Light The Way This Christmas With Pre-Lit Entryway Tree Sets

The holidays are a magical time filled with lights, decorations, and festive cheer. As you prepare your home for celebrating, consider adding some extra sparkle this year with pre-lit entryway trees. These convenient trees allow you to easily illuminate doorways, walkways, porches, and more with the warm glow of lights without all the hassle of stringing them yourself.

Pre-lit entryway trees provide hassle-free decoration that makes a statement. Available in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, they are the perfect way to set the festive mood right at your front door. Keep reading as we explore everything you need to know about these dazzling trees.

What Are Pre-Lit Entryway Trees?

Pre-lit entryway trees are artificial trees and plants that come with lights already attached to their branches and foliage. They are specifically designed for placement in entryways and porches to add an extra dose of curb appeal and holiday spirit.

These trees light up immediately without any decorating required. With the wiring and bulbs already in place, you can simply unbox, fluff, and enjoy. They come in sets of two, making them ideal for flanking doorways or staircases to frame and highlight these areas.

Key Features

Here are some of the defining features of pre-lit entryway trees:

pre lit entryway trees set of 2
  • Pre-strung with clear or multicolor incandescent/LED lights
  • Sturdy weighted pots for stability
  • Shaped plastic tips resembling pine needles and branches
  • Available in various heights from 2 ft to over 7 ft
  • Remote controls on some models to adjust lighting

Benefits of Pre-Lit Entryway Trees


The big benefit of pre-lit entryway trees is the convenience factor. With the lighting already handled, setup takes minutes instead of hours. Just unpack the trees, shape the branches, and plug them in. Models with remote controls make it even easier to control the lighting effects.

Energy Efficiency

Many new pre-lit entryway tree offerings feature LED bulbs which consume up to 90% less energy than traditional incandescent lights. This saves you money on electricity costs while also reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint. Over the lifespan of the lights, LEDs more than pay for themselves in savings.

Diverse Styles

You can find pre-lit entryway trees in styles ranging from traditional full-profile firs to slim contemporary designs. Options include flocked or frosted branches for a snowy look. Trees come with clear lights or colorful ones. This variety lets you match your decor and highlight different architectural elements.

Versatile Placement

Pre-lit entryway trees excel at both indoor and outdoor use. Flank your front door or highlight a covered patio or gazebo. Line a driveway, walkway, or deck railing with their glow. You can even decorate indoor staircases and hallways in unique ways.

What to Look for When Buying

Here are some key considerations when selecting pre-lit entryway trees:

  • Height: Measure your space and account for doorway clearance. Trees range from tabletop size to over 7 feet tall.
  • Lights: Choose incandescent or LED and color. More lights create a fuller effect.
  • Shape: Evaluate fullness and tapering to suit your setting.
  • Cord length: Ensure it’s long enough to reach outlets.

How to Set Up Pre-Lit Entryway Trees

Setting up pre-lit entryway trees is simple with just a few steps:

  1. Unpack trees and shape branches for fullness.
  2. Insert bottom pole deeply and securely into weighted pot.
  3. Adjust height as needed using adjustment holes.
  4. Stake into ground for added support if placing outside.
  5. Plug into outlet and turn on lights.
  6. Shape lit branches for optimal light spread.
  7. Hide cords as much as possible.

Refer to the specific instructions with your trees for variations based on model. With just a little fluffing and shaping, your trees will be ready to shine brightly.

Inspiring Ways to Style Pre-Lit Entryway Trees

Decorating your trees makes them even more welcoming. Try these fun ideas:

  • Wrap garlands or string lights around trees for layering
  • Add oversized ribbon bows, ornaments, or gift boxes at the base
  • Surround with potted poinsettias or floral arrangements
  • Accent with pinecones, berries, and faux snow or icicles
  • Drape wreaths on the pots for extra greenery

Let your creativity run free when dressing up your statement-making trees. They are sure to delight guests and passersby.

Pre-lit entryway trees eliminate the tedious part of holiday decorating so you can instantly infuse spaces with festive magic. With convenience, energy efficiency, diverse looks, and versatile placement, they check all the boxes for hassle-free holiday cheer both indoors and out. This season, don’t just decorate a tree – light the way for all who visit with an eye-catching pre-lit entryway tree set.

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