Inspire Your Kitchen with Creative Farmhouse Wall Art

The farmhouse style brings warmth and coziness to any space with its emphasis on natural materials, rustic textures, and neutral colors. When it comes to kitchens, farmhouse decor manages to blend traditional homeyness with a modern, crisp aesthetic that uplifts the mood.

Farmhouse wall art adds lovely visual interest to your kitchen while accentuating the comforting, lived-in style. Get creative with reclaimed wood signs, galvanized metal accents, woven wall hangings, and other natural pieces that inspire.

Embrace Natural Materials

Natural materials like wood, metal, and woven fibers help achieve the rustic farmhouse look while adding organic texture. Incorporate reclaimed wood, vintage tin, iron accents, and other natural elements for a styling boost.


Wood brings natural warmth and invites texture into farmhouse kitchens. Try these creative wood wall decor ideas:

  • Hang reclaimed barn wood slices to display collectibles
  • Mount wooden crates or boxes for extra storage
  • Display carved wood or plank signs with uplifting phrases
  • Install floating shelves from salvaged wood for a homey feel


The right metalwork lends an industrial touch. Iron, tin, galvanized steel, and other metals add interest.

farmhouse kitchen wall decor ideas
  • Showcase decorative tin tiles or embossed tin panels
  • Display collections on wrought iron caddies, racks, or shelves
  • Spruce up walls with rusted metal or galvanized steel art pieces
  • Hang petite wire baskets for storing small wares

Woven Textures

Incorporate woven materials like rattan, jute, or hemp for organic texture:

  • Hang woven baskets on walls to store fruits
  • Showcase handmade macrame art or hangings
  • Display carved wood or plank signs with uplifting phrases

Display Collected Finds

One charming farmhouse hallmark is showcasing collected vintage pieces in creative displays. Trophy-style arrangements of artwork, cans, windows and various flea market treasures lend eclectic personality.

Flea Market Artwork

Create engaging gallery walls with an assortment of collected artwork. Here’s how:

  • Use salvaged wood frames for artwork
  • Opt for black and white photography
  • Display unique sculptures or 3D art pieces
  • Layer different sizes and frame variations

Vintage Kitchenware

Repurpose old kitchenware like tin cans, enamelware, and wooden spoons into art displays:

  • Hang utensils on hooks or rails
  • Decoupage tin cans for a pop of color
  • Deconstruct tin cans to create custom art
  • Display vibrantly colored enamelware pitchers or pots


Salvaged windows offer great backdrop options:

  • Spotlight your best pieces within the window frame
  • Create mini greenhouses with glass garden panes
  • Provide backlighting with battery-powered lights

Incorporate Greenery

Plants, herbs, and gardens help breathe life into kitchen walls, bringing delightful pops of green while purifying the air.

Potted Herb Garden

Self-watering wall planters allow you to grow herbs right in the kitchen. Consider:

  • Thyme, rosemary, oregano for cooking
  • Decorative yet edible flowers like nasturtiums or pansies
  • Trailing ivy, wandering jew for greenery
  • Succulents like hen and chicks for low maintenance

Hanging Plants

Suspended greenery joins form and function. Weave in natural charm with:

  • Hanging macrame art with integrated air plant holders
  • Galvanized buckets used as rustic plant hangers
  • Repurposed wire baskets to display trailing plants

Wall-Mounted Vertical Garden

Transform any wall into a live garden backdrop. Consider backyard staples like:

  • English ivy, creeping figs, or flowering jasmine vines
  • Moss walls for lush, woodland-inspired style
  • Artificial boxwood hedges for low maintenance

Uplift with Neutral Colors

While rich woods and woven textures abound, don’t overlook complementary neutrals and crisp accents to balance the palette.

Layered Artwork

Neutral artwork blends beautifully while allowing bolder accents to pop. Try:

  • Black and white photography
  • Sepia-toned botanical sketches or prints
  • Watercolor artworks in muted palettes

Painted Wood Signs

Painted wood signs offer effortless ways to motivate and uplift. Consider:

  • Positive phrase signs promoting gratitude or blessings
  • Whimsical or humorous signs for fun
  • Inspirational quote signs as meaningful focal points

Burlap Accents

Incorporate natural jute or burlap for some refined contrast. Ideas include:

  • Framed or mounted decorative prints
  • Hanging pocket organizers to hold cooking tools
  • Woven burlap bowls or vases for displaying fruits

Add Rustic Charm

A few final touches incorporate beloved farmhouse elements for maximum appeal. Weathered woods, architectural salvage and galvanized metals check all the boxes.

Architectural Salvage

Incorporate reclaimed building materials for added character:

  • Display an old door as a full-wall art piece
  • Use antique shutters to showcase cherished plates or pans
  • Mount a carved support beam as a rustic shelf

Wood Crate Shelving

humorous signs for fun Wood crates offer versatility:

  • Hang crates on walls for extra storage
  • Stack wooden crates as wall shelves to display collections
  • Use old fruit crates to hold kitchen linens or herbs

Finally, incorporate galvanized steel, tin tiles, or aluminum for an industrial edge:

  • Display galvanized buckets, watering cans or pails
  • Line walls with hammered tin-tile backsplashes
  • Hang a pulley basket system for extra storage

Farmhouse wall decor can be achieved with an endless variety of natural materials, collected objects, artwork, architectural salvage and plants. Bring out the reclaimed woods, whitewashed signs, and antique treasures that speak to you. The beauty of farmhouse style lies in the freedom to feature your unique personality while cultivating cozy spaces filled with heart and home.

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