Innovative Ideas to Showcase Your Style Above Kitchen Cabinets

That awkward gap between your kitchen cabinets and ceiling is often an overlooked space filled with dust bunnies. But with some creative decorating, it can become a stylish focal point showcasing your personal flair. From adding pops of color to displaying cherished knick-knacks, the decorative potential is endless once you start imagining the possibilities.

Follow our guide to transform this forgotten real estate into a captivating feature that makes your kitchen extra inviting. With a mix of visual appeal and handy storage solutions, you’ll uncover clever ways to maximize every square inch.

Assess Your Layout to Identify Decorating Opportunities

First up, take stock of what you’re working with. Measure the height between your cabinets and ceiling to understand the vertical space available. This allows you to select pieces that properly fit the space. Then note current lighting, vent placement or any other fixtures that impact possible positions.

Stand back and visualize different spots where decorative touches would make sense based on traffic flows and lines of sight. For example, focus attention over an island prep area or sink window lacking ornamentation currently. Identify dead zones that could use a boost of charm.

Set Your Style Intentions and Effort Level

With measurements and layout in mind, decide on the overall vision to guide choices. Are you primarily hoping to integrate storage solutions or just boost visual appeal? Setting clear goals upfront ensures cohesive decision-making.

Additionally, decide how much effort you are willing to put in. Quick weekend DIY projects using removable adhesives and simple hanging systems allow testing concepts without major commitment. Yet for a built-in look, installing floating shelves or custom cabinetry takes more investment but leaves a lasting impact.

Establish an overarching style direction too – modern, traditional, eclectic – to pull together a coordinated decorative scheme across diverse accents pieces you add.

Showcase Meaningful Artwork for Personalized Appeal

One of the easiest ways to decorate any blank space is by incorporating artwork you love. When thoughtfully chosen and displayed, pieces carry deeper meaning while introducing color, shapes and visual texture.

decorate above kitchen cabinets

Hang Canvas Prints, Photos and Found Objects

Floating ledges, artistic wall hooks and creative hanging arrangements make it possible to highlight canvas prints, framed photos or unique found objects.

Aim for coordinated colors and themes when selecting multiple pieces. An eclectic gallery wall with different frame shapes and sizes adds whimsical personality. Or pick one large statement piece as a bold focal point, like an oversized map in muted tones or abstract painting with bright, energetic hues.

Paint a Custom Mural or Focal Accent

For a more permanent solution, apply color right to the wall itself. Use painter’s tape and drop cloths to block off cabinets, then paint a solid swath of accent color or hand-painted mural overhead.

Modern geometrics in contrasting hues lend eye-catching style. Create a faux exposed brick or weathered wood plank illusion with clever shadows and detailing. For ornate options with global influence, try graphic Indian patterns like paisley and floral designs, or Spanish-style tile treatments.

Incorporate Clever Storage Solutions

Beyond just aesthetics, make smart use of the often hard to access space by stashing items overhead.

Display Treasured Items on Open Shelving

Floating shelves create handy platforms to showcase favorite dishes, pottery and collectibles so you can enjoy them daily. Ideally place above zones where you transition from cooking to eating areas.

Using brackets and boards, they are easy to DIY on a budget. Or install a modular system with pre-made components and adjustable height settings allowing you to switch up configurations down the road.

Be mindful of dusting needs when putting prized possessions up high. Limit items to frequently-used pieces you take down and handle versus purely decorative objects.

Hide the Clutter in Enclosed Cabinets

For concealing less attractive wares like small appliances, keep things streamlined with enclosed cabinetry built right into the space above existing lower cabinets.

Hire a contractor to construct and install custom cabinet boxes to perfectly fit. Opt for cabinets with doors to keep contents neatly tucked away then coordinate with kitchen cabinet fronts. Open shelving also works for more casual, relaxed spaces.

Just be conscious of potential “clutter zones” accumulating if storage spots become a catch-all over time. Maintain organization to keep kitchen feeling fresh.

Use Lighting to Highlight Decor

Proper illumination draws positive focus overhead. It also minimizes dust build-up prone to accumulate in darker corners and crevices.

Plug-In Adjustable Swag Lights

For quick lighting without complicated wiring, removable swag fixtures easily brighten up the space. Use C-hook hardware to mount to ceilings above cabinets then plug in cord covers to outlet strips.

Position directionally to accent specific zones like floating shelves or artwork. Opt for warm 2700K LEDs ideal for wood tones and wall colors. Programmable timers help control when they turn on and off.

Install Sleek Track Lighting

Recessed tracks recessed directly into the ceiling with multiple adjustable spotlights lend contemporary edge with a clean, built-in look.

Hire a professional electrician to wire and install overhead. Strategically place beams based on kitchen layout traffic flows then aim individual lights to illuminate prep zones, dining areas or decorative shelving.

Some systems feature dimming capabilities to set the perfect ambiance from bright task lighting to soft, mood illumination.

Incorporate Greens and Greenery

Liven up the space with lush plant life and fresh botanical accents. Their vibrant colors and textural allure foster a warmer, more welcoming kitchen environment while purifying indoor air.

Show off Easy-Care Hanging Varietals

Trailing ivies, spider plants and pothos offer effortless green appeal, able to thrive in high or low light. Their cascading tendrils and leaves make a stunning statement suspended from macrame or wire holders.

Opt for hanging planters with a reservoir or self-watering bulb making maintenance easy. This ensures you actually keep plants alive once out of sight and out of mind.

Display Fragrant Herb Bunches

For aromatherapy-benefits without the fuss of repotting, hang dried herb bundles instead using jute, twine or raffia. Lavender, rosemary and lemon thyme provide sensory-enhancing scent when brushed against.

Source single herb bunches or create DIY combinations to coordinate with cabinet paint colors. This adds a tactile, organic element overhead.

With limitless possibilities, the awkward space above kitchen cabinets offers the perfect creative challenge. Make it work harder through smart storage additions or lean into the decorative side with captivating colors, textures and materials.

Hopefully these tips motivate you to look at this often neglected zone with fresh eyes. Then take steps make it a standout feature reflecting your personal vision. Before you know it, you’ll have guests glancing up, captivated by the compelling details you’ve added overhead.

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