Landscaping Ideas to Make Your Red Brick House Pop

A beautifully landscaped home can increase curb appeal and add tremendous value to your red brick house. But knowing where to start with landscaping a red brick exterior can be tricky. The good news is that with strategic design choices, you can create a standout landscape that perfectly complements your home’s red brick architecture.

From selecting complementary colors to hardscaping with brick, we’ll cover tips and inspirations to boost your home’s curb appeal.

red brick house landscaping ideas

Choose Colors that Complement Red Brick

When landscaping a red brick house, carefully choose plants and flowers in colors that enhance, rather than compete with, the bold red brick facade. Soft tones of white, yellow, light pink and orange tend to work best. Vibrant reds and purples can sometimes clash and appear jarring next to the saturated red of the bricks.

For an easy color scheme, white is a home run. White flowers like petunias, daisies and candytuft pop beautifully against red brick. For extra curb appeal, frame entries and windows with symmetrical white plantings.

Front Yard Landscaping Strategies

The front yard presents the first impression of your home, so focus on creating an inviting, polished landscape. Framing the entryway with potted plants or a trellis dressed in vines defines the architecture. Low hedges along the perimeter of the yard establish tidy borders.

Planting beds filled with perennials add color while keeping maintenance manageable. Mulch pathways lined with solar lights guide guests alluringly to the front door. For seasonal interest, incorporate bulbs and annuals like tulips and marigolds.

Creative Pathway Designs

Pathways interspersed thoughtfully throughout the landscape help define spaces while allowing movement. Bricks, flagstone and gravel all pair nicely with a red brick house. For a unique twist, lay bricks in a herringbone pattern or geometric design.

Curving, meandering pathways encourage leisurely strolling through garden spaces. Straight walkways and stepping stone patterns create a more formal look. For easy maintenance, opt for inorganic materials like gravel or mulch on frequently used paths.

Tie It All Together with Hardscaping

Using hardscaping materials that complement the red brick home exterior pulls the landscape together into a cohesive design. Brick patios, walls and steps reinforce the home’s existing brick architecture. Black wrought iron fences and accents pop against the red brick backdrop.

For backyards, consider a paver patio for dining and entertaining. Low brick walls enclosing planting beds further integrate the home’s structural style. Warm-toned natural flagstone blends with red brick while providing a textural contrast.

Include Water Features

The soothing sight and sound of moving water enhances any landscape. Fountains, ponds and bubbling rock features provide tranquil ambiance. Surround water elements with red bricks or flagstone to mimic your home’s materials.

Water features also attract wildlife like birds and butterflies, bringing nature right to your red brick house. For low maintenance, install a recirculating pump system. Incorporating water into your landscape invites serenity and interest.

Plant for Multi-Season Appeal

A common landscaping mistake is to focus solely on summer plants. By incorporating a diverse blend of plants, your red brick house landscape can look fabulous year-round.

Evergreen shrubs, trees and grasses maintain structure during winter. Bulbs cheerfully announce spring. Summer showstoppers like hydrangeas and daylilies dazzle. Finally, fall mums, sedum and grasses shine with autumnal color.

Great landscaping ties everything together into a cohesive theme. Repeating design motifs like pathways and water features create visual flow. Most importantly, keep scale and proportion in mind so plants and hardscapes don’t overwhelm the elegant red brick architecture.

Your red brick house can become the star of the neighborhood with the right balance of materials and colors. A thoughtfully designed landscape dramatically boosts a home’s curb appeal and value. Use these tips to create an exterior space you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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