Layer on the Look with Waverly’s Coordinated Curtains

Transforming your windows into stunning focal points starts with Waverly’s perfectly coordinated fabric collections. With a wide range of patterns, textures, and styles to mix and match, you can create elegant multi-layered window treatments with ease. From timeless traditional prints to modern watercolor florals, Waverly’s fabrics allow you to achieve a luxe designer look in your space. Read on to explore their signature collections, learn professional secrets for styling layers, and drape your windows in sophisticated style.

Waverly’s Signature Curtain Collections

Waverly offers several signature collections of coordinated fabrics you can use to craft a cohesive window treatment design. These thoughtfully curated patterns and palettes make matching different treatments effortless.

Waverly Imperial

The Waverly Imperial collection features rich jacobean and damask inspired floral designs, brocade textures, and decorative motifs. These elegant patterns include graceful trailing vines, romantic bouquet arrangements, and dense tapestry florals. Deep jewel tones and metallic accents lend these traditional styles an air of nobility and grandeur. Imperial designs pair perfectly with ornate hardware, tassels, and passementerie trim for a formal aesthetic.

Waverly Charleston Home

Charleston Home fabrics reflect the easy elegance of southern tradition with graceful trellis prints, garden motifs, and airy chintzes. Striking indigo blues and coral pinks evoke Lowcountry style. Sophisticated damasks, crisp ginghams, embroidered sheers, and textured linen weaves have a refined tailored sensibility. Use coordinated Charleston panels to craft simple swags, breezy cafe curtains, or inject some preppy charm into your space.

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Waverly Bungalow

For a relaxed arts and crafts inspired vibe, explore Waverly’s Bungalow printed cotton collection. Earthy greens, russet reds, and mustardy hues are plucked straight from an English garden. Whimsical wildlife scenes, naive botanical sketches, and geometric trellises have an eclectic boho feel. Pair patchwork panels with neutral sheers or add inexpensive tablecloths as charming valances. For something unexpected, use these casual fabrics to upholster furniture or sew charming pillows.

Waverly Floral Park

Waverly’s Floral Park offers a fresh take on floral prints with modern watercolor blooms and striking oversized botanicals. Vibrant dahlias, peonies, and poppies make a bold color statement. Abstract floral panels, photorealistic rose prints, and Japanese inspired patterns range from retro to contemporary in style. Making a chic style statement is effortless with this blend of brights, muted earth tones, and versatility. Floral Park is perfect for those looking to add a pop of color and energy into their home.

Mix and Match Waverly’s Fabric Collections

The benefit of using Waverly’s coordinated fabric lines is that you can seamlessly mix and match patterns, textures, and colors. However, it helps to keep a few design principles in mind:

Complementary Colors and Scales

When combining fabrics, opt for patterns in harmonizing colors and proportional scales. For example, pair a large damask print in cool blues with a coordinating small floral chintz in shades of blue and green. Repeat colors from one pattern into the next for continuity. Don’t be afraid to add solids or subtle textures like embroidered sheers to balance busy patterns.

Vary Textures and Fabrics

Using different fabrics and textures for each layer adds visual interest. For instance, start with breezy, sheer voile panels to filter light next to a muslin valance, followed by cozy linen curtain panels. Mix glossy satin fabrics with matte cotton prints. Thick velvety drapes contrast beautifully with airy, delicate sheers.

Create a Designer Look with Layers

Once you’ve selected your coordinated fabrics, it’s time to layer them together for a luxe designer look. Follow these tips from the experts for creating stunning multi-layered window treatments:

Hang Layers of Curtains and Valances

Combining both curtains and valances is an easy route to instant elegance. Hang cafe curtains higher up, valances directly below at the rod, and long panels that puddle on the floor. Position sheers behind curtains to diffuse light. Arrange swags and cascades off a main rod with holdback rods. Frame the window with tailored jabots at the sides.

