Let a Bedroom Chaise Lounge Cater to Both Rest & Tidy Storage Needs

A bedroom should be more than just a place to sleep. It should also provide space to lounge, relax and decompress from busy days. This is where a well-designed bedroom chaise lounge with storage comes in handy.

Chaise lounges excel at laidback lounging with their elongated shape ideal for stretching out tired legs and kicking back. Meanwhile, the hidden storage built into many chaise lounge undersides presents a sly solution for keeping bedrooms free of clutter. By combining lounging and storage functions, a bedroom chaise lounge caters to both rest and organization needs.

Key Advantages of Bedroom Chaise Lounges

Leisurely Lounging and Relaxation

A bedroom chaise lounge offers an indulgent spot to unwind inside your personal sanctuary. The iconic lounge chair shape enables reclined resting postures perfect for activities like:

  • Afternoon napping
  • Reading the latest bestseller novel
  • Catching up on favorite TV shows
  • Listening to podcasts or ambient music
  • Playing mobile games

Bedroom chaise lounges often incorporate supportive augmentations like padded backrests, armrests and headrests. These extra ergonomic elements increase lounging comfort whether sitting upright or fully reclined.

Hidden Storage for Clutter-Free Bedrooms

Many clever bedroom chaise lounge designs covertly integrate storage space within the base of the seat. Hidden discreetly from sight, the interior storage compartment provides a convenient home for personal items like:

bedroom chaise lounge with storage
  • Extra pillows and blankets
  • Folded sweaters, T-shirts and other clothing articles
  • Books, e-readers and magazines
  • Slippers, hats, scarves and other accessories

This built-in storage feature helps minimize bedroom clutter without sacrificing open floor space like bulky dressers or storage ottomans often do. It’s an ingenious storage solution eliminating the need for separate catch-all baskets strewn around the bedroom.

Space Saving Furniture Addition

Functioning as both spare seating and bonus storage, a bedroom chaise lounge presents a space-saving two-for-one furniture piece. It’s a flexible fill-in ready to serve multiple needs like:

  • An impromptu bed for overnight guests
  • Extra lounge seating for reading, conversing or watching TV
  • Supplementary storage to contain bedroom odds and ends

When floor space is limited, a chaise lounge can also substitute as a nightstand alternative. This space-saving versatility makes bedroom chaise lounges ideal for small studios, apartments and guest rooms.

Stylish and Customizable Decor

Far from an eyesore, most bedroom chaise lounges exhibit refined elegant lines befitting stylish bedroom interiors. The lounge chair profile and upholstered finish integrate beautifully into existing room decor ranging from traditional to contemporary aesthetics.

With interchangeable fabric and finish options, it’s easy to customize a bedroom chaise lounge coordinating with specific color schemes. For a cohesive pulled together bedroom, match the chaise lounge fabric pattern and wood tone to current furniture pieces and textiles.

What to Look For In a Quality Chaise Lounge

When investing in a bedroom chaise lounge intended for frequent use, shop with a keen eye for indicators of durability and comfort.

Sturdy and Supportive Frame

Seek out chaise lounge frames crafted from sturdy supportive materials able to withstand years of lounging. Prime frame construction options include:

  • Solid wood like oak, maple or mahogany
  • Durable plastic resin
  • Powder-coated metal or iron
  • Engineered wood composites

Engineered wood rates well for strength and stability without the cracking or splitting issues affecting natural solid wood frames. Pine, plywood and particleboard compositions reinforced with veneers result in smooth durable finished frames.

Smooth and Convenient Storage Access

Look at how the hidden storage space is integrated into the chaise lounge design. Low profile pull-out drawers provide the simplest storage access. Other convenient options include:

  • Lift-top seats on smooth hydraulic hinges
  • Slide-out baskets integrated into the base
  • Storage cubbies concealed by removable seat cushions

Steer clear of under-seat compartments requiring heavy seat lifting to access interior contents. Smooth gliding motions are essential for frequent storage access from a relaxed seated position.

Plush and Comfortable Padding

Ample plush padding transforms a lounge chair into a dreamy oasis for retreating from reality. Seek out chaise lounge cushioning components like:

  • High-density foam
  • Down, fiberfill or feather padding
  • Supportive lumbar pillows
  • Contoured ergonomic shapes

Avoid chaise lounge designs lacking proper padding with hard uncomfortable surfaces. Sinking into plush cushioning makes all the difference when lounging for lengthy periods.

Setup Suggestions for Bedroom Chaise Lounges

Bedroom chaise lounge placement deserves careful consideration to maximize both aesthetics and practical perks.

Prime Placement Pointers

Angle chaise lounges near windows to capitalize on pleasant natural light and views while lounging or reading. Avoid cramped niche locations lacking breathing room. Also refrain from blocking doors or heavily trafficked areas.

Position a chaise lounge beside the bed as a temporary spare sleeping space convenient for overnight guests or family members. Place a plush foldaway mattress inside the storage cavity for easy bed conversion.

Style Harmonizing Hints

Select a chaise lounge frame and fabric covering harmonizing with existing bedroom decor elements. For example, an oak wood frame with chambray blue upholstery fabric complements antique oak furniture and blue accent decor.

Tie the lounge visually into the overall room scheme with layers of coordinating pillows and throws. Repeat colors and patterns from window treatments, art and accessories for a harmonious collected look.

A well-designed bedroom chaise lounge effortlessly multitasks as a relaxation hub, storage center and style piece enhancing overall bedroom decor.

Key highlights for selecting a bedroom chaise lounge include sturdy frames, plush cushioning, integrated storage and customizable style options. Place bedroom chaise lounges near natural light sources while avoiding high traffic zones.

For bedrooms lacking in spare square footage, a space-saving chaise lounge solves both lounging and storage needs two birds, one stone style. Explore the many versatile designs to find your perfect bedroom chaise fit.

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