep things level and make minor adjustments as you work. The pavers should be tamped to a uniform height across the entire fire pit surface.

Finishing Touches

The final steps complete your fire pit and make it fully functional for enjoying flickering fires:

  • Install fire ring or pit insert
  • Add gas burner insert if using natural gas
  • Incorporate seating like benches around perimeter
  • Decorate with gravel, pebbles or stones

If you’ve opted for a gas fire pit, consult experts on running the gas line and proper ventilation requirements.

Get Cozy with Seating

Benches, stools, and comfy patio chairs help create an inviting fireside hangout zone. Section off the space with pavers or gravel.

Enjoying Your Paver Fire Pit

Now the fun part – relaxing and entertaining around your new favorite backyard feature! Here are some tips to maximize enjoyment of your paver fire pit:

  • Have a water source nearby like a hose or bucket
  • Keep safety tools like an extinguisher on hand
  • Burn dry, seasoned hardwood for best results
  • Make s’mores, cook hot dogs, or grill kebabs over the open flame
  • Set an ambiance with lighting, music, and cozy furniture
  • Plan fun gatherings like bonfires, cookouts, or fire side cocktails

Adhere to any local fire regulations and always place safety first when using your fire pit. Never leave the fire unattended until its completely extinguished.

Inspiring Photo Gallery

Need a little extra inspiration for your paver fire pit? Browse these gorgeous examples showing off creative shapes, patterns, and incorporation of other elements like grills, seating, and water features.

Circular fire pit with concentric paver patternSquare paver design with combo of sizes and shapes
Paver fire pit bench seatingHerringbone pattern with pebble decorative accents
In-ground paver pit with stone seating wallsPropane fire pit with basketweave pavers

With the right pavers and thoughtful design, you can create a fabulous fire pit tailored to your personal taste and backyard style. Pavers offer versatility in shape, material, color, and pattern options. Follow our guide on choosing pavers, preparing the base, and creative layouts to light up your landscape in an eye-catching way.

A paver fire pit extends your livable space, provides cozy ambiance, and becomes a beloved spot for making magical memories with the special people in your life. The flames dancing over the pavers will not only illuminate your yard, but also light up many special nights for years to come.

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