Get the Proportions Right

Proper proportions are key for a polished look. Bottom curtains should break just above the floor, while swags and valances align about one-third from the top of the window. Cafe curtains hang around 2/3 from the top. Make sure each layer’s fullness and length complements the others. Add height with a cornice box on top.

Drape Panels Attractively

Treat your lined drapes with care when hanging. Generously gather fabric onto the rod, allowing curtains to stack and fold loosely rather than stretch tightly. Fan out pleats, pinch them in place, then steam gently to set the shape. Pull back with tiebacks and let fabric cascade gracefully on the floor for that coveted high-end hotel feel.

Incorporate Luxury Details

Elevate your window layers with upscale finishing touches. Crystal pleated trim along valances or ruched fabric roman blinds add a glam vibe. Iron-on trims like ruffles, cording, and embroidered tape lend texture. Accent headings with decorative buttons, tassels, or decorative medallions. Finish with elegant tiebacks and luxe hardware.

Waverly’s Range of Styles and Textures

Achieving that perfectly cohesive layered look depends not only on color but also fabric type. Waverly offers a wide spectrum of materials suited to different curtain styles.

Light and Airy Sheers

Breezy, sheer fabrics like voile, organdy, and gauze filter light beautifully as under layers. Silky linen or cotton blends work nicely for a touch of texture. Lace and embroidered sheers diffuse sunlight while maintaining privacy. Go for opaque panels in darker hues to really dim a room.

Mid-Weight Fabrics

The bulk of your window design can feature lovely mid-weight fabrics like chintz, faille, or jacquard. Soft draping cottons, linen blends, and subtly textured materials make classic curtain panels, valances, and tie-tops. Medium weight fabrics also tailor nicely into swags, jabots, cascades and other formal treatments.

Heavyweight Fabrics

For showstopping window drama, choose voluminous heavy fabrics like thick velvets, woolens, brocades, or textured canvas. The dense, opulent feel of these materials makes stunning floor-length formal drapes. Pair with sheers to avoid an overly dark look. Upholstery fabrics like these can also be made into lush roman blinds or shirred valances.

Tips for Hanging Layers Properly

Achieving that professional finish requires the right hardware. Follow these tips for properly outfitting your perfectly layered window:

Use the Right Rods

Sturdy bracketed rods that extend 4-6 inches past the window frame allow room for multiple treatments. For a layered look, install a 3/4″ wood pole with rings at the top followed by a thinner metal rod below for curtains. Tension rods also work for quicker installs.

Measure Carefully

Meticulously measure your fabric’s headings and lengths, the window, and height between rods. Calculate fullness based on width. Floor length means curtains just kiss the floor. Add 3 inches if puddling is preferred. Mark everything to ensure proper size and positioning.

Gather and Drape

Once layered on the rods, generously gather and fan out fabric. Pin in artful swags and cascades. For curtains, pinch soft vertical pleats and steam them to set the shape. Lightly pressing headings and hems keeps treatments crisp.

Coordinating Your Entire Room’s Decor

Tying all your furnishings together using Waverly’s coordinated fabric collections creates a designer look. Some simple ways to accomplish this include:

  • Upholster furniture or sew pillows in matching prints or solids
  • Pick up accent colors from curtains for lampshades and rugs
  • Incorporate motifs and patterns through artwork and accessories
  • Repeat complementary color combinations in furniture and decor

The result is a sumptuous space where every element harmonizes. It’s those finishing touches that truly transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary.

Waverly’s extensive collections of impeccably coordinated fabrics make designing an elegant layered window treatment easy. With a spectrum of styles, patterns, and textures to work with, the possibilities are endless. Follow the design principles and expert tips outlined to stylishly mix and match panels, valances, swags and more. Soon you’ll be masterfully layering textures and colors like the interior designers do to create a stunning focal point in your room. Integrate matching fabrics throughout the rest of your space for a polished designer feel that is thoroughly your own.

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