Kitchen Overcrowded? Double Ovens Regain Your Counter Space

If your small kitchen is stuffed to the brim with appliances and cookware fighting for precious real estate, installing a double oven can help maximize your existing footprint while regaining valuable counter space. With their space-saving stacked design, double ovens efficiently consolidate two full-size ovens into a single cutout, freeing up room for meal prep and serving.

Let’s explore how double ovens can transform cramped quarters into a chef’s dream kitchen.

Benefits of Double Ovens for Small Kitchens

Additional Cooking Capacity

The most obvious perk of a double oven is the ability to cook multiple dishes at once, even at different temperatures. The upper and lower ovens operate independently, with separate controls to set each cavity’s temp, mode, timers, and more. This makes it easy to roast a pork shoulder in one oven while baking a casserole in the other–no juggling racks or burning dinner required!

Bake cookies while roasting veggiesPrepare an entire holiday feast
Simultaneously cook breakfast, lunch, dinnerEnd dinner rush chaos

With two ovens, you can comfortably accommodate larger dinner parties and households. No more oven bottlenecks trying to finish every dish at once!

kitchens with double ovens

Space Saving Design

The streamlined footprint of a double oven tucks two appliances into a single cutout. Rather than devote precious real estate to multiple standalone ovens or a commercial range, double ovens condense the functionality into a fraction of the footprint. This frees up surrounding counters from clutter, creating space for meal assembly, decor, or bar seating.

Enhanced Storage Capabilities

Double ovens unlock storage potential both above and below the appliance. The area above the ovens provides a perfect spot to tuck away extra baking sheets, casserole dishes, roasting pans, and other cumbersome items. No more digging under pots and pans to find your sheet trays!

For even more storage, some double oven models include a warming drawer below one oven, handy for keeping food hot until serving time. Others feature cabinet storage below both cavities–great for pots, pans, and appliances like instant pots.

Considering Your Needs

While a double oven can transform a compact kitchen, it may be overkill depending on your household size and cooking demands. Be realistic about your oven usage needs.

Usage Frequency and Lifestyle

Do you host Friendsgiving or cook for crowds regularly? Does the entire family cook different meals at once? For avid home chefs with perpetual oven queues, a double oven solves logjams. But singles and couples who mainly reheat leftovers or throw the occasional dinner party likely don’t require the extra cavity.

Kitchen Size and Layout

Carefully measure your existing cabinetry or new kitchen plans to ensure adequate room for installation. While narrower than traditional ranges, double ovens still need ample landing zones on either side as well as proper ventilation. Make sure you aren’t sacrificing essential countertops or tightening traffic flow.

Budget and Long-Term Plans

Although double ovens have a higher upfront cost than ranges or even some standalone wall ovens, their utility can pay dividends for years, especially in growing families. View it as an investment rather than an indulgence.

Features to Look For

With a better understanding of your space constraints, cooking demands, and budget, it’s time to pinpoint must-have features for your double oven search.

Size and Capacity

Standard ovens offer between 4.5-6 cubic feet of capacity. Measure your bakeware and dishes to ensure adequate room. Also confirm overall cutout dimensions, as depth tends to be more constraining than width or height limitations.

Controls and Modes

Determine whether you want separate or synced oven control panels. Do special modes like convection conversions or steam functions rank on your wish list? The bells and whistles really depend on your cooking sophistication and recipes.

Styles and Finishes

Choose a style and finish that coordinates with your kitchen decor, cabinets, and other appliances. Stainless steel ovens pair well with pro-style industrial kitchens, while sleek or traditional black, white, or colored finishes blend into more eclectic spaces.

Best Double Oven Models

Ready to finally regain your counters? Here’s an overview of top-rated double oven brands and products to jumpstart your shopping.

We’ll explore industry leaders known for dependability and performance like GE Cafe, KitchenAid, Bosch, Thermador, and more. Compare conveniences like convection modes and self-cleaning versus wifi connectivity or specialty features. With prices ranging $2k-$15k, identify models aligning with your budget and priorities.

Let’s find your perfect double oven match so you can bid chaos adieu and relax into your reclaimed kitchen sanctum.

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