Light Drizzle – The Ultimate Guide to Using This Relaxing Gray Paint Color

If you’re looking for a versatile gray paint color that works well throughout the home, Light Drizzle may be the perfect choice. This beautiful light gray has a cool undertone that gives it an airy, peaceful vibe.

What is Light Drizzle Paint Color?

Light Drizzle is a light gray paint color with a hint of blue that creates a cool, tranquil look. It has a hex code of #C9D3D8 and is part of popular paint brands like Behr and PPG. Light Drizzle has an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of nearly 64, meaning it reflects a lot of light. This makes it lighter and brighter than many shades in the gray family.

Light Drizzle Color Profile

With its high LRV and cool undertone, Light Drizzle is a gorgeous light gray that feels contemporary and airy. It’s a couple shades lighter than medium gray and has a blue-ish tint rather than warm yellow undertones. This gives it a relaxing vibe that works well in self-care spaces like bathrooms and bedrooms.

light drizzle paint color

Light Drizzle vs. Darker Grays

Compared to charcoal grays and darker shades, Light Drizzle appears airier and more luminous. Its higher LRV makes surrounding colors really pop. Dark grays can feel somber and cave-like, whereas Light Drizzle keeps things bright and uplifting.

Rooms and Spaces Light Drizzle Works Well In

With its calming vibe, Light Drizzle paint color is ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, and bathrooms. Here are some of the best rooms to use it in:


Light Drizzle is one of the most popular paint colors for bathrooms. Its soft, relaxing look helps create a spa-like retreat. Pair Light Drizzle walls with crisp white trim and accessories for a clean, tranquil space.


In bedrooms, Light Drizzle evokes a peaceful, rested feeling. Use it on the walls, ceiling, and even headboard for a soothing ambiance. Accent with navy blue blankets and decor for a cool, contemporary look.


For kitchens, Light Drizzle provides an updated but not too trendy look. Against white cabinetry and quartz counters, it gives the space an airier feel. Use it on the walls or just the island for a pop of color.

Decorating with Light Drizzle Paint Color

Light Drizzle is versatile enough to work with most design styles. Here are some tips for decorating with this cool gray shade:

Color Schemes

  • Pair with crisp whites and beiges for a clean, airy look.
  • Accent with navy blue and charcoal gray for modern appeal.
  • Combine with light wood tones like oak or ash for organic cohesion.

Fabrics & Furnishings

  • Cotton, linen, and wool in neutral tones complement Light Drizzle walls.
  • Brass hardware and light wood finishes create cohesion.
  • Incorporate navy blue and gray textiles for pops of color.

Design Styles

  • Scandinavian minimalism with lots of light wood.
  • Modern farmhouse chic with brass accents.
  • Hamptons style with crisp white trims.

Using Light Drizzle on Walls and Trims

Light Drizzle is flexible enough for walls, trims, doors, and accents. Here are some tips:

Wall Color

Light Drizzle creates a soothing oasis when used on all four walls in a room. For a statement, paint just one accent wall in a complementary color.

Trim & Doors

For trims and doors, choose a crisp white like Swiss Coffee or Extra White for nice contrast with Light Drizzle walls.

Ceiling Color

Painting the ceiling Light Drizzle envelops you in the cool, airy color. For contrast, go for a bright white ceiling.

Paint Sheen Recommendations

The right paint sheen is crucial for showcasing Light Drizzle’s beautiful color. Here are sheen recommendations by location:

Low Traffic Areas

For walls in bedrooms, go for a matte or eggshell finish. This provides good coverage while allowing Light Drizzle’s lightness to shine.

High Traffic Areas

In hallways or kitchens, opt for semi-gloss. This harder finish stands up well to washing and scrubbing.

Bathrooms & Kitchens

Use satin or semi-gloss sheens in bathrooms and kitchens for wipeable, durable finish.

Where to Shop Light Drizzle Paint

Light Drizzle is sold by leading paint brands in stores nationwide. Here’s where to buy it:


Order Light Drizzle paint online from Behr and PPG. Many e-tailers like Amazon also sell it.

Paint Stores

Find Light Drizzle at Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sherwin-Williams and other local paint retailers.

Paint Samples

Order paint swatches and samples from brands like Behr before committing to gallons.

Maintaining Light Drizzle Paint

Here are some tips for keeping Light Drizzle walls looking fresh and clean:

Touch Up Paint

Keep extra Light Drizzle paint for touch ups. Look for exact color matches.

Cleaning Walls

Use a mild soap and water solution and soft sponge to clean. Avoid abrasive scrubbing.

Durability Tips

In high traffic areas, choose durable sheens. Also use painter’s tape when moving furniture.

Achieving the Light Drizzle Look

Don’t want to paint? You can still get the Light Drizzle look with these options:

Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Temporary, removable wallpapers in light gray tones emulate the Light Drizzle aesthetic.

Faux Paint Finishes

Achieve a similar vibe by painting existing walls with glazes and washes in cool grays.

Decor and Fabrics

Use pillows, throws, wall art and accessories in light blue-grays to get the look without painting.

Light drizzle is a gray paint color with a light airy vibe. Use it throughout the home or as an accent wall. Decorate with crisp whites and navy blues for a relaxed, peaceful oasis. Follow this guide for foolproof application and maintenance tips. Achieve the spa-like Light Drizzle look with the perfect sheen, color pairings and decor accents.

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